Pigeon Sutra | Five standards for fast pigeons!

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Pigeon Sutra | Five standards for fast pigeons!

2022-05-15 00:14:14 4 ℃

Pigeon is a sport, and it is a contest of speed and speed. Pigeon comparison in heaven, people are compared to the ground, only people can control everything. The fastness of pigeons depends on the racing pigeons. In fact, it should be said that it is more suitable for people. Speed ​​pigeons may know more or less physical characteristics, but some details are often easy to ignore. I also want to express it more detailed on this article. And right!

First, the head -this part is the collective name of the brain, eyes, and mouth of the pigeons. The IQ of a good racing pigeon or breeding pigeon may be seen from this. The top of the head should be flat, the back brain should be wide, and the position of the eyes should be higher, so it is based on the extension of the mouth. The mouth should be slender but not soft, the nasal tumor should be tight, and the nostrils cannot be leaked. The fast racing pigeons have a pair of bright and bright eyes. The sand is as thin as possible, and the bottom sand should be wide. The eyeball should be smaller, not too big, not rigid, shake must have a sense of rhythm. The overall head looks fierce. These may see the good and bad IQ of a pigeon.

Second, the skeleton -the skeleton structure is best like the shape of the Nike logo. The skeleton should not be thin or too thick. If it is thick, it will be heavy. Grab it like a whole, you can't feel broken. It is a kind of slow transition from high to low to pubic bone from the height of the keel's front end of the keel, but the keel height depends on personal preferences. The pubic bone should be hardened, closed tightly, not too loose, otherwise the waist is weak. The pubic bone should be collected, combined with the keel.

Third, feathers -feathers are divided into wings and body feathers. As soon as a good pigeon gets started, there will be this common place, regardless of a short range or medium -range, the feathers will be smooth and close to the body. The main feather of the fast pigeon wings will be shorter, the top of the three large strips in front will not be too thick, the gap between the roots and roots will be slightly larger. One obviously presided over a sub -feather. There is also a small detail, the last one of the auxiliary feathers. It is better to press on the first root of the main feather, and it is better to press more than half, which is often said that the main and auxiliary feathers are often connected. After all wings are opened, it is better to cover the back without leakage. Because such wings will save a lot of physical strength when gliding in the sky.

Fourth, muscle -the distance and recovery of the pigeon competition is fast, and the weight of the pigeon is related to the muscles. The muscles of fast pigeons at about 300 kilometers may be hardened and weigh on weight. The muscles of the Zhongyuan Cheng pigeons will soften, and the weight will be lighter accordingly. Some people say that fast pigeon muscles should be hardened and have good explosive power, but flying far away with low muscle oxygen content, coupled with weight due to weight. So 300 kilometers are fast, and 500 kilometers may not be able to return. Mid -distance pigeons have high muscle oxygen content and light weight, and the battery life is longer. It is not easy to fatigue or lose. Now they are playing about 500 kilometers of public sheds and local competitions, so most of them are hybrid pigeons, that is, the near -match and far -sized hybrids, muscles will not be too hard or too soft, that is, people often call them as what they often call them. Mid -distance racing pigeon.

Fifth, body type -I biased towards streamlined type. A good pigeon should not be too short. There must be a certain length. When flying in the sky, the resistance of the airflow plus the restrictions of the number of kilometers is not suitable for mid -range race. It should be like a long -range pigeon, but the muscle type has changed, coupled with the change of feather bars and changes in personality. In modern words, it should be improved. The improved body shape is the neutralized body of streamlined and triangular shapes. Only such a pigeon pigeon can adapt to the current public sheds and local competitions.

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