Why is "uremia" more and more?Remind: 3 habits don't touch, kidney will thank you

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Why is "uremia" more and more?Remind: 3 habits don't touch, kidney will thank you

2022-01-29 00:06:48 43 ℃

I do not know if you have not seen a set of data from the National Health health committee, and is on kidney disease.

Data show that in my country, the number of patients with chronic kidney disease over one hundred million, the number of patients with renal failure uremia more and more, and also to the trend of 12 to 15 million per year increased significantly.

Our case today's paper, Mr. Huang used his personal experience to tell you, why now more and more uremia. Before looking at Mr. Wong case, we need to look at what is uremia.

First, what is uremia?

Speaking of uremia, it is not immune to kidney failure. Renal failure can be divided into acute renal failure and chronic renal failure, acute and chronic renal failure uremia belongs end stage (generally refers to chronic kidney disease, No. 5) clinical manifestations.

There are many causes of uremia, such as impaired renal function, diabetes, renal disease, renal vascular disease, primary and secondary glomerulonephritis and other diseases lead to kidney problems, the body of toxins will not break out, toxins in the kidneys long-term accumulation of storage, over time, to the formation of uremia.

In general, early chronic kidney disease is not particularly obvious symptoms, there may be some fatigue, backache, nocturia and other symptoms, but even if there have been such cases, few people would associate it together with kidney disease, so many patients with chronic kidney disease is found, it has come to the end stage. To the end stage, then he got uremia, what happens to the body of it?

Second, uremia What are the hazards?

Chronic kidney disease to end-stage, that is to uremia, multiple body systems will have varying degrees of problems, common hazards are:

1) results in water metabolism, acid-base balance disorders

Once the water metabolism disorder occurs, the body will appear polyuria, nocturia or oliguria case, the impact on our daily lives is still very large. The acid-base balance disorders, loss of appetite occurs, the situation nausea, vomiting, coma, shock phenomenon will appear severe.

2) lead to cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular diseases caused by uremia, uremic patients with renal failure is one of the most common causes of death, so do not underestimate the problem.

Earlier we said, uremia renal failure can cause water metabolism disorder, oliguria situation appears, if the patient has been ranked no urine, then the urine will be stored for long periods in the body, leading to high blood pressure, cause high blood pressure, emergence of coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction and other diseases, will enable patients to serious life-threatening.

3) lead to respiratory problems

Uremia renal failure may lead to pulmonary edema, pulmonary capillary permeability caused by increased patient breathing difficulties, coughing and other respiratory problems. So uremia patients with renal failure, must pay attention to lung condition, prevention of lung infection.

In addition to lung infection can cause breathing difficulties outside, heart damage can lead to breathing difficulties, once uremia renal failure patients to this time, you need dialysis treatment.

4) cause neurological problems

Uremia renal failure can cause neurological problems, so patients hallucinations, looked indifferent, mental disorders, etc., may also appear numbness, muscle tremors, neuromuscular excitability increases and so on.

To avoid such occurrences, uremia patients with renal failure through dialysis treatment, prevention nervous system damage occurs.

In addition to the above four kinds, uremia also lead to problems with the endocrine system, causing uremic encephalopathy, epilepsy and other diseases, the harm to human body is very large.

Since uremia harm so great, then how to treat it?

In the current clinical practice, the main method of treatment of uremia are hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and kidney transplant three.

Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis are required to operate the dialysis fluid through the dialyzer and dialysis can rid the blood of excess water and uremic toxins, maintain the patient's life, which, hemodialysis is the most common in clinical uremia treatment method.

Kidney transplant is by transplanting healthy kidney instead of the others out of the kidney failure, but the kidney matching more difficult, more expensive and the cost of surgery. After doing kidney transplants, it is also possible rejection.

Having a method of treatment of uremia, let's discuss why now more and more patients with uremia?

Third, why more and more uremia?

When it comes to this problem, we have to talk about modern way of life, every day, stay up all night, drinking and smoking, also particularly like to eat high-calorie high-fat diet, not like a medical examination. Our article Mr. Huang, is due to these causes uremia.

Mr. Wong, 28, is an interior designer, usually very busy, often stays up late to work overtime, because work is busy, usually have no time to cook their own food, so the point is just to deal with two takeaway.

About six months ago, Huang began to appear cases of oliguria, but Mr Wong did not care, feel that they have been so busy at work, the less points the toilet still better. So, Mr. Wong go to the pharmacy to buy some medicine just to eat for some time.

But two weeks ago, Mr Wong found himself in a little pain in the kidneys and urine also with foam, Mr. Wong and my heart missed a beat, think over, certainly body problem. To the hospital for a check, I discovered uremia.

Mr. Huang repent, not thinking about how to check six months ago, have until now only to check now, a check to find out a uremia, people how to live.

The doctor said that the root cause of Mr. Huang has the root cause of uremia, or because of his bad life habits, more than Huang Mr. now, now many people are like this, and they are young, there is no end of the body, and the diet is also Unestage of unhealthy law, there is more and more people who have now got uremia, and the age is getting smaller and smaller.

According to Mr. Huang's current condition, you can only start blood dialysis first. Therefore, the doctor recommends that in the early days of the disease, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination. If the treatment is good to control, it will not cause too much impact on the body. Once the control is not good, it may affect life safety. So we must pay attention in daily life, especially the following few bad habits, so much!

Fourth, 3 habits don't touch, kidney will thank you

To protect our kidneys, don't touch these three habits!

1) Don't stay up late

Nowadays, young people are basically like to stay upset. For them, only at night will play with mobile phones after work, relax, but can't play, play, two or three, except for brush video, Play games, nothing. Staying up late will break the normal new metabolism of normal body, very big in the kidneys and liver, even dizziness, headache, mentally lost, so don't stay up late.

2) Don't urinate

Frequent urination, can lead to urinary system infection, leading to renal pelvis, long-term, will also cause renal dysfunction, leading to renal failure. So don't urinate, you have urine to go to the toilet, don't bear it. At the same time, drink more water, drink plenty of water, promote urine discharge, prevent urinary system infection, and protect the health of kidney.

3) Don't take medicine

The function of the kidney is mainly to help the body discharge harmful substances. Now there is any uncomfortable, in the anti-sputum, cold medicine, say "it is a three-point poison", if there is no doctor guidance to take medicine, for the kidney The damage is very big. So I don't want to take medicine, I have to take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

In addition to the above three habits, there is also a disorder, do not like to drink water, often eat heavy habits, etc. Habits, stick to morning sleep, eat more fruits and vegetables, diet should be light.