Sino -disease control expert: Omikon is still a dangerous virus for the elderly who have not been vaccinated

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Sino -disease control expert: Omikon is still a dangerous virus for the elderly who have not been vaccinated

2022-05-14 06:11:51 12 ℃

On May 13th, Wang Huaqing, chief expert of the China Centers for Immunization Planning, stated at a press conference on the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council that the Omikon mutant strains were still a dangerous virus for the elderly who did not vaccine. According to the Hong Kong Department of Health, during the popularity of Omikon's mutation, the mortality rate of the elderly in the age of 80 was 16.5%. From the perspective of data, the mortality of the elderly over 80 years old reported by Wuhan was very similar.

Wang Huaqing said that after the elderly infected with the new crown virus, the proportion of severe and death was the highest among all the ages of all crowds. There were three main reasons: First, the elderly weakened immunity with age. Second, for the elderly, after generally infected viruses or bacteria, the incidence of autoimmune incidence increases, and it is more prone to inflammatory reactions. Third, the vast majority of the elderly have basic diseases. If the virus is infected, the symptoms of the original disease will be more serious or more prone to complications. We have always emphasized that the elderly with chronic basic diseases should be vaccinated throughout the process and strengthen the needle to minimize their risk of severe illness and death.

From the current regions where Omik Rong is popular, especially in the extensive and severe regional monitoring and evaluation results, it can be seen that the difference between the protection effects between unsolved vaccines and two doses and three doses between three doses is very obvious. It is also significantly different from the two doses and three -time vaccination and three doses.

According to Wang Huaqing, according to the information released by the Hong Kong Department of Health on May 5, the mortality rate among the 70-79-year-olds who did not vaccinate the vaccine in Hong Kong were 5.55%, and the mortality of the two doses of the vaccine was 0.59%. The mortality of the doses vaccine is 0.16%. In other words, the mortality rate of the elderly 70-79 years old in vaccine is 9 times and 34 times that of two doses and three doses. In Jilin City, among people over 60 years of age, the incidence of severe incidence of severe illness in vaccination and only one dose of active vaccine is to vaccinate twice and three vaccines for severe incidence of severe illness.

In this round of the epidemic in Shanghai's new crown pneumonia, a total of 567 deaths have been added, most of which are elderly people with basic diseases or malignant tumors. Before the emergence of death cases, as of April 15th, the new crown vaccination rate of the new crown vaccine in the city of 60 and above in Shanghai was 62%, and the immune vaccination rate was 38%. With the slowdown of the epidemic, Shanghai has gradually resumed the opening of the new crown vaccination clinic to provide the elderly with services such as appointments and on -site vaccination.

According to Lei Zhenglong, deputy director and first -level inspector of the National Health and Health Commission Disease Control Bureau, as of May 12, the new crown vaccination rate of the new crown vaccine over the age of 60 in the country was 81.9%, and the immunization vaccination was completed. Essence