Three flavors "Fuyang" herbs, when "snacks" eat, let the yang

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Three flavors "Fuyang" herbs, when "snacks" eat, let the yang

2022-01-29 06:05:54 41 ℃

Hello everyone! I am your Chinese medicine (Yunzhongjun).

At the beginning of the article, I want to ask the readers to have a qualified male what conditions should you have?

Some people will say that there must be money, some people will say that there must be a car, and some people will say that they must have power. My opinion is that as a qualified male is more important than having a healthy body.

A few days ago, I went to visit a friend. I saw a big tea station in the living room. What happened, is I say, now I pay attention to health? My friend said as a shy, but it's not, people can't have already arrived in middle age, the next sentence, you should know.

In this chat, he asked such a problem, old cloud, how can you make the body in the body, you see what I have, 杞, chrysanthemum, and so on. , I often drink water, but the body "function" has not improved.

"Machine"? I, I probably understand what he meant, so I deliberately sell a clever, what is the function? How did I not hear it being said. He immediately replied; you really don't want me to explain, it is not enough. I often drink it, but ... in short you know.

I said; if you drink these, you can do it, just like it, ask you to east, you go west, this is clearly a little deer, you are not saying a horse, you can talk about how you said. He said it is right, then you give me a pointer pointing, what should I do.

I said, this kind of problem is simple, pay attention to health, and can be adjusted. He said even; you don't take me as a brother, say so, what should I do.

What method? It is through Sanfang Herbs, and an acupuncture point, you can slowly return to "Spring". This is scientific, simple and convenient, easy to operate.

Let's take a look at the three flavors.

Prepare; 矴 矴 参I.e.

Do you see if it is very convenient. Chinese medicine pays attention to the Left, single ingredients, can not play their energy, only reasonable match can play all energy. Often simple herbs can help many people.

Of course, we will popularize what is called dry. It is mainly grown in my country's Anhui area. The earliest has been recorded in "Anhui Chinese Medicine". TCM believes that it is sweet, gentle, into the liver, kidney, modern Studies have confirmed that they are rich in various vegetable zinc, manganese and saponins, which can help the initial swelling of the prostate, and is also known as the field of "harmony of marriage".

As a result, my friend was used in accordance with my method, I was happy. Once he found me, the atrophy of the previous encountered, the time is not enough, frequent urination and shortness, and then later, this three flavor Herbs are widely passed on the circle of friends.

In addition, often press the kidney procurement

Kidney Yu points: located in the waist of the human body, when the second lumbar spine is spine, the width of the left and right.

In addition, you can also use the ginger moxibustion, put the fresh ginger into a ginger, place the position of the kidney, and then take the prepared Ai pillar to ignite it. It can be removed when there is a partial burning sensation.

In short, only the body is strong, healthy, in order to support a family's burden, men want to qualify, want family "sexual blessings", do not be discarded by daughter-in-law, can learn today's programs.