Can people with high triglyceride be pork belly?Want to control blood lipids and avoid two meals misunderstandings

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Can people with high triglyceride be pork belly?Want to control blood lipids and avoid two meals misunderstandings

2022-05-14 12:24:41 10 ℃

Triglyceride is one of the composition of lipids. For people with hyperlipidemia, not only pay attention to the total cholesterol level, but also need to pay attention to triglyceride and low density lipoprotein cholesterol, high density lipoprotein cholesterol. Once the indicators are super high, the lipids in the blood are easily deposited on the blood vessel wall, thereby increasing the risk of fat plaques and atherosclerosis.

Especially in the diet, we need to pay more attention to the diet, and at the same time, we will make less misunderstandings to eat, and actively cooperate with doctors to treat it. Finally, we can effectively control blood lipid levels.

I heard, "Can people with high triglyceride be high?" Do you want to believe this? Normal glycerin trigema levels should be below 1.7mmol/L. If you have exceeding the standard, whether it is a high -blood lipids or other chronic diseases, pay attention to foods with high cholesterol. For pork belly, the cholesterol content per 100 grams of hard pork belly is 79mg and the calories are 339 kcal.

If you are stable with your condition, you can occasionally solve it. As long as the total amount of meat intake of the total animal is not more than 50g throughout the day, it will not bring a greater threat to your health. In addition, the sources of cholesterol in the human body are not all ingested from food. Even if the cholesterol content in food is high, it is found that it will not have a great impact on the balance of cholesterol. Low.

Therefore, if you do n’t eat meat because of high blood lipids, you ca n’t synthesize fat in the liver, which will also become a risk factor for fatty liver, which is also not conducive to your health. Compared to pork belly, healthier choices are more meat with high fat and low protein, such as chicken breasts, duck meat, fish, red lean meat, will not affect the disease.

In addition, many people have heard that "drinking vinegar can reduce blood lipids", so don't believe this statement. Vinegar is a seasoning for all ages. The main raw materials are corn, sorghum, glutinous rice, wheat and other grain crops. According to the content of acetic acid, the acidity of the acetic acid can be judged. Most of them are applied to family cooking. In addition, there is no magical effect.

In addition, no human experiments can prove that drinking vinegar can reduce blood lipids. The main effect is only to increase the flavor of the meal, which can play a role in promoting appetite and decomposition. If you drink vinegar directly, the acetic acid concentration is too high. Long -term use will cause damage to multiple places such as oral mucosa, esophageal mucosa. Although there are experiments proved that the appropriate amount of diabetic patients can delay the increase of blood sugar after meals, but it is not recommended to drink vinegar directly.

It is more suitable for adding when cooking, or as a dipping sauce. I hope that everyone will not take it as a "good medicine" for lowering blood lipids and softening blood vessels.

Dear friends, what do you think should pay attention to people with high triglyceride? Make a message in the comments below and share your experience.