Eliminate the surrogate black industry chain, it should be combined

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Eliminate the surrogate black industry chain, it should be combined

2022-05-14 12:24:43 10 ℃

"At present, IVF techniques are divided into two types. The second and third generations will have PGS screening. Before transplantation, the number of chromosomes and structures of each embryo can be checked at the same time. The probability of successful transplantation. "This passage is from the customer service staff of a surrogacy institution. The reporter's investigation found that although the relevant departments had a long -term special blow to surrogacy, the surrogacy industry chain in real life still operated in darkness. (March 28, 2022 "Rule of Law Daily")

Surrogacy refers to the behavior of women who have fertility with the help of modern medical technology to use pregnancy and childbirth. For couples who cannot give birth normally, surrogacy is one of the methods of their next generation. Data show that the infertility rate of Chinese -nursery couples at present is 12%-18%, and the strong fertility desire of patients with fertility disorder directly spawns the popularity of surrogacy business.

Because surrogacy involves moral ethics and legal issues, my country has been holding an attitude towards the ban on the ban and severely cracking down on this behavior. However, the long -term special blow has not fundamentally eliminated the illegal surrogacy, highlighting the difficulties of its governance, and warned that the relevant departments were not enough to use a single special blow, and it was necessary to take more measures.

An important reason for surrogacy is more than that of not the legal norms. At present, my country has no special legislation against surrogacy. The law enforcement is mainly based on the "Administrative Measures for Human Assistance Reproductive Technology" (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures") based on the former Ministry of Health in 2001. The "Measures" as the departmental regulations, the level is low, and its blow to surrogacy only stipulates that "medical institutions and medical personnel shall not implement any form of surrogacy technology." Article 22 stipulates that if medical institutions that carry out human auxiliary reproductive technology to implement surrogacy technology, the health administrative department of the provincial people's government will warn, fines below 30,000 yuan, and give administrative sanctions on the responsible person; responsibility. The punishment of this "Measures" is not enough to effectively deterize surrogacy.

At the same time, the "Measures" and the "Administrative Measures for Human Sperm Studio" and "Human Assistance Reproductive Technical Specifications" promulgated and implemented since then. The restricted objects are only medical institutions and medical staff, which cannot effectively curb intermediary tissue and individuals to implement surrogacy. In addition, the current auxiliary reproductive technology such as artificial insemination and embryonic transplantation lags behind actual needs. Therefore, many patients who are eager to have the next generation of fertility disorders are desperate to surrender to surrogacy.

To eradicate the black industry chain of surrogacy, it is necessary to combine blocking. On the one hand, it is necessary to improve the legislation and solidify the management measures, basic standards and technical specifications of the auxiliary reproductive technology, and solidify in the form of law, and it is strictly forbidden to abuse the auxiliary reproductive technology. The legal responsibility has made the strict laws of strict law a "tight curse" for deterrent surrogacy.

On the other hand, we must do enough work on "sparse", distinguish between surrogacy behavior and fertility disorder, and develop auxiliary reproductive technologies in accordance with laws and regulations, so that patients with fertility disorders can have the next generation through legal and regular channels. At the same time, the adoption system can be further improved, the adoption conditions are appropriately liberalized, and the desire to have the desire to have the next generation of the family of patients with fertility disorders can be met. Only by combining blocking can we eliminate the needs of patients with fertility disorders while eliminating surrogacy.

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