Is the liver healthy?"Lift the middle finger" to see, if there are no four performances, or it means that the liver is good

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Is the liver healthy?"Lift the middle finger" to see, if there are no four performances, or it means that the liver is good

2022-05-14 18:19:16 6 ℃

As you get older, liver function will slowly weaken. The liver will not cause pain to the human body in the early stage of the liver. Generally, it will not affect normal life and work. If the liver is really seriously ill, it will regret it.

In fact, if you want to know your liver, just take a look at the middle finger. If you have these 4 "performances", it means that your liver is still good.

Five fingers can indeed reflect the health of the five internal organs, seemingly incompatible parts, in fact, the relationship is close and beyond your imagination.

For example, the thumb is related to the heart; the index finger is linked to the large intestine; the middle finger is closely linked to the liver; as for the unknown finger, it is related to the lungs; the little finger connects the kidneys.

It can be seen that the view of the five fingers reflects the five internal organs is established, so you can raise your fingers to see your physical changes. If you have these performances, it means that your liver is not very good, and you need scientific and reasonable liver.

Is the liver healthy? "Lift the middle finger" to see, if there are no these 4 performances, or it means that the liver is good.


Rough and thin in the middle finger

You can raise your middle finger to observe your hand. Watch your fingers whether it is thick and thin, especially the root of the middle finger is much thinner than other fingers. This is also a manifestation of bad liver.

Because the liver function is weak, it will affect endocrine, which will affect the uneven fat distribution on the fingers, and the fingers will become thick and thin. Very healthy, can detoxify and detoxify the body in time.


The middle finger seam is large

You can take a look at the two fingers together. Look at the fat between the middle finger and the fat between the other fingers look much larger. If the middle finger seam is relatively large, the liver poison in the middle finger is relatively deeper.

If the liver function is damaged, the liver garbage and toxin cannot be excreted from the body, and more and more liver poison will accumulate in the body, which will also make the middle finger seams larger. It shows that the liver is still good.


White dots appear on the nails

The middle finger can observe the color of the nails with the middle finger. The normal nail color is rosy and shiny. If the liver appears abnormal, you will find that the nails are very pale and have no blood color. At the same time point.

Through this method, we can determine whether the liver has been suffered greatly. If the liver is abnormal, it will cause poor blood circulation, and white spots will appear on the nails of the person.


Middle finger has erythema

If you want to know your liver, you can observe it through the middle finger. If there is no erythema in your middle finger, it may indicate that your liver is healthy.

But if there are many erythema or yellow spots on the middle finger, this may show that there are too many toxins and garbage accumulation in your liver. There is no way to discharge from the body, forming the phenomenon of this erythema and macular.


Lotus seed

Lotus seeds are better nourishing foods. Not only can they clear the heart fire and remove freckles, but also have the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing qi and sorrow, and reducing liver fire. Lao An recommends two ways to eat:

Lotus seed tea:

Material: 30 grams of lotus seeds, 10 grams of tea, right amount of rock sugar


Wash the lotus seeds and remove the core. Put the tea in boiling water and soak it.

Put the lotus seeds and rock sugar in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook until the lotus seeds are rotten.

Add tea and cook for a minute and mix well to eat: 1 dose per day. Drink tea on behalf of tea.

Pork belly lotus soup:

Materials: 1 pork belly, 2 slices of ginger, 4 sea mussels, a moderate amount of lotus seeds, and an appropriate amount of salt.


First wash the pork belly, put it in the pot and cook it, torture the cut strip;

Then pour the appropriate amount of water in the pressure cooker and pour the cut pork belly;

Wash the sea mussels and pour it in, then pour the lotus seeds in;

Finally, put some ginger slices, cover the lid for 50 minutes, and then open the lid and add salt to season.



Chrysanthemums have the effects of evacuation wind heat, flat liver yang, and clear liver. Chrysanthemum also contains rare selenium. This nutrients can repair liver cells.



Lily has the effects of nourishing yin and lungs, clearing the heart and soothing. It can assist in the treatment of cough, cough, blood, disturbance and panic, and have high medicinal value.

Therefore, people with bad liver, usually using it to drink porridge to help alleviate the symptoms of liver disease, and help the liver's health.



Lettuce is very common in winter. This kind of dish has a crispy taste and has a good scraping effect, which has a good protective effect on human liver. Therefore, everyone can eat more lettuce, which can protect the liver, and it is rich in vitamins, which is also very good for the body.

How to nourish the liver in daily life?

1. Keep your mood happy

Frequent anger and depression can cause liver qi stagnation and affect liver health. Therefore, if you want to raise the liver, you must maintain a pleasant mood every day.

2. Go to bed early and get up early

From the beginning of the night (23: 00-1: 00), it is the time period for the self-repair of the liver and gallbladder. At this time, it can enter deep sleep, which is very raised.

3. Reasonable diet

Pay attention to the dietary structure and balanced diet. It is mainly light, eat less greasy and exciting foods, and you can eat more foods such as grapes, tomatoes, mung beans and other healthy liver.4. Persist in exercise

Adhering to exercise has a positive effect on the health of the body. When the body is exercising, the body's metabolic ability continues to improve, which can accelerate the speed of body detoxification.

Especially for patients with liver disease, insisting on exercise can also repair damaged liver cells, which is conducive to the recovery of liver function to a certain extent.

Conclusion: Although people usually call the liver as "dumb organs", when there is a problem with the liver, there are still traces to follow. Through these small details, you can find the health of the liver.

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