The top rest, not sleeping

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The top rest, not sleeping

2022-01-28 12:05:09 43 ℃

Speaking of rest, our first reaction is to sleep.

"If you are tired, sleep well,", you have already become our daily guidelines.

But in fact, this is a trap, because the rest is not equal to sleep.

In English, sleep is "Sleep", and the rest is "rest".

Obviously, they are different.

Sleeping, is the most common in a thousand tens of a rest method.

Although it is a must we live, just like having a drink, but it is not the top rest.

I believe that many people have such a feeling. Every weekend holiday, they are crazy, but no matter how to sleep, how long is it, after waking up, it is still awkward, very tired.

Translator of "Efficient Response" is shared like this story.

On the eve of her exchange of study abroad, her mentor told her that Japan's study abroad may bring her pressure, and will change her habits and let her make mental preparation in advance.

But she doesn't care.

Never thought that after Japan, the pressure of academic and life was much larger than she thought, and every day, things should be lifted, and all kinds of thoughts are filled with her brain.

She is shouting every day: "I really want to sleep well!"

When she finally had time to rest, she found that there is no effect on her, and there is no effect on her.

She seems to have fallen into a strange circle that is not enough to sleep, and it is more terrible. No matter how she is resting, I feel very tired.

Later, she truly realized that fatigue, it is difficult to eliminate it simply.

Because fatigue is not only physical strength, more is on the spiritual level.

We are sleepy, the body is tired, maybe you need to add sleep; but your heart is tired, you can solve it well.

Just like someone:

What we often say is not a real rest; what we often say is, in fact, the brain has not been real rest.

This is because our understanding of rest has been staying at the sleeping level, so many fatigue problems have not been able to solve it.

If our spiritual fatigue is not eliminated, then our rest is not a rest of the true meaning.

We all know that the purpose of rest is to eliminate fatigue.

Then, before finding the right rest method, we must first determine the type of fatigue to medicate medication.

Just like a cold, you must first diagnose a cold cold or a wind and cold, before you can give targeted treatment.

Dr. Chen Hao, the fourth central hospital in Tianjin, said: "Fatigue is also able to classify, you can divide it into physical fatigue, mental fatigue, and spiritual fatigue."

To eliminate these fatigue, the choice of rest is nature is also different.

For example, physical fatigue, sit down and eat something to supplement energy, or lying in bed, close your eyes, so that the muscles are relaxed, it is a rest.

Like mental fatigue, constantly switching the work of the brain, it is equivalent to rest.

French thinker Rousseau has had such an experience, he said:

I am not a living person who is suitable for studying. Because I feel tired when I use my work, I can't even concentrate on a question half an hour.

However, I have studied a few different problems in a row, even if it is uninterrupted, it can be easily acacia a way to think, this problem can eliminate the fatigue brought by another problem.

So, I took this feature in the study, and I was alternate to some problems. In this way, even if I use work all day, I don't feel tired.

And mental fatigue, the most critical is to learn to vent and decompression.

Remember to have seen a very interesting story online:

A general manager of a spiritual collapse, please give a physician to give the treatment recommendation, the prescription he got is to go to the zoo as a beast.

One month later, the manager got a complete recovery.

Perhaps someone will ask, what kind of rest method is best for you?

In addition to determining which fatigue is determined, it is necessary to comprehensively determine according to individual specific situations, such as physical conditions, living environment, hobbies, and more.

If a rest method allows you to eliminate fatigue, relax the nerves, feel energetic when you re-enter your work and life, then you are best for you.

Just like some people say: You can happiness "" Tomorrow is a new day ".

In a rest survey in the United States, 18,000 people were selected as a survey study, and the results found that 2/3 people feel that they did not get enough rest.

It can be seen that the rest deficit has long been a common problem of most people.

Therefore, each of us urgently needs one or a variety of good rest.

In this era of stress, you can relax your body and mind, it is the best rest.

Below, you share three kinds of rest methods, I hope to help you get from fatigue, let your body have relaxed.

1. Enter nature

For those who have lived in the city, it is undoubtedly one of the best means to escape from the city, and it is also a great way to relax.

Whether it is the sea or the grass and forests, our spirit will get great relaxation.

In Japan, the forest is considered to have good cure effects to people, and even give it a name: forest bath. 2.

I have had a very hot topic online: Why so many men drive home, I have to sit downstairs?

There is an answer very much:

Because that is a border, push the door is the firewood salt. It is a father. It is a son. It is a husband, and it is not myself. Only one person quietly, snoring, this body belongs to himself.

When we are alone, we don't have to care about others, nor do you need to take care of others.

It is a way to get along with you, in your own space, enjoy a person's freedom and calm, and let yourself relax.

3. Read

In our opinion, reading seems to be a comparative thing.

However, relevant studies have shown that reading can relax, and people find that 30 minutes of reading and 30 minutes of yoga have similar decompression effects.

In the "deep rest" book, 10 kinds of rest methods are introduced, of which "reading" is the first place.

The author said: "Reading is to let us get a rest by changing the nature of thoughts."

Open a book, just like opening another world. In that world, we can put down everything, freely fantasy and travel.

Most importantly, when we are immersed in the book sea, our body and mind have been deeply relaxed.

Just like Mendes and said: Like reading, it is equal to the moment when it is lonely in life into a huge enjoyment.

Of course, a good rest method is definitely more than three types, and there are music, righteousness, idling, and more.

What kind of rest method is the best, just need us to find and try it.

I have seen a very interesting word on the Internet:

For the long-term land, it is the best rest;

For the swords in the Township, the knowledge is the best rest;

For candidates, the gold list is the best rest ...

Think of it is quite careful.

The best rest is different from person to person.

Just like the songs first in the music list, it is not necessarily your favorite song.

It is best for you to rest, which is the top rest.

May each of us can find the kind of rest.

Because, we must not only live well, but also have to rest!