Dr. female doctor is 30 years old when pregnant, her husband is divorced, and after 7 years, the wind is turned over.

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Dr. female doctor is 30 years old when pregnant, her husband is divorced, and after 7 years, the wind is turned over.

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In a small room, a full body woman is sitting in front of the computer, toughly using an eye and a finger "stamp" keyboard, the word on the screen is gratifying, and the upper side shows it is someone else. Troubleshooting.

She is Wang Lei, a doctor, and a doctor who has saved the wounded wounded. Now he has become a severe disabled person in a wheelchair.

But she did not be knocked down, she was a medical science website. For ten years, she is sticking to the computer before the computer, and she has learned her knowledge to solve problems for many netizens.

This is like a life-free life of the mountain car. With a finger and a eye, it has been finally reversed in the wind in 7 years. How is she realized?

"Others' children"

In 1982, Wang Lei, who was born in Huangshan, Anhui, since childhood and smart learning, and the achievement is more famous.

But in your father's eyes, girls don't need too high education. As long as they read them as soon as possible, they will find their children in their homes.

For such "expectations" Wang Lei, she does not agree. She feels that high education is not to show off, but in order to more connotation, more charm, use the knowledge you have learned to better return the motherland.

With the uncomfortable in the bones, Wang Lei is more diligent reading, and the honor certificate such as countless scholarships, awards.

Gradually father also has changed from Wang Lei, since the child wants to go farther in school, it is natural to support it.

In 2001, Wang Lei successfully admitted to the Xiangya Medical College of Central South University with excellent results.

At that time, the school just became a 985 from 211, and it would like to know how good the results of Wang Lei.

In this 985 campus situated in Changsha, Changsha, Hunan, but Wang Lei still has a full scholarship with excellent results.

After 2006, after graduation, Wang Lei did not stop the path of study, but the most difficult neurology continued to study doctoral.

Usually we have heard of cerebral hemorrhage, meningitis, Parknon and other diseases belong to neurology disease, as a difficult disease that is difficult to overcome, and they have successfully aroused Wang Lei's uncomfortable.

During the reading period, Wang Lei, has been included in the SCI journal, which is one of the world-famous three major scientific literature retrieval systems founded by the American Science Information Research Institute.

In 2010, Wang Lei successfully achieved "seeking postgraduate scholarship", completed doctoral studies in 2011, and then entered the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University.

Working on Wang Lei consumed, he received a good favorable comment on the leadership of the department, and the high education and the work were serious. I believe that I have to be promoted smoothly.

At the same time, in marriage, Wang Lei also has a husband who loves his own. The two are college students. Soon after work, they will fall in marriage. The days after marriage is flat and happy. Finally, Wang Lei has a pregnancy.

It is nearly 30 years old, academic success, husband and wife, this is how many people envy and yearn for life. However, at this time, fate has a huge joke with her.

The big hand of fate will completely pull the life into the bottom of the valley.

In the early morning of December 13, 2012, Wang Lei, who was on duty suddenly ran to the toilet vomiting. The politicity of the time of peace is not too, and the body suddenly came from a strong discomfort.

Because Wang Lei doesn't think much, but to endure it, it will continue to stick to the post. It is hard to get off work. It is 5 o'clock in the morning. Just stop a taxi to come home.

At the time, Wang Lei is cooking for the daughter who is about to get off work, and hear the mother and the mother will hurry up. At this time, Wang Lei told the mother his discomfort, and she didn't wait until she finished, suddenly two eyes were fainted.

The mother was scared, and the name of several Wang Lei was shouted, but did not get a response.

Under the urgentity, the mother hurriedly called the family to send Wang Lei into the hospital.

When Wang Lei arrived in the hospital, it was a severe coma, even stopped breathing, plugged in a ventilator, and the doctor hurriedly conducted CT scans for Wang Lei.

After the doctor's diagnosis, Wang Lei brain has a large area of ​​bleeding, and almost two-thirds of the entire brain manifold have a cross-breaking damage. Such a serious condition, the patient's live chance is very small, and life is always possible to terminate.

