Two -flavored medicine retreating prescriptions, one leak and one supplement, the medicine is simple and fine

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Two -flavored medicine retreating prescriptions, one leak and one supplement, the medicine is simple and fine

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Treasure "Xinglin Mingyi", not get lost!

Winter is coming, the temperature drops sharply, there are many people who have a cold, and there are more fever. The cold is dominant, the wind invades the human body, the pores are blocked, and the hot air stagnation cannot get out of the body, and it will have a fever.

Some time ago, a friend was unfortunately "recruited". I call in the middle of the night and ask what should I do? Let the next day go to the pharmacy to grab a handful of gypsum, roll it, and boil soup with rice. Friends drink in the morning, and the body temperature will return to normal in the afternoon.

This recipe is a total of two medicines, gypsum and japonica rice, and gypsum is often used as a gypsum that is often used when tofu. Japonica rice is rice. This recipe can play the role of transparent heat out. The heat in the body is out, and the burning will be retreated.

The big doctor in history, such as Zhang Zhongjing and Zhang Xichun, chose plaster.

Zhang Zhongjing has a clear recipe called Baihu Decoction. A total of four -flavored medicines are used, plaster, mothers, japonica rice, and licorice. During the Republic of China, Zhang Xichun cut this recipe and selected two flavors from it, gypsum and japonica rice, forming gypsum japonica rice soup, and gypsum rice soup was Zhang Xichun's recipe.

Talk about two medical cases.

In 1916, the Guardian Movement broke out. Zhang Xichun was a military doctor with the army. With the army north, the winter month and the conditions were difficult. The train windows were broken. Many people are sick, just fever, fever on their bodies, but not sweating. At first glance, Zhang Xichun saw that the cold evil depression was closed on the body surface, blocking the pores, and the body's heat wanted to send out. Just boil into soup with gypsum and japonica rice, and let the soldiers drink it.

There was a county magistrate, who was in her fifties, suffered from warmth, fever, and began to cool down with physical therapy. She continued to be high fever and fell into a coma. After Zhang Xichun's clinic, he ordered a large bowl of gypsum and japonica rice soup to serve him. It didn't take long before he woke up.

Zhang Xichun specially uses plaster. In his own words, "Gypsum cure temperature disease was earlier, its pulse was floating and strong, and the body was hot. If all the colds were cured, the person in the heart was not cold and the heart was fever in the heart." It is high fever, and gypsum can go out through heat.

Gypsum can also clear lung heat and stomach heat. For example, Zhang Zhongjing used gypsum in the treatment of lung solid hemp and alpine stone soup. Li Dongyuan's clear stomach scattered, clearing the stomach heat with gypsum. Stomach fire often causes toothache. If you eat some spicy, you will increase. As long as you remove the stomach fire, toothache stops.

There is a treatment idea of ​​traditional Chinese medicine. There are heat in the five internal organs, and the stomachs are all available, that is, the stomach and the large intestine of Yangming and Yangming, the stomach and intestines, and the fiery qi naturally drops. A person has a fever, and his whole body is burning and burning, and there is nothing wrong with the general direction of gypsum.

Gypsum japonica rice soup is used to use plaster two or two and two and a half. It is recommended that you start taking it from a small dose.

Gypsum rice soup: Gypsum, 20 grams each of rice, cook until rice cooked.

The japonica rice can protect the stomach qi, the gypsum has a heat -clearing effect, it has a certain cooling nature, and it is easy to damage the spleen and stomach. Adding japonica rice to solve the worries. The soup made of japonica is sticky, which can stick the medicinal properties of gypsum and better play a role.

The role of japonica rice is also affirmed by the ancients. Sun Siyi, a pharmaceutner of the Tang Dynasty, said in "Thousands of Gold Fang" that japonica rice can nourish stomach qi and grow muscles; Essence

Gypsum and japonica rice boil the soup together. After boiling, there is basically no medicine. If you are weak, you can add three or five grams of Huai yam and codonopsis to supplement your body's righteousness. This recipe does not have the bitterness of traditional Chinese medicine, and children do not feel uncomfortable.