What is the length of life and walking?A 10-year study, give an answer

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What is the length of life and walking?A 10-year study, give an answer

2022-01-28 18:10:50 43 ℃

Health and longevity have always been our pursuit, do not say that ancient times we don't know how much the average life is, it is now investigating the life of various countries and regions every time, my country has been in a "no Can't "the location, and the next Japanese is the most longevity country, indicating that the people in my country still have a lot of effort.

With the continuous efforts of researchers in various countries, it is now aimed at the constant analysis of the cause of life, and many student conclusions have emerged. Among them, the most contact is the aspect of the diet, and there is an article pointed out. : The seven-point can reverse 50% of aging cells, and this research conclusion is also released to "cell" magazine. Recently, research pointed out that our long-term links have a certain connection before walking. Is this true? Take a look.

Time-consuming 10 years of research tells you the relationship between walking and life

According to a study for 10 years, the faster, the faster, his life will be longer, if it can be kept at 0.8 m per second or the above is a better speed, if less than 0.6 meters per second If the risk of death may increase.

This is because of walking, the body's organizations and organs are mobilized, including more than 60% of them participate in the event of walking, often walking for these sites. At the same time, it is still a systemic sport, which requires a full cooperation of nerves, muscles, bones, blood vessels. If you have problems, it may affect normal walking conditions, and the speed of walking, the body The better the various functions, the longer the life is naturally.

What do you need to pay attention to when walking?

Some people think that they are from small to big, in addition to caught children, others have no problems, in fact, not this, although it is very simple, but if there is incorrect situation, it is easy to cause body Injury, you need to pay more attention.

First of all, maintaining the correct posture is very important. Many people don't pay attention to their walking postures. How do you walk comfortably, but many people's walking posture is some problems, and common problems are with chest, the spine is not kept in. In the normal curve, there is a situation in which the legs are severely buckled or outsource. This posture is unhealthy, and the time is long, which is easy to increase the wear between the bones, affecting the health. The correct walking posture is that the body remains upright, so that the spine is in a normal and comfortable radiator, while walking when walking.

The time to walk is to get certain guarantees, because walk is a form of exercise, which will consume a lot of energy in the process, and can also improve the body metabolism, promote the discharge of garbage toxins in the body. If The time of walking is too short, the effect of exercise for the body is not so obvious. The best walking time is 30-60 minutes, keeping 5-7 times a week, but each person is different, the requirements are also different, this requires more attention.

Finally, keep your heart rate, heart rate is the most direct reflection of exercise intensity, if you feel that your heart rate is relatively low, indicating that the intensity of the movement is not enough to achieve exercise, and vice versa, if it is too heart rate, it is prone to exercise damage, and Calculating your own heart rate is 220-77. If you can reach about 60% of this heart rate, you will explain the effect of the movement. For example, if you are 60 years old, the heart rate is 160, then the heart rate that is maintained at exercise is over 96 times / minute.

If you can do these aspects, even if you don't reach the extent to which you have a life, it is good for reducing some unnecessary damage and bone pressures. Some people think that since the speed of walking is to have a relationship with his life, then consciously walk in the usual life, it can be, in fact, this way is that you are in normal circumstances, not in deliberate The speed, don't cause joint damage because of your walking speed, but it is not worthless.

Although the walk is more common, it has a certain impact on life, and it is necessary to maintain a good impact, reducing physical damage, then we need to do the above three aspects, but also pay attention to it, if there is already a bone and joint The situation, etc., then don't blindly pursue the speed of walking, according to the doctor's recommendations, it is more important, and for some healthy people, we want to keep a healthy body, let us start from walking!