The taboo of mulberry leaves for tea

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The taboo of mulberry leaves for tea

2022-05-15 00:14:07 7 ℃

Mulberry leaves are a natural green plant. Drinking water with it is a must -have for health. Although mulberry tea has a very high effect and role, the taboos on it must also be observed.

Mulberry leaves are lovely foods that love to eat. Mulberry leaves are a natural green plant. The growth environment is not high, and there are few pests and insect pests during growth, and pesticide chemicals will not appear on them. Therefore, consumers can use it with confidence when picking, and worrying about it without any bad factors.

The side effects of mulberry leaves

In terms of the use of mulberry leaves, those who have stomach pain and insomnia can be used, so there are no side effects on the use of the population. Just pay attention to not drinking more tea. According to the commentary of the grass, drinking more tea is easy to hurt blood, cold spleen and stomach, so everyone should drink it moderately. Do not drink too much.

The taboos of mulberry leaves soaked in water

Mulberry leaves are very rich in chlorophyll, so whether it is boiled with water or brewed with boiling water, the leaves are blue. At the same time, mulberry leaves have a faint fragrance, and it feels very refreshing, basically there is no side effects.

The scope of the mulberry leaves is very wide. Whether it is patients with stomach pain or insomnia patients, not only can it be taken at the same time, it can also restore the body to healthy. However, some precautions still need to be understood by the use of mulberry leaves scientifically.

The precautions for drinking the specific mulberry leaves as follows:

Although mulberry tea has many benefits for the body, it can treat fire, stomach pain, insomnia, etc., but it is not suitable for eating more. It has a detailed record in the Compendium of Materia Medica. If the mulberry tea is taken too much, it will cause the sperm and blood in the body to be damaged. At the same time, the spleen and stomach will become cold. The face is getting worse and worse, and the spirit will become sluggish. Therefore, drinking mulberry leaves in daily life must pay attention to the right amount, and do not take too much.

The disadvantage of mulberry leaves for excessive drinking water is easy to damage the spleen and stomach, and it can easily lead to worse and worse face, even loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting; it may also cause the body After mulberry tea, tea will pass directly through our kidney meridians, which is very unfavorable to the kidneys.

Introduction to Sang Ye Tea

In addition to being brewed directly with boiling water, mulberry leaves can also increase different Chinese medicinal materials according to different physical conditions, so that the effect of medicinal effects is also different. The following editors will simply introduce several methods and effects of mulberry tea to understand, let's understand!

First: mulberry wolfberry tea

Materials: Fresh mulberry leaves, fresh car grass, fresh wolfberry seedlings

Method: The amount of mulberry leaves is twice the other two Chinese medicinal materials. Wash the three traditional Chinese medicines and add it into the pot and add water and cook.

Efficacy: The main function of this tea is clearing heat and detoxifying and diuretic, which is suitable for taking it in summer.

Second: Sang Juqing Bean Tea

Materials: winter mulberry leaves, chrysanthemums, green beans, white sugar

Method: Put all the medicinal materials in the pot and cook.

Efficacy: The main function of this tea drink is clearing the liver and clear eyes. After taking it, it has the effect of anti -inflammatory and evacuation wind and heat. It is used to treat types of diseases such as acute eye conjunctivitis. The effect is very good.