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[Beauty Science] Laser Acne

2022-01-28 12:06:15 30 ℃

"Laser acne marks"

Commonly used laser acne Industry room classification plastic surgery, medical beauty department anesthesia does not need anesthesia anatomy part of the head - facial pain Mild pain reference price 5000 ~ 8000 yuan

Laser acne marks mainly use different laser wavelengths to treat acne marks, that is, the skin reconstruction, collagen tissue regeneration and removal, improve acne marks, to restore acne marks to proximate the normal tissue. In general, the effect of laser to acne marks can be maintained for a long time. This method can get better repair and improvement for all kinds of new old acne marks. It is quick to effectively and effectively dilute the pigments left by various acne marks.

These people do not recommend this

1, scar body.

2, local infectious lesions, adolescence or facial acne repeated attacks, but no stable patient.

3, the liver and kidney function is abnormal, the blood sugar is significantly increased.

4. Proliferative scar and scar of proliferative activity period.

5. There is a significant pigment metabolic disorder (such as endocrine disorders, adidism, progressive vitiligo, etc.).

6. Patients expect unrealistic.

7, there is an immune function or other defects.

8. Recently there is ultraviolet irradiator.

These people can try

Washed acne, and hechied by hemorrhoids in size in size, high and low depressed scar.

Surgery is risky, love beauty needs caution

1. Treatment area purpura

It is the most common complications after surgery, usually lasts for 10 days.

2, the treatment area pigmentation

It can be taken into consideration of bleaching creams external to the treatment zone, or postpone the next treatment to avoid the absorption of epidermis and ensure the effective effect of laser to scars.

3, scar, ooze, blisters

Rare, but sometimes it can happen. At this time, the treatment zone is applied to the ointment and can be packaged with a non-stick dressing to avoid contamination of the treatment zone. The treatment must be postponed until the treatment zone is completely healed, and the laser energy must be reduced during the treatment.

How long can the effect generally last?

Maintenance time: In general, the effect of laser to acne marks can be maintained for a long time.

Affecting factors: According to the factors such as the individual physique, skin conditions, operation specifications, postoperative care, the effect and maintenance time after seeking beauty will be different.

Time change: The effect of laser acne marks generally does not change over time. However, some patients still do not exclude some patients to re-acne, leading to new acne scars. There are still acne scars, and you can consider re-surgery after consulting doctors.