Henan, a nanny infected HPV for several years, the employer is unfortunately contagious, the doctor is straightforward: too great

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Henan, a nanny infected HPV for several years, the employer is unfortunately contagious, the doctor is straightforward: too great

2022-01-28 18:11:00 30 ℃

Mr. Cheng and his wife are a new wedding couple. The two usually work is very busy. There is no time to cook, do housework, and the family is often messing into a mess, so the two will consider hire a nanny to take care of ordinary life. . For the provincial intermediary fees, Mr. Cheng has released information about recruitment nanny in the community.

Soon there is a neighbor to introduce the Nanmem Zhang Aunt to their home, Mr. Cheng finds that Zhang Auntie is 50 years old, looking at the amiable, and cooking again, so I tried it after a week. She officially hired her. The couple and Zhang Ayi are very harmonious, and the young couple will give Zhang Auntian red envelope on the festival, but the good scene is not long. By a few months, Mr. Cheng and his wife have discovered the body.

In the body of the two, there have been a lot of grains, especially on the neck, long as a small granary bud, helpless couple go to the hospital for inspection. As a result, the two were very surprised. The couple had two people infected HPV viruses. The doctors who have just begun are also suspected of being the unclean behavior of husband and wife, and Mr. can be loyal to each other, but also pay attention to it. Well, why do you infect HPV?

Later, Mr. Cheng suddenly remembered the nanny Zhang Auntie, would it be her infection? Subsequently, Mr. Cheng took Zhang Ayi to check it. As a result, she did not want to hit her, have been infected with HPV for many years, and Mr. Cheng also blame her, and finally I can only resign her.

Doctor: If there is these 2 people around you, ten eight nine is HPV infected, to keep a distance

1, people on the body

After infection with HPV, it is easy to cause longness of the body. It is usually taken to observe the face and hands and feet when they are all along with people. If there are some small sputum similar to granulation, it may be a silkworm caused by HPV infection. To avoid contact with it.

2, people who have a odor

In particular, after infection with the HPV virus, it will lead to a change in its secretion, so it will emit a snoring in the private parts. When encountering such a person, it is necessary to be alert to HPV infection, be careful to be indirectly infected. .

If you accidentally infect HPV viruses, do these 2 things everyday, prevent cervical disease

1, daily supplementary nutrient elements

Most people infected with HPV are caused by differences in immunity. At this time, they must find ways to improve immunity. You can eat some selenium-containing food in daily life. Contains trace elements selenium, selenium can effectively reduce the reproduction of viruses. Quantity, help to improve the speed of immune cells to swallow viruses, helping the human body to remove HPV viruses as soon as possible.

2, pay attention to hygiene

Usually, clothes should be paid separately, and the closeness of the clothes should not be mixed with other clothes, preferably regularly use disinfectant or boiling water to disinfect, and expose under the sun.