Fortunately, I sent Wang Lei to the hospital in time. After the doctor's full rescue, Wang Lei's life was pulled back from the ghost door again and again, but therefore fell to the whole body.

It is important to know that the human brain is mainly responsible for maintaining the operation of the body, such as breathing, digestion, heartbeat and other important physiological functions. It is also a collection of central nervous. Once damage is damaged, it is poted or accepted, and it will die on the spot!

Perhaps it is a sense of medicine, specializing in medical doctors in neurology, and finally because of brain bleeding, it has become severe disabled.

At that time, Wang Lei is still a 4-month-old child. The doctor once inquired Wang Lei Mother: "Auntie, what do you do if your daughter's belly? If you insist, we can't guarantee your child's full health."

"Want!" Wang Lei's mother did not hesitate to answer, no matter whether the child is healthy or not, he is a daughter's biological flesh.

After a week of treatment, Wang Lei, a coma, finally woke up.

But at this time, she can't do anything, the whole body is shrunk, even if you eat, you can't chew properly.

Every time I see my mother is busy with myself, Wang Lei wants to give up their lives, as a doctor of medical doctors, she is very clear about her situation. But I think of the child, she always secretly encourages her to live. Despite this, Wang Lei during pregnancy still let his family break, keeping a high fever every day, sometimes even burns to more than 40 degrees.

For this family, I bought ice cubes in Wang Lei, Wang Lei, who is very stomach, is lying on the upper side, next to the parents who have fun day and night.

During the period, Wang Lei has also received many donations. Basically, they have been classmates, colleagues, and social love donations in society. With the help of everyone, Wang Lei has passed another day and night.

When there is still a month from the expected date of birth, Wang Lei produced the child under the caesarean section, named SIS.

After examination, the child is very healthy, there is no adverse symptom, which makes Wang Lei's family a little comfort.

However, when you recover after childbirth, the bad luck will come again into this poor family.

Due to weakness, Wang Lei after the caesarean section needs blood transfusion, so it causes the blood pressure in the body to rise, and the brain is half a bleeding.

Experience the brain bleeding, Wang Lei's body is basically completely paralyzed, and one eye is complete and neat.

Wang Lei understood that he could not stand up again in this life. This feeling is like climbing a mountain. It is difficult to reach the top of the mountain.

Not only that, the husband who once hopped by the bed was also leaving at this time.

When the divorce agreement got Wang Lei, she said quietly to understand her husband's choice, and then agreed to divorce.

However, her husband did not completely do things thoroughly. He promised Wang Lei to leave the house, the child and the money were all left, and every month will play back a support.

The husband's left has made Wang Lei to completely gray, she shouted over and over again: "Why is it me?"

A female doctor who once sentiment, a happy and happy woman, so in the next time, the huge drop is placed on anyone, I don't think it is good.

"Don't be self-careful, people don't have to be self", this sentence is placed in Wang Lei, but it is because I know that my illness cannot be cured, so it is full of despair in the future.

Every time I see the painless daughter, my mother always holds the child to Wang Lei, I hope she can cheer.

Don't always think about what you lose, but more about what you have, she still have children, and their parents, the life will be around, and these relatives will accompany them.

The mother encouraged Wang Lei to gradually be confident in life.

Retravite again

In 2013, Wang Lei returned home from the hospital, starting rehabilitation training with the help of parents.

At the beginning, training was not smooth. Because of paralysis, Wang Lei even couldn't even sit in a wheelchair normally, it must be barely trained under the cooperation of both parents.

The more you don't have to get it, the more you don't have to take it in Wang Lei, and the strength that is not convinced again. She began to force themselves to train, forced himself to complete the difficult movements.

Days have passed every day, Wang Lei's physical condition has gradually improved, at least one person can still sit in a wheelchair.

In 2016, after 4 years of rehabilitation training, Wang Lei's physical condition is much better than the original.

Now she began to think about her life, is it really necessary to do this?

Doctors who have been cultivated in the country, don't you better serve the motherland, give back to society?

