Breast cancer favorite people?Girls see if they have yourself

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Breast cancer favorite people?Girls see if they have yourself

2022-01-28 18:11:27 53 ℃

Breast cancer is a high-incidence of high-risk diseases, different from cervical cancer, and breast cancer does not play a preventive role in advance.

How much is breast cancer? Among Chinese girls, breast cancer is the most common malignant tumor, the incidence of "steadily" is the first place in malignant tumors.

How to prevent breast cancer, first understand it, knowing that breast cancer likes to find someone, is it?

There are more feature more prone to breast cancer


Man with breast cancer family

Epidemiological surveys have found that 5% to 10% of breast cancer are family-friendly.

Especially in mothers or sisters, if there is breast cancer, this family is a high-risk group, and the risk is 2 ~ 3 times higher than the ordinary population.


Unusual menstruation

The menstrual appearance is early, the primary tide is 11-13 years old, than 20 times higher than the danger of breast cancer after 17 years old; menopause, the later of the closing age, the greater the chance of breast cancer.


Obese population

Ingestion of high proteins, high-fat foods can cause an increase in estrogen levels, increase the risk of breast cancer. After menopause, obesity, the chance of breast cancer will increase by 30%.



The spirit is in a state of stress, often staying up late, and the body is not fully resting. It will lead to endocrine imbalance, increasing the risk of breast cancer.


People affected by estrogen

A large number of estrogen-containing beauty products, eating chicken feeding with estrogen, may increase the incidence of breast cancer.

Any breast disease, breast cancer family history, it is best not to use oral contraceptives.


Breast hyperplasia

Beneficial breast hyperplasia is generally not malignant, but the mammary gland hyperplasia is large, the medical history is long, the mass is large, and the lump is not obvious, and malformation is possible.


People with the history of chest radiation therapy

The radiation is a recognized carcinogenic factor. Women who have often accepted X-ray chest, 9 times higher than that of breast cancer than normal. Before menstruation, pregnancy is sensitive to radiation and should be avoided.


Artificial abortion

Natural abortion does not increase the risk of breast cancer, and women who have been abortion before the age of 18 have been more dangerous than those who have not been used abortion.

Prevention in advance is the key

With the risk of breast cancer incidence, the health of breast cancer has received more and more women, in addition to going to the hospital, women can take the following 4 steps after the month, the following 4 steps for breast check.


In the face of the mirror, the hands are sag, carefully observe whether the size of the breast is symmetrical, there is no normal protrusion, the skin and the nipple have a depression or eczema.

according to

The left hand is lifted to the back side of the head, check the left milk with the right hand, and the finger is lightly pressed, and if there is a hard block.

The nipple begins to perform annular clockwise, gradually outward (about three or four circles), until all breast examination is completed. Check the right breast with the same method.


The lay is lying down, put a pillow on the left shoulder, bend the right hand, repeat the "touch" method, check the breasts on both sides.


In addition to the breast, you have to check the underarms under the underarm. The nipple is crowded with thumb and forefinger, pay attention to there is abnormal secretion.


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