The 55-year-old Li Uncle took 10 years to reduce the drug, leading to kidney failure, what is going on?

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The 55-year-old Li Uncle took 10 years to reduce the drug, leading to kidney failure, what is going on?

2022-01-28 18:10:17 32 ℃

55-year-old Lee uncle 10 years ago because of frequent morning headaches treatment, was diagnosed with high blood pressure, the doctor prescribed acid L-amlodipine tablets according to its circumstances, this is a long-acting antihypertensive drugs, one day only You need to take once, and the doctor named Li uncle to remember to take medication, regular review.

At first, Lee uncle did take prescribed medication regularly, periodic review, and less than six months, Lee uncle found his blood pressure control was very good, each inspection is 120 / 80mmHg.

Lee uncle taking blood pressure medicine effective, the body without any discomfort, so long as we think of eating antihypertensive drugs on the line, no longer go to the doctor, did not go check, but this year's Mid-Autumn Festival, when to get up in the morning found in the urine there are a lot of foam, but also with a bad odor, but uncle Lee no other discomfort, plus another busy, so there is no seriously. So, after two weeks, Uncle Lee found his legs swelled up, but also black bags under the eyes, and this time they would feel scared, hurry to see a doctor.

Dr Lee's uncle made a urinalysis and renal biopsy and found Uncle Lee urine protein seriously overweight, but also serious damage to the glomeruli, was diagnosed with chronic renal failure the second period.

Lee uncle to see this situation, thinking certainly lead to side effects of antihypertensive drugs, he asked whether the doctor with their antihypertensive drugs related, the doctor listened to Uncle Lee's case, he said the problem "is not a drug very reluctantly, and it is your own medication errors caused. "

Eating antihypertensive medicine also kidney failure, Uncle Lee was originally a three wrongdoing harm him

1. Unauthorized own dressing

Uncle Lee had taken acid Levamlodipine film is a very high safety and side effects is relatively low, there is a protective effect of drug target organ, but the price is a bit high only.

When Uncle Lee heard a friend say he ate a few pieces of money nifedipine was 100, the effect is also very good ah, so Uncle Lee also replaced his drug nifedipine, also own blood pressure They found that blood pressure under control, so on their own without authorization for a medicine.

Although nifedipine antihypertensive effect is not bad, but belongs to a short-acting drug day medication more often, and there is no protective effect on the target organ.

So, Lee uncle that do not follow the prescribed medicine acts to speed up the pace of Uncle Lee kidney damage.

2. to hypertension had misunderstood

Uncle Lee believes high blood pressure as long as the medication on time, and occasionally measure your blood pressure, blood pressure is not another job, there is no need to adjust the thinking of diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Usually have the habit of smoking every day, but from time to time and often dinner drink with friends, also like to eat some fat and some of pickled vegetables and other high-fat greasy food.

Meanwhile Uncle Lee also likes playing mahjong, often a dozen is a few hours, and sometimes even acute urinary simmering.

Thus, these bad habits Li uncle seriously affected his health, is an important cause of renal failure.

3. pay attention to regular inspection

While the general antihypertensive drugs no damage to the kidney, but high blood pressure itself may lead to high blood pressure kidney disease, so from time to time to check kidney function.

Lee uncle thought he will not have to bother a normal blood pressure, in addition to the early days on a regular basis back to the hospital to check, after several years there has been no review. And a few years time sufficient to cause kidney damage.

Visible, regular inspections, the issue of the importance of early detection.

Hypertension is a chronic disease, controlled, it can be like normal people, but if you pay attention, cause some complications will seriously affect their health, so be sure to pay attention, to take prescribed medicine, regular check-ups, and be mindful to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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