Why do many people hate colonoscopy?How long is the "validity period" of colonoscopy?The doctor said the answer

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Why do many people hate colonoscopy?How long is the "validity period" of colonoscopy?The doctor said the answer

2022-05-14 12:25:19 11 ℃

Intelligence is a golden standard instrument to check the intestinal diseases. A slender hose enters the rectal, large intestine, colon, and observe its internal condition through the anus.

At present, the colonoscopy table is advanced. With a camera, it can effectively remove the lesion site for nursing screening and testing the polyps and remove it on the spot.

【case analysis】

Aunt Sun, a 56 -year -old, had abdominal pain a few days ago. He was worried about the problem of inquiries on the Internet and found that it was a malignant disease. Finally, accompanied by his wife to the hospital for examination.

The doctor asked Aunt Sun's symptoms and recommended his colonoscopy. After the colonoscopy was completed, the results showed Crohn's disease.

Crohn's disease will increase the risk of intestinal cancer, so we must insist on investigating colonoscopy once every 1 to 2 years to avoid developing into a malignant tumor.

Aunt Sun was curious. This time, the colonoscopy did not take anesthetic, and it was very uncomfortable. The stomach was swollen in the past half an hour. He didn't want to come again for the second time.

Why do many people hate colonoscopy?

Clean the intestinal tract before colonoscopy, and inform the colonoscopy risk signing the consent.

Entering the examination room, doctors will allow patients to put a suitable position. Generally, the left side is used to install rectal stents to confirm whether the patient has anorectal diseases such as hemorrhoids.

After confirmation, colonoscopy is performed. A gently pushed the colonoscopy from the anus into the gas. Once the colonoscopy reached the square, it means that the inspection would soon end.

It was found that the lumps took pathological biopsy, and no lumps were slowly extended, and the inspection was successfully completed.

The reason why everyone hates colonoscopy may be because of the following points:

There is a discomfort to do colonoscopy

The most obvious feeling is that the colonoscopy needs to be inflated. With the condition of defecation and abdomen, especially the turning of the pipeline can induce pain. Therefore, patients will have a strong fear after colonoscopy and do not want to do it.

Worry about spending money

The common price is around 500 yuan. Although the price is not high, it may be a person's meal a week. The family conditions itself is not good, and it is not easy to make money. It will definitely feel distressed when checking hundreds of dollars at a time, which will cause the condition to be dragged and not dealt with in time.

No physical examination consciousness

Many people are worried that the physical examination will not have any problems, and it means that it has spent money to suffer. In fact, it is necessary to adhere to regular medical examinations. If you can find problems early, reduce mortality, and avoid cancer attacks.

Clinical survey shows that 93%of the patients in my country and late stages of cancer are because the colonoscopy has not been conducted.

What crowd needs to be screened regularly?

Unknown causes, gastrointestinal bleeding, chronic diarrhea, etc.;

There is an end lesion of the large intestine and the end of the intestine, touching the abdominal mass;

The middle and lower abdomen is inexplicably painful.

There are suspected benign or malignant tumors;

There are long -term chronic gastroenteritis lesions;

Disposal enema is found abnormal, and the lesion needs to be further defined through the colonoscopy;

Determine the lesions before the colon cancer;

Patients with intestinal polyps and colon cancer treatment.

How long is a colonoscopy valid?

Under normal circumstances, the intestinal pathogens will take 5-10 years from normal mucosa to intestinal polyps and premium lesions.

If a colonoscopy is performed, it is recommended to conduct a second review within 5 years, and the colonoscopy can only be maintained within 5 to 10 years.

Individual patients have colon melanin and ulcerative colitis. They must insist on reviewing colonoscopy every three years.

There are different personal constitutions, and the frequency of colonoscopy is also different. If you are in good health, a colonoscopy can ensure that it does not generate quality lesions within 10 years.

What do I need to prepare before entering the colonoscopy? Understand

First of all, prepare for the intestinal cleansing, about 6 hours before the colonoscopy, you need to take oral laxes to eliminate the internal governance residue and help more efficiently observe the mucosal lesions. Unsuitous intestinal tract affects the inspection effect.

Secondly, don't be too nervous and keep calm. Ordinary colonoscopy will definitely have more or less discomfort, but it mainly depends on personal sensitivity. Don't listen to the wind and the rain. If the intestinal spasm is caused by rising blood pressure during the examination, the results of the examination will be severely damaged.

Third, there are heart disease neuritis. Patients must improve the ECG head CT to avoid stimulating basic diseases due to other problems during colonoscopy.

Fourth, painless colonoscopy can be evaluated before anesthesia based on the guidance made by anesthesiologists.

Reminder: There are risks of colonoscopy. Checking once does not mean once and for all.