"Hot water turns poisonous water"?Doctor: 1 Hot kettle or slowly corrodes your kidneys

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"Hot water turns poisonous water"?Doctor: 1 Hot kettle or slowly corrodes your kidneys

2022-05-15 00:13:56 10 ℃

"Hot water turns poisonous water"? Doctor: 1 Hot kettle or slowly corrodes your kidneys

The kidney is the most important organ of the human body. It can not only clean the blood, but also filter the urine, and maintain the water electrolyte balance of the human body.

The body is running normally and metabolism every day, which will produce a lot of toxins and metabolites in the process. The kidney can clean these metabolites and excrete excessive urine and toxins in the body.

The kidney also has endocrine function, which generates kidneyin, promotes red blood cells, and activated vitamin D3, prostaglandin, and oscillator peptide.

The main function of the kidney

1. Idoly excretion of metabolites in the body

The human body is running normally and metabolism at all times. In the process, some unnecessary harmful substances will be produced, and most of the harmful substances are discharged through the kidneys to maintain the normal operation and physiological activities of the human body.

2. Maintain the balance of water filtering urine

This is also the main function and work of the kidneys. After the urine flows into the kidneys, the glomerus in the kidneys will perform a basic process. At the same time, the urine pipes will bring most of the water, salt, and re -absorbing and returning the blood to most nitrogen. Better again.

3. Maintain the acid -base balance in the body

The kidney has also played a regulatory role in the acid -base balance in the body. At the same time, the excessive acidic substances in the body can be excreted through the urine to control the proportion of acidity and alkaline.

4. Regulate blood pressure

The renin secreted by the kidneys can increase blood pressure. When restricted sodium intake or lack of sodium, it quickly secretes from the cells. Prostaglandins are mainly through renal cortex and blood flow to reduce the resistance of peripheral blood vessels to achieve the purpose of expanding blood vessels.

"Hot water turns poisonous water"? Doctor: 1 Hot kettle or slowly corrodes your kidneys, throw it as soon as possible

The invention of the hot kettle has made us more convenient in daily life. Today, electric kettle is one of the indispensable home appliances among every family, and is loved and loved by people.

The electric kettle boil water faster, and often can burn a pot of water to boiling in three or five minutes, so the hot -stainless steel inner tendon is more popular with the heat conduction.

And the electric kettle has more functions,

Boiling water, brewing tea, drinking coffee and so on, reflecting the care from beginning to end.

The filterability of the electric kettle is relatively strong. When purchasing an electric kettle, the safety is pursued by everyone, so it is necessary to install a few safety protection nets in the stainless steel kettle.

The heat preservation effect of the electric kettle is better. This is because the thermal controller of the hot water is the temperature control of the stainless steel electric pot. After boiling the water, the steam is squeezed to ensure that the water boils.

Electric kettle is the most used electrical appliances in the family. We drink water every day, and we will boil water through an electric kettle when drinking water.

But recently, there are more and more questions about electric kettle! Some people think that the water burned with electric pot is not safe, or it is slowly corroding your kidneys. What is going on?

That is, when buying an electric kettle out, in order to save, you may buy some cheap personal kettle boiled water, but this cheap electric kettle will have a certain harm and impact on the human body.

In order to save costs, many businesses will be made from low -priced 201 -brand stainless steel when making electric kettle.

The electric kettle made of stainless steel will produce a large amount of manganese elements during high temperature heating. Obiting manganese for a long time will cause serious damage to the central nervous system of the human body.

Drinking such water for a long time will increase the heavy metal content in the body, accumulate serious damage to the kidneys, and induce various kidney diseases.

Therefore, when buying an electric kettle, we must pay more attention. Do not buy inferior electric kettles for water to burn water, so as not to suffer from greed for small and cheap.

How to buy electric kettle?

1. Watch the model: There are three types of electric pots, namely temperature -controlled electric heating kettle, unprecedented temperature -type electric kettle and automatic air pressure water supply -type electric heating kettle. When purchasing, you must carefully observe the different products, as well as different models and basic models. information.

2. Observing electrical features: The main thing of electric kettle is the power used to cook water. Is it safe? Whether there is leakage, so use more when buying.

3. Observe the power line connector: When buying an electric kettle, you must add more to observe the power supply and wire head. Whether it is connected to the pot body. If the connection is not firm, it is easy to go off the line. It is best not to buy it.

4. Observe the interface of the kettle: Carefully observe the results of life, whether there is a loose situation, there will be no loose situation after gently dialing, and a high -safety kettle is worth buying.

5. Observe the switch of the kettle: When buying, you must observe whether the switch of the kettle is flexible and whether there are bumps and scratches. If the switch is flexible, it is generally recommended to buy.

How to maintain the kidney? Remember these 4 tips

1. Drink plenty of water

Successful water intake can promote their own urine excretion, and glomerular balls can also run and operate normally. During the discharge process, the urine will take away the bladder, the kidneys, and the toxic bacteria in the urethra, which can better care The health of the kidneys.

2. Don't urinate

In order to work or due to busy reasons, urination has occurred. I do not know that long -term urination will cause urine to flow into the kidneys. The urine contains a large amount of bacteria and germs. These urine will stay in the kidneys and cause the kidneys to cause the kidneys to cause the kidneys Damage.

3. Quit smoking and drinking

Long -term smoking and drinking, harmful substances in tobacco and alcohol, harmful gases, will cause great damage and damage to the kidneys. After this kind of matter, these substances need to be filtered and excreted through the kidneys. The kidney function is affected. 4. Avoid staying up late

Staying up late for a long time will not only cause the liver to be damaged, the kidneys will also be affected, and the kidney function cannot be normalized and detoxified metabolism, so that more toxin metabolic products stay in the kidneys. Over time, the kidneys will be damaged to varying degrees of damage. Essence

Reading extension -how to clean the electric kettle?

1. Edible vinegar removing scale

If there is a scale in the electric kettle, you can put a few spoons of vinegar in the pot, boil the water for about an hour to eliminate it. After heated it with 200 grams of vinegar, soak it in the hot kettle for several hours, shake it up and down, left and right, in the bottle The scale will naturally fall off.

2. Lemon removing scale

Buy a grain of lemon and cut it into a kettle, pour in boiling water for boiling, cook a few more times, put it for a while after boiling water, and then pour it when it cools down. The scale inside will fall off naturally.

3. Small soda to remove scale

Boil a pot of water with an electric pot first, and then boil for a few minutes after adding baking soda. The scale can naturally fall off. ###