Can blood pressure drops?See if you have this 7 points!

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Can blood pressure drops?See if you have this 7 points!

2022-01-29 00:08:41 43 ℃

Recently, the dog has gone to the evening, and finally took the Su Daoqiang.

Su Daqiang, the old man, the dog, but love and hate.

That is, love his child's character, hate him, know that you have high blood pressure, dare to steal duck neck, you don't know how to pay attention to diet!

It is said that high blood pressure is "invisible killer", usually nothing, and if you have anything to enter the hospital.

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In China, in fact, hundreds of millions of people have suffered from Su Daxiang.

The dog wants to say that if you want to control the problem of blood pressure, in addition to following the doctor's long-term treatment, diet and living habits are also extremely important.

Today, the dog wants to talk to you, with high blood pressure, what problems do we pay attention to?

Next you will see:

1. 7 principles of high blood pressure diet have had to remember!

2. Daily diet is the key to "limited salt", which is true!

1. Control salinity intake

I believe everyone knows that patients with hypertension must be salt.

Excessive intake of salt, which causes increase in salt content in the blood, causing a lot of humans to run into the blood, resulting in increased blood volume, and blood pressure naturally.

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Such as obviously eat salty bacon, pickles, soy sauce and other condiments, seasoning nuts and other salty snacks, high blood pressure patients must be eaten or not eaten.

According to the Chinese Dietary Balance Pagoda, the amount of salt per day should not exceed 6 g.

Previously, a friend had high blood pressure, listening to the dog's suggestion, and really bought a given, how much salt is used every day.

In fact, don't have to be so troublesome, there is a small trick here, cover salt with a beer bottle, so flat beer bottle cover, probably 6 grams of salt.

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In addition, everyone should pay attention to potassium intake.

Because sufficient potassium is capable of to a certain extent, the boosting of sodium can be placed. High potassium low sodium must be done in the diet.

Dog suggests that you can choose low sodium salts every day, and this salt supermarket is generally available.

The so-called low sodium is added 25% to 30% of potassium chloride in daily ordinary salts.

It is possible to use it to replace the daily salt, it is possible to balance the potassium / sodium proportion in the diet.

2. Edible oil selection is the key

Discussing the key to cooking oil for conditioning blood pressure, in fact, it is the role of saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids for cardiovascular diseases.

Don't underestimate the intake of different kinds of grease, the result is a big phase.

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Animal oil, such as lard, butter, mostly a high saturation of oil.

Western pastries, chocolate, and commercial cream often use in the fast food products, there is a polyteractant.

Regarding the effects of fatty acid on cardiovascular, you can see this:

For those who have a long time to take these two kinds of grease, the risk of cardiovascular disease should be higher than that of ordinary people.

Dog suggests that patients with hypertension should eat less oils in daily, and eat more vegetable oil.

The vegetable oil is different from animal oil. Most of the normal temperature is liquid, rich in unsaturated fatty acids and trace elements such as vitamin E, potassium, calcium, but also beneficial cardiovascular health, but the nutrition is more likely to absorb.

Common peanut oil, rapeseed oil, olive oil, etc. are such healthy grease.

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We don't recommend only a certain kind of oil, and more healthy, nutrients are also more comprehensive for 2 to 3 months.

The amount of oil per day should not be too much, controlled at 20 ~ 30g.

3. Eating meat is paying attention to

Many high blood pressure friends have misunderstandings for eating meat. I feel that meat will not only cause excessive fat intake, but also cause blood pressure or unstable.

Especially more red meat, it is considered a risk factor for cardiovascular disease for many years.

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In fact, all foods have their adventitious sites, which is not as us.

For older people over 70 years old, because of the lack of iron zinc, B vitamins and proteins, even if there is high blood pressure, it is not recommended to be too far from the meat.

For high blood pressure conditioning, according to the lower limit of the dietary pagoda, the intraday intake of 50 g of meat products per day is complete.

As for the red meat and white meat, everyone can exchange it, eat a small amount, with a small amount of supply.

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The dog reminds, it doesn't matter if you eat meat, but it is very amazing in the production process, which is very amazing in the production process, so you have to eat less.

Usually, it is recommended to minimize the number of meat, and control the intake of such flesh.

4. Increase the intake of dairy products

Many high blood pressure patients have the characteristics of "high sodium low calcium", and this low calcium diet is likely to cause rising blood pressure.

In daily, dairy products are good calcium and magnesium.

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There is a research prove that people in the dairy dairy product in the same conditions are the same as those in other conditions.

There will be few people in more than daily, in the long cycle, there is a lot of risk of high blood pressure.

When the intake of long-term dairy is high, the carotid artery and the pulse pulse pulse flow rate can be better, the pulse pressure is lowered, and the shrink pressure is also low.

This is a certain relationship with the milk containing rich bioactive peptides, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

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That friend asked the dog, so much dairy products, how to choose? For high blood pressure, dogs are more likely yogurt, skim milk and low fat milk.

Because these three dairy products have a lower fat content.

Especially yogurt, not only can effectively conditioning the human intestinal health, while many molecules in milk is nutritious probiotic decomposition, more easily absorbed by the body. 5. do not drink or drink less sugary drinks

We always say that the relationship between salt intake and high blood pressure, in fact, this excessive sugar intake to control hypertension are also unfavorable.

