Is it a decent attachment or a deep liar?How many Chinese good mother-in-law?

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Is it a decent attachment or a deep liar?How many Chinese good mother-in-law?

2022-01-29 00:08:13 39 ℃

Recently I hear my colleagues are talking about a variety show, "Chinese-style blind date"

This program perfectly restored today a unique social phenomenon of China ---- "park blind corner": sitting at home "to marry," the parents want to see on stage, to be married to be married children can only be relegated to the background, continue to secretly observe.

Under this arrangement, each member of the audience were all seem to see the shadow of their own lives ---- weekdays parental pressure to marry, relatives of views on marriage between men and women and elders rating system and so on.

Which has a well-off parents to let doctors impressed with the seriousness they demonstrated "a girl can not have cold hands and feet," because this girl might have "winter palace" and "cold" will be passed to the next generation. Led her to give birth to a son would intestinal hernia, naturally malnutrition.

Originally a period of normal love relationships, loving the boys at the occasion along with parental involvement, if accepted the mother's judgment.

This winter palace, what is it?

First the parents do not discuss whether "winter palace" will cause the child to have a "small intestine hernia," but it sounds icy cold "winter palace", what does it mean? In everyday life, one can see some girls like to eat cold, wearing low waist exposed belly crowded other habits, some parents will be quickly snapped, claiming that if not pay attention will suffer from winter palace!

Shrimp! What does that every day is someone mention "winter palace" What is?

First, let's look to some degree from Wikipedia, the Palace of cold symptoms which include: late aunt, aunt to early aunt could not come, aunt delay residence, aunt to go again, aunt to bring Shihai "kind of stick" .........

etc! This is ...... ..... ..... not a full gynecological diseases summarize it?

From irregular menstruation, to infertility, pregnancy complications and then, seemingly in addition to gynecological cancer and abortion contraception,

All of Obstetrics and Gynecology all "private use" of the!

incredible! My house cold up!

According to this view that, as long as I warm the uterus, is not like these gynecological diseases thing?

Perhaps some of the encyclopedia is not almost full.

Since this is a traditional medicine winter palace statement,

That we try to look up from the traditional medical literature and textbooks.

However, you will find: root! Book! No! have! palace! cold! This! kind! Say! Law!

In this collection text search box more than thirty thousand classical works of philosophy cushion Text plan,

Nor is there any record about the winter palace.

In other words, our ancient traditional Chinese medicine books there is no such statement.

This is not your mother's father did not winter palace, exactly how it appears in our lives?

In fact, because the girls are generally cold hands and feet, so this was a common phenomenon in a number of "pseudo-Chinese" a "transformation", the use of low winter temperatures, the body will tend to reduce the blood supply to the peripheral sector, key sectors of priority to the protection of normal operation. Therefore capillary contraction, reduced blood supply, then the natural temperature will suddenly drop.

Why the boys would not have cold hands and feet of it?

In fact, women have more estrogen easier for temperature sensitive. If a woman thrown into the same cold environment, the vessel will be faster and more violent girls than boys, cold hands and feet better effect lasting nature.

But do not forget the uterus is not hands and feet, it just fertility, cold hands and feet may be unable to manage.

In modern medicine, the uterus if not pay attention to the internal environment does cause a number of gynecological diseases, gynecological diseases, but these can only symptomatic treatment must be effective. Those so-called hot belly, the navel moxibustion, infrared and other warm house Qiuku care will only make your stomach heat up nothing.

Local heating will indeed promote blood circulation. Relax the muscles, but if the temperature is too high or if too many times, but also easier to burn. Its time-consuming, non-monetary costs and energy to do these so-called warm house care, it would be better to dress warm and exercise more affordable and efficient.

Therefore, the so-called winter palace in fact does not exist, but there is no need for any treatment for this "winter palace." If you feel uncomfortable in a timely manner to the regular hospital, identify illness symptomatic treatment.

After all, cure the sick, not sick Well let's go home!