Fasting 20 hours longevity 18%?Beautiful scientist: The body's hidden features, hungry in the middle of the night, activation

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Fasting 20 hours longevity 18%?Beautiful scientist: The body's hidden features, hungry in the middle of the night, activation

2022-01-28 18:11:02 40 ℃

For longevity, are you willing to develop a habit of "fasting 20 hours"?

In the 1930s, the University of Cornell discovered calories (reducing the total calories of food per day) to turn over the life of the old mouse. Today, scientists once again betting diet, they found that they are not only "how much", "" when eating "is also important.

one. Beautiful scientist: 20 hours of fasting, 18% life

September 29, 2021, Professor MIMI SHIRASU-Hiza, University of Columbia Extended life of 18%.

Fasting next day (20H): 12 noon - 8 o'clock on the second day, restore eating the next day, 12 noon at 12 noon

The researchers divide the fruit flies into 4 groups in different limited time, and launched a 2 month observation. Observing, "The Older Drosophila in the next day (20H)" group, the crawling capacity is significantly stronger than the remaining group, integrated symptoms such as agricultural diseases. After the experiment, compared the life expectancy of each group, and found that only "Fasting (20H)", the average life expectancy of the group of female Drosity was 18%, and the male fruit flies extended 13%, while the remaining group had no significant change.

After further research analysis, Professor ShiraSu-Hiz disc found that after a certain period of fasting, the self-repair function of the living organism will be activated, and the aging or senescene is degraded into other nutrients and re-absorbs the utilization. Although this experimental object is a fruit fling with a large gap between human beings, the principle is connected, and the habits of "night fasting" are still guiding to delayed restriction.

two. Anti-aging "bitter", only eat a meal every day

In order to pursue longevity, many "pioneers" that have changed the eating habits, and Professor Sinclai, the 51-year-old anti-failure study, is one of them. He not only adhered to "night fasting", but also more than ordinary people: In addition to a dinner at 7-9 o'clock in the evening, just rely on black coffee and green tea. The life of "bitter" style is fruitful, in the last test, Professor Sinclai is only 31.6 years old.

Because only a meal is eaten every day, Professor Sinclai is also a special selection of food. Professor Cinclais said: "If I can only eat a food, it may be avocado. Avocado takes into account fullness and nutrients, and it is not much. Contains "Youth Molecular" NAD ("Amin" substances). "

NAD molecules mentioned by Professor Cinclais were one of his core research results. The molecule is naturally present in the human body, the higher the young content, and is usually used as an indicator of "cell viability". Although the avocado is contained in the avocado, it is unrealistic about the aging of the avocado. It is not realistic: only 0.2 ~ 0.8g of NAD per 100 pounds of avocado, which can't even meet the single needs .

In this regard, Professor Cinclais frankly, far from food, far from the food. I got the first thing I got every day, I went to the cabinet with a good supplement last night, mixed with yogurt, there was NAD molecules ("Amin" substance). This type of supplement is in the world, and they are not in the annual overhead for the pursuit of longevity. Thanks to the continued development of biotechnology, the Hong Kong gene optimized 95% unnecessary cost, the parity version "Amin" supplement has circulated in Beijing, China. Consumers are mainly in the north of Guanghai, which is faintly in the three and four-tier cities.

three. Looking for a diet suitable for yourself

Although fasting is closely related to longevity, if it is blindly study, it may be harmful to health. On the one hand, persistence of fasting 20h is likely to lead to overeating, increase the burden of body; on the other hand, strictly perform fasting for 20h, long-term fills are in the stomach.

"Heat limit" wants to persistence for a long time, and there must be more perseverance of ordinary people. Taking adult women as an example, the heat of food in the food is around 1500 calories. This kind of diet will define daily calories around 900 calories, which is equivalent to eat less than 5 bowls of rice every day.

Not everyone is suitable for the harsh diet programs of Professor Cinclais, let alone herself to assist other scientific methods such as "Amin" substances. Ordinary people can fasten their self-repair function at night. The choice of the day can refer to Professor Cinclais in the podcast of the proposal to supplement: avocado, olive oil, spherical bud, cantaloupe, blueberry, nuts.