Although the principle of no salt less direct, but sugary drinks intake increases the risk of fat.

Obesity and hypertension itself closely.

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Further, sweet drinks in addition to increasing the intake of sugar, but also increased sodium intake.

We do not believe can go and see, most of the sweet drinks have sodium additives.

So the dog tips, sugary drinks, everyone would try to drink less or quit it.

6. tea drinks more suitable for high blood pressure

Tea is rich in potassium, polyphenols and other antioxidants.

Compared to people who do not drink tea, people have the habit of tea with a long-term, the probability of suffering from cardiovascular diseases is much smaller.

The research also demonstrated in a US population, more tea is certainly conducive to blood pressure control,

Prevention of hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have a significant role.

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Black tea, green tea as two categories, have lower blood pressure effect,

But comparatively speaking, better antihypertensive effect of green tea come.

I recommend tea, but the dog does not recommend drinking tea.

Because tea easily lead to brain excitability, detriment to control blood pressure.

7. limit alcohol, preferably alcohol

Recommendations from the American Heart Association, high blood pressure patients daily alcohol consumption should be controlled in a bottle of beer (1 or 2 cups white wine two small goblet of red wine).

And as long as more than this amount, it will significantly increase the risk of hypertension.

See this report, a lot of love drinking friends are less than happy about.

Wine, this drink, drink good, beneficial health; drink is not good, you had better people's lives.

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So this degree, this amount is very crucial.

To this end, the dogs go out to find the relevant recommendations issued by our country,

According to my country's Ministry of Health, which issued the "2013 Dietary patients with hypertension guidance" on the wrote that drinking is not recommended for patients with hypertension, it is best to stop drinking.

So the dog say, under the influence of the uncertain amount of alcohol on the body of the premise, the proposed high blood pressure or away from a good friend.

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Well, more than seven-point proposal with everyone when it comes to this.

Next, the dog would like to ask you, is very important to know that salt restriction hypertension,

So you really do know how to control the daily intake of salt it?

Eat less salt, eating light point like? Dogs want to say that salt restriction is not so simple, oh.

Do not panic, quickly followed by the dog then read on.

Seen the dog before the article pro must know, for food conditioning hypertension,

The so-called salt restriction, in fact, a limitation of the "sodium ions".

The modern diet, in addition to all daily eat fruits, vegetables, agricultural and sideline products,

In fact, we are exposed to more of a pre-packaged food. There may be hidden wealth "sodium."

The so-called pre-packaged foods, generally refers to the shelves in the supermarket you can buy the goods.

Such as cookies, chips and so on. For this type of pre-packaged food, you have to learn to understand its composition.

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In the back of each package will actually nutritious food label (pictured above).

Which will be clearly written about the content of protein, carbohydrates, fat and sodium on nutrition.

We see the last of this line is the sodium content. Sodium salt known chemical name, so we know the amount of sodium, we can calculate the amount of salt.

2.5 multiplied by the amount of sodium is the amount of salt.

For example figure above Shaqima 100 g salt, we calculated that:

280mg × 2.5 = 700mg of the salt.

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So the algorithm, we can based on the net content of food, calculate the salt content of food packages.

When buying food, dog food nutrition suggest that you look at the ingredient list, many packaged foods often have a high salt content.

Well, after talking with this, we estimate the water and soil, but also to be aware of it.

If you think so every day count trouble, this dog has a few tips for living with it especially convenient.

Well, remember, you can help reduce the intake of salt.

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1. The staple food is green onion pancake, fried rice, noodles and other salty ingredients, the food intake reduction.

2. drink salty soup, a lot of people think that soup nutrition, so one would drink a lot. In fact, a bowl of soup to drink go in almost 1g of salt.

3. eat salty snacks, such as hot, potato chips, rice crust like. Add baking soda do not eat snacks, such as crackers, cookies and so on.

4. Remove from heat after cooking salt, salty enough so can guarantee, but also put a lot less salt.

5. Add the chicken seasoning, soy sauce and other spices flavor when reducing the amount of salt.

6. A low common salt substitute an equivalent amount of sodium.

These dietary recommendations, in fact, not just for patients with hypertension, healthy people also apply.

The so-called disease from the mouth, a lot of acute, chronic diseases are in fact our poor diet, over eating out.

There are daily diet conditioning poor awareness of their own, are definitely more effective than eating any drugs oh.


1 hypertension diet conditioning 7 principles

Control the salt intake, no more than 6G daily oil should choose vegetable oil, all kinds of oils often exchange eating meat is not terrible, red beef white meat is alternate, 50g average, add dairy, yogurt, low fat milk, Skim milk first chooses or does not drink sugar drinks daily drink tea is good for blood pressure control, but the strong tea is not suitable for drinking, try to stop drinking 2 days to control salt skills

Watch the packaging nutrition label, multiplied by 2.5, is salt, the amount of salt is small and small soda food, including snacks, soda, etc., etc.Ordinary salt chicken, soy sauce and other condiments contain high sodium, with use, salt is required to reduce the consumption of stained food, the dishes are reduced.


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