When you sleep, you will have a mouth, is it a problem with your body?See expert understanding

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When you sleep, you will have a mouth, is it a problem with your body?See expert understanding

2022-01-28 12:05:21 27 ℃

Douquet of salvage, medicine is called vaso, which is colorless, transparent, with foam, slightly cloudy liquid. The saliva secretion is similar to the comparative comparison of urine, with an average daily approximately 1000 ml to 1500 ml. People still have a small amount of saliva when sleeping is constrained to lubricate the oral mucosa, protect our oral cavity.

If you are lying down and sleeping, then this is definitely not normal, but if you are on the side of the water, this is more normal, including more doctors!

"Sweater", in fact, we all know, is our saliva. There are many glanders within the oral cavity of our body, such as: tached gland, jaw gland, salivary gland, and parotid gland.

Among them, the salivary gland is actually a large amount of saliva in our oral cavity every day, and it will also be released directly from our fine pipelines.

Therefore, when we are sleeping, if there is something wrong, if you sleep, you will sleep, the head is biased toward one side. If the saliva is natural, it is very easy to fluid, so this The situation is also relatively normal.

However, this way, the amount of water flowing through the mouth is often too much, and it can be done directly from the continuous change in our sleeping posture.

Therefore, we sometimes find your pillows when you wake up, there is a part of the reason is that our sleeping posture is caused, this, I believe everyone is deep. of!

And in the infancy, this is also a relatively common physiological phenomenon, mainly because their facial muscles have not yet developed, the ability to chew is relatively weak and the mouth is shallow, and there will be too much in the mouth. The liquid, so this phenomenon of fluid water will occur.

However, after grew up, the normal situation will not have a mouthful of water. If you sleep often out of the saliva, you often need to consider the following reasons:

1, no sleep:

For example, the side of the side mentioned today and the student, the white-collar workers often sleep on the table, they are not the right sleeping position, and the supine rest is the most suitable sleeping position, which can avoid oppress the internal organs of the body. And reproductive organs can also prevent the mouth from flowing out.

If the sleeping posture is not proper, it will cause a certain oppression, and the lips cannot be closed, thus the phenomenon of fluorals.

2, oral disease: The oral environment of our body is the most suitable for bacteria, especially when there are food residues in our mouth, there is a accumulation of food residue above the tooth surface, especially the oral disease.

For example: the most common dental caries, periodontal disease, or some gums hyperplasia, this time is very easy due to the occurrence of oral inflammation, promoting our salivary gland secretion more saliva, resulting in a more easily flowing of saliva, and some are oral ulcers, Tongzhi et al, the same reason, this also increases the secretion of saliva within our oral cavity;

3, dental deformity:

Dental deformity is also one of the main reasons why it causes the water in the water. In particular, the front teeth forward protrudes more obvious patients, often showing the lips and teeth, when sleeping, it is really difficult to completely cover the front tooth surface, and the upper and lower lips are naturally separated, it is very prone to fluid. Such patients should correct the teeth as soon as possible.

4, neurological factors: The brain nerve center, etc., which will also cause our saliva secretion to increase.

There is also some people with neurological erythrics, which have obstacles in neurotic regulation, is also more likely to have this phenomenon of drooling!

However, the Chinese medicine believes that the flow of water is due to the spleen deficiency of the body or caused by the spleen and stomach. There is a five more anticipation in the "Yellow Emperor", that is, the heart, the lungs, the liver tears, the spleen, and the kidney.

Therefore, it is generally considered to be close to the relationship between gossip and spleen. If the spleen and stomach are not equal, or the temper is not allowed, it will lead to an increase in abnormal abnormalities in the stallion, spillage.

If the spleen is insufficient, the liquid is not charged, or the temper is pushing the excitation function to decrease, and the amount of the candidate is less, and the mouth is dry.

Treatment of Treatment of Chinese Medicine Sleeping Delivery from spleen, the spleen deficiency should try to eat some spleen and Yiqi, easy to digest, food (such as: Yam, 苓, glutinous rice, etc.), avoid food taste cold (fruit), thick thick Extremely (meat), eat food (hawthorn) food.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to adjust your sleeping position, develop habits such as cleaning oral hygiene. If there is a dental antiaross, it takes a timely invitations of cavity medical treatment.

So, for such things to sleep, you really don't worry, most of them are normal, and of course there are some soften secretion due to certain diseases, this time as long as we find relevant The cause, or can be improved.