The organic gram of organisms that persist for 18 years will open the market, and the first choice for littering juice

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The organic gram of organisms that persist for 18 years will open the market, and the first choice for littering juice

2022-05-15 00:14:36 3 ℃

For decades, a grassroots global treatment movement has been circulating: drink about 500ml celery juice on an empty stomach every morning. Today, millions of people around the world are participating in and experienced the benefits of drinking celery juice.

Why? Because celery juice is eaten in the correct way, it is a powerful and magical food. People have noticed the benefits it provided, such as cleaning the skin, promoting digestion, reducing abdominal distension, sustainable energy, better mind clearly clear mind , Auxiliary weight loss, stable emotions and so on.

Celery juice is assisting people to recover from some acute and chronic diseases.

The birth of celery juice sports

When Anthony William was a child in 1975, he began to share the benefits of healthy drinking celery juice directly. For decades, he has been recommended to thousands of people who have the healing vegetables, including his clients and others he helped along the way.

Over the years, when people have experienced the benefits of celery juice and shared with others, the news spread naturally.

Since the publication of Anthony's four best -selling books "Medical Medicine", "Foods to Change Life", "Pa -Shade Therapy" and "Liver Salvation", he has shared some incredible characteristics of celery juice, and how to eat the West Effectiveness of the juice, the global celery juice movement broke out.

People from all over the world are trying celery juice, and they notice the positive effect of celery juice on health. Thousands of people spontaneously share their experience with people they met on social media.

Celery juice is not a momentary trend or fashion. Twenty years later, it will still be here because it is effective. This is indeed a magical auxiliary measure. Celery juice is not supported by the group.

The global celery juice movement initiated by Anthony William is now a grassroots exercise, because it is indeed effective, so it develops rapidly.

Damn celery juice, of course, the first choice to buy organic celery, today I recommend Hengrong organic celery.

Hengrong Organic Celery has persisted in organic planting for 18 years

Hengrong Organic Celery was planted in an organic farm for 18 years in Hengrong Agriculture. It was planted in March with an output of about 10,000 kilograms. Heng Rong's organic grace did not use any harmful inputs (not fertilizer pesticides, herbicide, genetically modified, hormone, etc.) during the planting process.

Heng Rong Agriculture was founded in 2005 and has always persisted in organic planting and production. In 2011, organic certification began.

Hengrong Organic Farm has been engaged in organic farming planting since 2007. The base of celery planting covers an area of ​​260 acres. The farm has a wall separated from the outside world to form a isolation zone. Hengrong organic farm realizes ecological closed loop, compost with organic waste, or produces environmentally friendly enzymes. The environmentally friendly enzymes that have been produced at present include apple enzymes, pear enzymes, erals blue root enzymes, mulberry enzymes, peach enzymes, etc., and are put into agricultural production.

Good celery is different, look at everyone's feedback ~

Buy Hengrong Organic Celery

79.9 yuan/4.5 catties

The figure below can be placed

Celery juice juice skills

Making celery juice is actually very simple! You only need celery rods and juicers. Or, if you have a mixer, you can also make celery juice, but you need to filter.

If possible, consider buying organic celery, because celery often spray pesticides and is one of the vegetables that are easily polluted.

I also like to add fresh peeling oranges as optional raw materials. I like the brightness and additional taste it increased. You can also use fresh lemon juice to help improve the taste of celery juice. I will also squeeze apples and celery together, which is also optional.

For the complete celery, you use 100%celery without adding any other ingredients.

Practice one: 100%celery

Step by using the juice mechanism

first step

Take two string of celery and cut off the top of the bottom and stem.

Clean the celery.

third step

Put the celery in the juicer and squeeze the juice.

the fourth step

Drink celery juice immediately.

Method 2. Celery stems and peeled oranges

Steps to use wall -breaking cooking mechanism

Clean the celery.

third step

Cut the celery stems into three parts and place it at the bottom of the wall -breaking cooking machine.

the fourth step

Add half a glass of water and cover the lid. Stir until smooth, if necessary, push the celery into the blade with a mashedler. Mix celery stems, oranges and water.

the fifth step

Put a clean filter bag (or other filtering tools) on the large can, and pour the mixed celery in the filter bag. Squeeze the celery juice out of the bag.

Step 6

Drink fruit juice immediately.

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