Is gastroscopy a disposable?Can gastroenterts do at the same time?Gastroscopy 18 Questions, a solution of an article

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Is gastroscopy a disposable?Can gastroenterts do at the same time?Gastroscopy 18 Questions, a solution of an article

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Is gastroscopy a disposable?

Answer: One of the cheapest gastroscopes is 100,000, and expensive dyeing laser enlarges gastroscopy hundreds of thousands or even millions. It cannot be used at one time. Unless super local tyrants are wayward and buy one for yourself, it is another matter. Except for gastrointestinals, other things, such as examination packs and biopsy, are disposable.


Is there a sterilization of gastroscopy? Can you disinfect it?

Answer: It must be disinfected, and it must be completely disinfected. Gastroscopy and gastroscopy have strict procedures. Every link nurse will operate strictly to ensure that each gastroscopy is clean and sterile. The current gastroscopy is waterproof. After repeated cleaning, disinfection is disinfected. After disinfection, it is cleaned and dry. All microorganisms such as bacterial viruses cannot survive in disinfectant.

Figure 1 Gastrointestinal cleaning: not only the body body, the pipeline must be fully cleaned

Figure 2 Gastroscopy soaking and disinfection

Figure 3 Last cleaning and drying


Why did you stop meating one after another and did not stop in the middle and did not see disinfection?

Answer: There are many mirrors in a endoscopy center. Just like a computer can connect many monitors, a endoscopy host can also connect many models of mirrors. All mirrors are cleaned and disinfected by one person, one mirror, one mirror, one mirror, one mirror, one mirror and disinfection. Cleaning and disinfection in another room. Most people can't see it. The cleaned mirror will be placed in a specialized sterile car or endoscopy cabinet for later use.

Figure 4 Mosaic mirror in turns to use


Is gastroscopy the same mirror? Is gastrointestinal disinfection separately?

Answer: Gastroscopy is gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

Our intestine is longer than the stomach, so the colonoscopy is longer than the stomach and a little thicker, but the structure of gastric and colonoscopy is the same. Gastroscopy is specifically separated from disinfection. Gastroscopy is soaked and disinfected in the gastroscopy disinfection pool. Intestinal leston is washed and disinfected in a special colonoscopy.

Figure 5 Washing endoscopy


Gastroscopy is so thick, is there any thin gastroscopy?

Answer: The common gastroscopy is about 0.9cm thick, with relatively thin gastroscopy, which is similar to the chopsticks, about 0.6cm in diameter. Most children are checked in this gastroscopy. However, the ultra -fine gastroscopy is very small and small. It is not convenient to do biopsy, do gastroscopy, and use gastroscopy tumor resection, so most adults also use ordinary gastroscopy for examination. If you find problems, you can deal with it directly. Can't be tolerated or children are checked with small ultra -fine gastroscopy.

Figure 6 Ordinary gastroscopy and ultra -fine gastroscopy

Figure 7 advantage of ultra -fine gastroscopy


Can the gastroscopy be inserted from the mouth?

Answer: Now most of the gastroscopy goes in from the mouth, then from the esophagus to the stomach, and then look at the stomach 360 ° again. Of course, the ultra -fine gastroscopy can go through the nasal cavity through the throat to the stomach. But if it is soberly in the nasal cavity, it is uncomfortable. Do it in the state of anesthesia.

Figure 8 The whole process of gastroscopy only takes 5-10 minutes


Have you done gastroscopy that is not uncomfortable?

Answer: Yes. Now most hospitals have carried out anesthesia painless gastroscopy, that is, anesthesia doctors help to sleep with a little sedative and analgesic drugs, and they will do it when they sleep, and there will be no uncomfortable in the middle. However, anesthesia gastroscopy should be increased by 500 to 600 yuan. If people who are not afraid of pain can endure 500 to 600 yuan. Of course, if you do gastroscopy, you still need to do it under anesthesia. Simple physical examination gastroscopy or colonoscopy can be used as ordinary ones. In addition, there are more comfortable meridians (enter from the nose, do not hold your breath and retching) gastroscopy and capsule endoscopy.


What is the biopsy? Will it cause damage to the stomach?

Answer: The biopsy is to use a biopsy to take a small piece of tissue from the gastrointestinal tissue to send the disease to clarify the nature of the gastric lesions.

Obviously, biopsy will cause damage to the gastric mucosa. This damage is very small, and a biopsy tissue is only the size of rice grains. During the biopsy process, most people have no feeling, at most the stomach feels a little bit. I can hardly feel pain. Moreover, after the tissue is taken, the doctor will stop bleeding under the gastroscopy. As long as the examination follows the doctor's order, the probability of bleeding is very low. Furthermore, the biopsy does not mean that your illness is very serious. It is just that the doctor does not have to make a fuss in order to determine the nature, depth, scope, etc. of the disease more accurately.

Figure 9


What is the bottle you drink before checking? Answer: It is used to lubricate the bubbles and has a certain effect. Most hospitals are used in Lidakin gel. Although there is a little anesthesia, the main ingredient is dizen silicon oil, which plays a role in removing the air bubbles in the stomach and improved the effect of observation. Therefore, it is better to take it earlier. Generally, it is effective within two hours, and you don't have to worry about the morning or later.


Is there any risk of anesthesia?

