Moderate drinking is good for health?Doctors frank: 3 kinds of cancers are related to alcohol, need to pay attention

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Moderate drinking is good for health?Doctors frank: 3 kinds of cancers are related to alcohol, need to pay attention

2022-01-28 18:11:37 48 ℃

In some banquets such as holidays or puyors, the Chinese will open a few bottles of wine and drink a drink. Whether it is for sorrow or happiness, wine is a good thing for many people. Some people will drink some small wine in us, they come to such a few cups every day. Pay attention to the five hundred wine, snakes, and fruits such as Chinese herbal medicine, snakes, fruits. It is said that these can not only benefit health. Creating a disease, is this true? The doctor told you that there are three kinds of cancers and alcohol, this is the truth, must pay attention.

The American Clinical Oncology Society clearly stated that tumors were important to carcinogenic factors. In fact, alcohol itself is not carcinogens, and it does not affect people's genes, but alcohol is absorbed by human body, and the acetaldehyde metabolites produced in human body are really harmful to the culprit. The acetaldehyde into the human body and DNA directly combined, enabling the genetic mutation, causing a variety of diseases. American Clinicians also send a document in medical journals: alcohol is zero for the human body. That is to say, even if you drink a dripping, it is also good for the body, let alone what wine, medicinal liquor, etc. The World Health Organization has already used alcohol columns to category I category.

Some people drink blush, and there are such people around you must inform him that it is timely alcohol, which is because alcohol is absorbed by the human body, and it is normal to decompose by acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. However, in the large male body in Asia, the acetaldehyde dehydrogenase is generally lacking, so it will cause people to drink a lot of alcohol, and the acetaldehyde produced has no way to decompose, causing capillaries to expand, which makes people appear Symptoms of blush. The study also found that 2.8 million people died of drinking every year, alcoholic carcinogenesis is also very high, especially the following three kinds of cancers.

1. Drinking will lead to liver cancer

Alcohol is metabolized by human intake, so often drinking alcohol, which will increase the pressure of the liver, causing the liver to operate normally. Moreover, alcohol also produces acetaldehyde metabolites in the human body, which is very unfriendly of hepatocytes, which can poison hepatocytes. The more drinking, the greater the harm of the liver, and the long history will lead to the emergence of alcoholic liver. If there is no time to stop, the original habits are maintained, then there will be cirrhosis, and liver cancer is not far away.

2, drinking can lead to esophageal cancer

There are fewer fewer foods we usually eat that there is a carcinogen, and it is not absorbed by the human body in normal request, and finally the excretion is excreted. However, alcohol has the effect of promoting carcinogenic substances, these carcinogens are absorbed into the human body, and the time will lead to cancer. Alcohol also reduces the body's immunity to the monitoring force of cancer, stimulating the esophagus, and the past will lead to esophageal cancer.

3, drinking can lead to breast cancer

According to research, the amount of drinking per day is more than 0.25 or more, and it is more than a risk of breast cancer than normal women. The occurrence of breast cancer and the alcohol intake have a big relationship, and the people who often drink alcohol are particularly large, so they will quit as soon as possible.

As a result, drinking will not be healthy, even if you drink a drip, it is not any benefit of your body. Instead, drinking more will lead to a variety of diseases, and finally trigger cancer, this is the most dangerous. Occasionally a small amount of drinking does not have much effect, but if there is a long-term drinking habit, or people who like to drink excessive drinks will be vigilant, and they will stop alcohol is the best choice.