Leek eats more stomach, purslane hurts the kidneys, and the most liver is ... what kind of vegetables should you eat, one article is clear!

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Leek eats more stomach, purslane hurts the kidneys, and the most liver is ... what kind of vegetables should you eat, one article is clear!

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Vegetables seem to be very healthy and healthy to many people. I believe that everyone can often hear many adults say to children, eating more vegetables, and good health.

However, eating vegetables is also particular. Some of our common vegetables seem harmless, but they actually hide hidden health hazards. There are some vegetables that look very ordinary, but can nourish our five internal organs.

The favorite and most afraid of vegetables

How should you choose vegetables? Let's take a look together!


Kidney: The most afraid of purslane, the most loving coriander

Purslane has always been known as "longevity vegetables", has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying and cooling blood to stop bleeding, which is loved by most people.

However, according to the study, purslane oxide content is as high as 1.31%. If you eat too much, oxalic acid will block our renal tubes and cause acute kidney damage. purslane.

Eating more coriander every day can detoxify the kidneys very well. Coriander can maintain kidney health while removing the body accumulation. The best way to detoxify the kidney with coriander is to drink coriander juice. The specific method is to wash and chop the coriander, add water into the pot and boil for 10 minutes. Then let the cooked coriander cool down and drink the leaves to drink.


Liver: The most afraid of red phoenix vegetables, love wolfberry leaves the most

The most afraid of the liver is red phoenix vegetables. Many people eat it to replenish blood. The reason why red phoenix vegetables are red because it is rich in anthocyanins and does not have the effect of nourishing blood.

Red phoenix vegetables contain a substance called pyrine (luò) (luò) Lisidine alkaline, long -term consumption, and the risk of hurting the liver.

And wolfberry leaves are masters of the purpose of nourishing the liver. He is cold, sweet and bitter, and has the effects of clearing heat and removing annoyances, nourishing yin and clearing. If you cook it with pork liver, you can also nourish blood and prevent aging, suitable for people with cold constitution.


Stomach: I am most afraid of leek, I love cabbage most

Leek is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and prevent constipation. The dietary fiber rich in leeks is rough, not digested, easy to wear gastric mucosa, making the stomach more uncomfortable. Therefore, people with bad stomach should eat as little as possible.

The cabbage can be said to be natural gastric medicine, and the cabbage contains vitamin U. This substance can promote metabolism of gastric mucosa, prevent constipation, and protect gastric mucosa, accelerate the healing of ulcer surfaces. It is a very good gastric vegetable.


Spleen: I am most afraid of cucumber, I love daylily

Cucumber is cold and cold, has the effects of refreshing thirst, clearing heat and water, but not suitable for people to eat spleen and stomach deficiency.

Evergrofin, spleen, and kidney meridians, can clear heat, dampness, and soothe the nerves. Eating often can replenish spleen and soil, enhance the digestion of the spleen and stomach, and is suitable for people with spleen deficiency and indigestion.


Heart: The most afraid of greasy food, favorite spinach

Patients with heart discomfort should be based on light and less salt foods. Do not eat too greasy. For example, you cannot eat fat, eggs, animals' liver, pig waist, pork large intestine, cuttlefish, shrimp, shrimp skin, etc.

Spinach is rich in folic acid, which can effectively prevent the accumulation of harmful substances in heart disease in the blood. The lutein, folic acid, potassium and fiber contained in spinach can help the heart maintain a healthy state. Studies have found that people who do not eat vegetables are less risk of heart disease every day.


Lung: The most afraid of hair, love white radish

Lung discomfort is the most afraid of hair products, such as: pork head, dog meat, rooster goose meat, sobbing noodles, etc. Because these hair products are prone to heat, fire burns blood neat, causing symptoms such as cough, cough and other symptoms.

White radish has a good improvement in patients with lung heat. It can treat more sputum and cough. For patients with poor digestion, they have a certain relief effect. There are also vegetables such as ravioli, yam, pear, winter melon, lotus white. These dishes can clear heat, reflection, and quenching thirst, and have a great treatment and auxiliary effect on the symptoms of dryness of the lungs.

Naturally, foods formed are healthy, but not necessarily suitable for you. You must choose according to your physical fitness. If the function of your internal organs is weak, these vegetables mentioned above have good benefit value.

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