Answer: It is impossible to make 100%successful in clinical operation. Normal eating may be choked to death, and normal people have been strangled to death, so there is no 100%risk, but at least 99.99%can be successfully done. According to the data, among the selected adults, the mortality rate of painless gastric mirror anesthesia is only one -one -one -one -one -in -one. This number is far lower than that of China's annual traffic accident mortality rate of 200,000.

Figure 10 Anesthesiologist will protect it by your side


Will anesthesia make people stupid?

Answer: Don't worry at all. The intravenous anesthesia used in gastrointestinal gastroenterts is very fast, and it will be completely decomposed and metabolized within 6 hours. It will not bring any sequelae to the human nervous system. "But it will disappear in a short time. As for the rumors of "mochi make people stupid", it depends on how long it takes "silly". Within 30 minutes of the inspection, walking will be a little unstable; within 3 hours, some are not in the state, like staying up late the first day to watch the Champions League event; 6 hours later, the opportunity to feel the "pulse" is back. In fact, too many studies have confirmed that the anesthesia used usually has no effect on IQ. So don't worry about the side effects of "taking granted" such as "wanting to take it for granted". 12

Can gastroscopy do it together?

Answer: You can do it together in the state of anesthesia. After gastroscopy, then gastroscopy, and anesthesia gastroscopy do as long as you spend an anesthesia money together. In other words, it can save 500-600 yuan.


My heart is not good, can I do gastroscopy?

Answer: It depends on the situation. The following situations are not recommended for endoscopic examination: (1) Severe cardiopulmonary diseases, such as severe arrhythmia, myocardial infarction period, severe heart failure, asthma, breathing failure, and cannot tolerate endoscopic examination. (2) Suspecting patients with unstable life signs. (3) Those who have mental illness or severe intellectual disorders cannot cooperate with endoscopic tests (painless gastroscopy examination). (4) Those who cannot insert endoscopy with acute and severe throat. (5) Patients with acute corrosive inflammation of the esophagus and gastric. (6) Patients with obvious thoracic and abdomen aortic thyroidism, stroke (existing bleeding and infarction acute period). (7) Those with abnormal coagulation function. (8) Fiery infectious diseases (smallpox, cholera, plague, anthrax).


After gastroscopy, will I be infected with infectious diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis C?

Answer: No. Each examiner needs infection screening before surgery. It is found that hepatitis B, hepatitis C, AIDS, and syphilis are found. Generally, checks are usually performed at the end. Moreover, the gastroscopy they use must be specially disinfected; it is not the same as the disinfection procedures of ordinary people, it will be stricter, and the disinfection time will be longer. In addition, all the endoscopes that are washed and eliminated will be sampled to ensure that it is foolproof.


After I did gastrointestinal, I was a little uncomfortable to smash my intestines and stomachs?

Answer: Gastroscopy may be a little bit of mucous membrane, and the throat may be a little uncomfortable after examination; these wounds are very mild and will soon recover. After the biopsy is obtained, some bleeding will also be caused. Doctors will do it accordingly, and the biopsy organization will only be as large as half a grain of rice. Generally, there is no risk. Gastroscopy may have a certain risk of perforation and bleeding, but the probability is very low. Doctors will be fully prepared, and even if they occur, there will be no big life.


Can gastroscopy see that our human body is internal organs?

Answer: No. Gastroscopy is a camera, as if the eyes of doctors can only see the structure of our gastrointestinal tract, the structure of hepatobiliary and kidneys outside the gastrointestinal tract, and even the mass of the gastrointestinal mucosa, you can't see it. Just like when you walk into a closed room, you can only see the walls and surface decorations painted in the room. You can't see the things in the next room and the things outside the wall, and you can't see the bricks and wires behind the white gray. It is a reason. However, ultrasonic endoscopy can do this, you can explore the mackerel of the mucous membrane, or even the neighboring organs.


Can gastroscopy be directly achieved? Where does the colonoscopy go in? Answer: The digestive tract of our human body is as long as 6-9 meters in total, and the gastroscopy is 1 meter. The gastroscopy cannot be made in the large intestine. The gastroscopy can only look at a small section of small intestine (duodenum). ~ 5 meters, so the gastroscopy can only look at a small section of the small intestine. The colonoscopy is to see the large intestine of our human body from the anus. The large intestine is 1.4 to 1.7 meters. The colonoscopy can see the complete section of the large intestine, but you can only look at a small section of the small intestine (back).


What is the inspection of the small intestine?

Answer: Almost 90%of gastrointestinal diseases are concentrated in the esophagus, gastric, large intestine and anus, and small bowel diseases account for less than 10%. Therefore, under normal circumstances, small bowel diseases are not considered. Unless gastroscopy and abdominal color Doppler CT are done, there is no problem to consider small bowel diseases. At present, large hospitals have small colonoscopy, and small colonoscopy is more expensive. It takes more than 3,000 yuan at a time; the difficulty and technical requirements of the operation are also quite high. At present, the capsule endoscopy is also checked: the same device like a capsule. There is a camera in front of the capsule. After swallowing it, the capsule is taken all the way to the computer all the way to the computer. This kind of capsule is inside the capsule. The mirror is one -time, so it is more expensive to do it once. Generally, large hospitals are available, and it costs 3,000 to 5,000 yuan. All right! The above is probably the question of gastroscopy most often asked by patients. I hope to answer the doubts and doubts of everyone. Copyright Statement This article Reprinted if you need to reprint, please contact the authorization -end-