Is it hungry "hand shake, palpitation, heart palpitations" is hypoglycemia?Not necessarily, the doctor does the truth

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Is it hungry "hand shake, palpitation, heart palpitations" is hypoglycemia?Not necessarily, the doctor does the truth

2022-01-28 12:05:38 42 ℃

Although the modern living standards are improved, the era of food is not enough, but everyone is inevitably sometimes the time is compact. The body is hungry, and the health is required to ensure the health of the human body, so that physiological operation is maintained for the health care.

On the one hand, hungry belly is affected, and on the other hand, it continues to overdraw bodily or will induce chronic diseases. Many middle-aged people in life are easy to hungry, they will panic, and they will shake their limbs. If many people think that they are too old, they have made hypoglycemia, the fact is true?

Is it hungry "hand shake, palpitation, heart palpitations" is hypoglycemia? Not necessarily, the doctor does the truth

The stomach is the main part of the digestive system. Once the body exhibits hypoglycemia, it will cause the brain ischemic itch with the face of black, the lips, the body is weak.

Long-term hunger has a fluster, and the hand shake is unique to low blood sugar. It can be measured first, if the blood sugar level is too low, early intervention; if blood sugar is stable, or it is related to the following reasons.

1, gastrointestinal dysfunction

Hunger has a heart panic, hand shake weakness and other symptoms or related gastrointestinal dysfunction, once there is a problem in digestive system, affecting normal absorption of nutrient decomposition.

Excessive hunger is wax yellow, accompanied by nausea vomiting, gastric acid, reflux, abdominal pain, bloating, etc. This is the signal that indirectly reminds the loss of gastric function.

Conditioning method:

There are such situations in life, be sure to go to the hospital early, or ulcers, gastric acid secretion leads, through colonoscopy and evaluation, do three-point treatment, 7 points maintenance, pay attention to light diet.

The patient itself has a proper addition of fine fiber food, which can stimulate the stomach mucosa soothing damage, accelerate the discharge of toxin garbage, improve metabolic ability, and prevent serious gastrointestinal diseases.

2, the heart function is abnormal

The importance of heart is like a car engine, it can supply oxygen purification garbage toxins. The heart has a strong compensatory function, once it occurs, the symptoms are not obvious, which will seriously affect the quality of personal life.

If there is a slight hungry, there is a flip, hand shake, limb weakness or the signal that is damaged by the heart, must be treated with the medical coronary angiography, check whether there is angiogenesis.

Conditioning method:

If there is such a phenomenon in life, it may be a crown heart disease. Be sure to go to the hospital for related inspections, and evaluate the blood vessel state.

If physical labor is performed in life, after the sports, there is a short-length honest pain, the chest is radioactive, the palm is more than two minutes, and the rest can be relieved, or the heart disease is caused, and the stable emotions have morning early medical examination.

3, the armor

Panic, hand shaking, it is possible to have a relationship with thyroid function. Thyroid, so the human endocrine organ has secreted thyroid hormones to help maintain physiological operation, and the amount of hormone secretion belongs to hyperthyroidism, and the amount of hormone secretion belongs to the arm.

Once there is a reduction in hanging, the body metabolism does not have endocrine disorders, and the self-protection mechanism is opened after hunger, and there is a hand shake, palpitation is weak.

Conditioning method:

If there is a neck swelling and thyroid problem, you must go to the hospital for related inspections, query the Arm A and ultrasound, and observe whether there is a thyroid abnormality.

In order to reduce the stimulation of thyroid, we must avoid spicy and greasy food intake, and adjust your personal emotions in a early sleep, appear in mind, prevent thyroid disease.

4, intake of exciting drinks

Many young people in life have to work hard, work overtime, physical strength, and physical fatigue chooses to drink a cup of hot coffee, mobilize their enthusiasm.

Therefore, it is said that the coffee can make a role in refreshing, relieving the feeling of exhaustion, but excessive drinking can cause a large number of caffeines, stimulating hormone secretion, flustered heart palpitations, hand shake weakness.

Conditioning method:

I suggest that everyone will adjust sleep, and go to the next morning to plan a lunch break, drink less coffee, carbonated drinks and high concentrations of tea. Otherwise, caffeine is affected by a large amount of intake.

At the same time, I will have to change the night-day habit of staying up, and ensure that high quality sleep gives the human organs enough to repair clean space. Maintain your health.

How do we make health in life?

First, life is moving, as one of the most cost-effective health methods, keeping exercise time every day. Improve immunity, enhance blood circulation, prevent disease invasion.

Second, you can sleep early in the morning, the body organ is poisonous, belonging to his own biological clock, only regular work can fully metabolize toxin, reduce the probability of sickness.

Third, the food supplement is greater than the medicine, pay attention to the health of the diet, balanced on a day, add enough nutrients, and effectively relieve hunger and avoids flipple.

Fourth, smile and smile, learn to regulate personal mentality, maintain positive optimism, stabilize hormone secretion, and maintain health.

Daily question: What is your health? Welcome to the message, thank you.