The 48-year-old bus driver suddenly burst into blood bleeding!Doctors sigh: This disease can prevent

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The 48-year-old bus driver suddenly burst into blood bleeding!Doctors sigh: This disease can prevent

2022-01-29 00:07:04 43 ℃

A few days ago, Li Shuilin, 48, Taihu County, Anqing City, Anhui Province, had a sudden cerebral hemostasis when driving a bus. When he is about to lose awareness, he uses all the efforts to complete a series of emergency disposal, and pour the driver of the bus.

Winter is a high-risk season of brain overprust, how should we do after brain overprust? The reporter interviewed Zhu Liang, director of the cerebrovascular disease in Henan Provincial People's Hospital.

Most cerebral hemorrhage patients have no obvious ancestors before the disease

Zhu Liang pays, introduced with cerebral hemorrhage, everyone is often called "brain hard blood." As the name suggests, it means that brain tissue has bleeding. It should be noted that usually medical brain hemorrhage refers to the original brain hemorrhage, does not include bleeding in brain tissue of trauma.

The acute period of cerebral hemorrhage is 30% ~ 40%, which is the highest mortality in acute cerebral vascular disease. The most common cause of cerebral hemorrhage is high blood pressure. Other causes have smoke disease, brain motive vein malformation, cerebrovascular amyloidosis, anticoagulation or thrombolytic therapy, primary or metastatic brain tumor infringement.

Zhu Liang pays that the probability of cerebral hemorrhage in middle-aged and elderly people with hypertension is large. Most people are in activities, suddenness or emotional is inhabitation, most patients have no obvious aqueous symptoms before the onset, a small number of dizziness, headache and limb weakness.

Symptoms often reach the peak within several hours after the onset of minutes, showing headache, vomiting, convulsions, etc. Snoring phenomenon is often found after cerebral hemorrhage.

Brain bleeding should call 120 as soon as possible

If someone has a cerebral hemorrhage in the family, how to first rescue?

"First, you need to call 120 ambulances, because cerebral hemorrhage is urgent, can't observe at home." Zhu Liang pays to reporters, "Second to observe whether the patient's consciousness is clear, if the patient is clear, you should wait for ambulance to come, avoid activities. The patient has no consciousness, and measures should be taken to ensure that the respiratory tract is smooth: loose the patient's collar, take the side of the luminous position, easy to remove the oral secretion, remove the oral mucus, secretions and vomit to keep the airway smooth. Patients have suffocated, It is necessary to clean its mouth as soon as possible and take it for artificial breathing. "

On the way to the hospital, try to maintain stability, avoid bumps, while paying attention to avoiding patient emotional excitement, because the blood pressure increase will further increase the cerebral hemorrhage, and should pay attention to the expression and consciousness of patients in the transportation. After admission, the family or passers by understanding the patient's pathogenesis should describe the patient's pathogenesis.

Prevent brain bleeding pay attention to lush

How to avoid cerebral hemorrhage? Zhu Liang pays the following reminders:

Sticking to good living habits is the foundation. To servature, close to the New Year, remind everyone to pay attention to on time, pay more attention to low salt low fat, quit smoking, optimistic, exercise, weight loss.

Standardizing tube-controlled hypertension is the key. It is recommended to intervene in time, after high risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, etc. Patients who have explicitly diagnose high blood pressure need to standardize high blood pressure. Patients with the causes such as vascular malformations should be treated as soon as possible.

Also, pay attention to a few points:

Adjust the mentality. It is necessary to relieve emotions in time, pay attention to mental psychological hygiene, to prevent larger emotional fluctuations.

Prevent constipation. Drink more water and ensure a cup of warm water in the morning. Often eat coarse grains, keep your stool smooth. If necessary, give a syringed leaves in a timely manner, and the treatment of Sait is treated, while avoiding the rise in blood pressure and strength.

keep warm. Appropriate sports, pay attention to keep warm, shake the head, avoid excessive strength.