People's Daily reminded that there is no garbage in the blood vessel!These four are pit people traps

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People's Daily reminded that there is no garbage in the blood vessel!These four are pit people traps

2022-01-29 06:05:24 29 ℃

In daily life, we often hear many health care products advertising their products can clear "vascular garbage". But our blood vessels really have garbage?

In fact, these so-called cleaning of garbage is to "pit" your money!


Lie 1: There is garbage toxin inside the blood vessel

The doctor introduces that there is no so-called "garbage" in the blood vessel, "toxin", and some are only the normal "metabolic waste" of the human body.

Metabolic waste is a natural product produced by human metabolism. Under normal circumstances, as blood is transported to a particular excretion organ, it is finally discharged, and it will not cause any injury to the body.

We usually drink more water properly, increase urination, can help metabolic waste accelerate clean. In addition, any health products cannot be cleared from the body.


Lie 2: Blocking blood vessels is garbage

The normal metabolic waste will neither block the blood vessels and will not induce three high.

Blocked blood vessels is a lipid substance. For example, cholesterol, moderate level of cholesterol can maintain normal operation, but if long-term cholesterol levels are high, it is easy to cause arterial angiochagic plaques.

Once this plaque is broken, thrombosis can result in blood vessels, causing critical diseases such as cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction.

Reasonable diet, moderate exercise, smoking cessation alcohol, is beneficial to reduce blood lipid levels, and if necessary, medication is necessary to prevent blood vessels.


Lie three: Health products can help you clean up blood vessels

In fact, leading to high blood lipids, not just too much fat, more importantly, our body has a problem with the metabolism of lipid substances.

The physical metabolism problem wants to rely on health products to solve it. One taste is trustworthy, giving up regular lipid-lipid treatment, not only does not lower blood fat, but may increase blood fat disorders, increase the risk of heart infarction, stroke.


Lie 4: Our blood vessels need to detoxify

First, the human body really does not need to detoxify.

Second, for health people, the human body has strong excretion capabilities, and the waste generated will be normally discharged. There is no need for any additional ways to "detoxify".

For example, the so-called "intestinal detoxification", its essence is a laxative, let you diarrhea, so it is not conducive to the health of the intestines. In addition, long-term use of those who are chaotic products, but may increase the burden on the liver and kidney.

All in all, there is no "garbage" in the blood vessel! In the future, I will tell you "blood detoxification", that is, "pit" your money!

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