Burning RAP!Apricot Lilin Ji 2021!Groung

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Burning RAP!Apricot Lilin Ji 2021!Groung

2022-01-28 18:10:09 34 ℃

Goodbye 2021

I Wanan Say Goodbye

I want a new life

Goodbye heart infarction cerebral infarction poisonous and embolism

Goodbye nucleic acid specimens don't want to remove

Goodbye my patient turnover super fast

Goodbye my lover's war over the sea

The country is no longer a distant dream

Every disease is all the battlefield of angel waves

Who cares about the mask pressure mark?

The virus is raging, the enemy is flying

Electric removal is eleven, unremitting life miracles

PCI DSA, perspective lesion is nowhere

Don't fight hard, how to meet better yourself

you have grown up

Tell the world

Where there is a need, there will be a lot of apricol.

War epidemic is unstoppable

Xinglin has a talented Komantry to promote

The party is built as the masses to have a sunshine

Centennial is a healthy lady in the past 100 years

The most beautiful standing response

People see angel's appearance

CT Nuclear Magnetic Architecture Layer 1 floor

If there is no struggle, how can you win tomorrow?

Building a healthy Kunshan, opening a new journey of three A

Carry forward Chinese medicine culture, inherit the collantin essence

Have an innovation to do the pattern, save the dying and wounded

As long as we work hard, you will create a miracle!


We under the apricot tree

Brave to achieve modern three-level Chinese medicine hospital

High quality development flag

Strive, I don't want to

Taking excellent results to the party's 20th gift