Since I can't go to the hospital for a doctor, I can't see a doctor like a doctor as before, then I will find "from the doctor" again, and I will realize my own value.

In her opinion, today's society has a weak link to the mastery of medical knowledge, there are too many people who need a doctor to go to the popular knowledge, so Wang Lei decided to create a medical science forum.

In this way, no matter what the other person is, she can communicate, through their weak power, to send a light for this society.

And her most important thing is the physical and mental health of the elderly. Many elderly people are suspected of being difficult to negotiate because of their physical fitness, and even convinced that there is no scientific basis. Once they are cheated, it will be a tragedy of a family.

Therefore, Wang Lei decided that the forum will not charge any fees.

Destiny, kiss you, you have reported

In 2016, Wang Lei began to put this matter into action, although it is a doctor, but for computer websites, the forum is not familiar.

Fortunately, there are many tutorials online. Wang Lei looked at the tutorial, while letting relatives helped to buy domain names, and finally successfully created the "Flower Forum".

Because only one finger head and one eye can be used, Wang Lei has a big problem for the maintenance of the forum.

One sentence can be called for a few seconds, and she can only "poke" two or three words in a minute.

At the top of the forum, you can clearly see "There is a problem post, usually 24 hours reply", this is Wang Lei's goal for yourself, and it is also a commitment to the user.

When I don't have time to reply, Wang Lei often called the mother to help, the position of every letter on the keyboard, she is in mind, when she needs, she tells the mother to the first few.

More and more people who have gradually supported the "Flower Forum", everyone is agreed with Wang Lei's medical knowledge. In the early days of establishing the forum, Wang Lei went to better maintenance of the forum, in order to remove the daily rehabilitation training time, basically sedate before the computer, she will reply one by one.

Every time I help others solve the problem, I am grateful to the other party, Wang Lei, I think I have made a very meaningful thing.

She used this matter as their own new job, and she took the instrument to stand up with the instrument. By the way, I dropped some eye drops, and then I went back to the computer to reply to someone else.

It has been established from the "Flower Forum" for 7 years. The number of forums has reached 8106, and the registered member reaches 5,786.

Everyone here feels the unyielding and strongness of Wang Lei, optimism and diligence, they all witness the valuable spirit of Wang Lei's people.

She is both a patient and a doctor, two interchanges, making her more experience to the patient's mood.

From 2016 to 2022, 7 years of free medical consultation, nearly 10,000 hours of "love and dedication", she helped thousands of people to solve suspicion with their weak light.

Now Wang Lei will still board the forum every day. When someone asks questions, she will patiently "stamp" reply.

It is worth mentioning that the initial Wang Lei replied that a person may take two hours, and only two or three people will be replied to one day.

Now, with the improvement of physical condition, the speed of replying is gradually improved, and now you can reply more than a dozen people.

When Wang Lei's story was more known, many people also came to the forum to ask for a long time, which made Wang Lei very happy, as long as she can help others with their own knowledge, then Wang Lei is the biggest Comfort and encouragement.

Kids who have born in the mother of mother - Siyuan. Nowadays, you will gradually grow up with your family, and you will be very skilled.

Leisure time listening to the son pulls a song, becoming the most comfortable and warm time of Wang Lei.


Before thirty years ago, Wang Lei's life is "the child of others". After the age of 30, the fate of the unless the fate will be into the bottom of life, so in the companion of parents and children, Wang Lei, who is not convinced, to fight against the wind, Turn over.

Marco Roal stayed that if there is a unfortunate thing to appear in your life, don't stubbornly think it is unfortunate, because you can keep inner freedom in front of any unfortunate and pain. He said: "Remember, use this principle in any occasion that may make you trouble, that is, this (what happens) is not a misfortune, but noble, it is a lucky."

Lu Xun once said: "Can do things, can vocalize, there is a heat, send a point of light, just send a little light like firefly, don't wait for the torch. If there is no torch, I am the only one. Light. "Wang Lei is the" only light ", just illuminate himself, I sincerely hope that Wang Lei in the future can get better and better.