Twenty -four tactics (above)

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Twenty -four tactics (above)

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1. Daily Sutra

The diet is festival, and the spleen is not leaked. Trequently regulates, lung gold is self -contained. Dynamic and static respect, heart inflammation is determined. No humiliation, liver and wood. Tianran has no desire, kidney water is self -sufficient.

2. solid sperm method

The essence of life is born in the child. At this time, sitting on the knee, the teeth are solid, and the jade stems are lifted like a urination, and the nose is sounded until the Dantian is full. Seven times. Or Yangju, also use this method to do it. It should be long and flushed, and the air -deficiency should be slightly slow.

3. Fortune method

Every luck, you must first raise the valley to the stool, and the nose will be exhausted. If you want to reverse the mud pills from the back, pay attention to it, and the nose is relieved.

4. Spleen and stomach

"Nei Jing" Yun: Before the seventh quarter of the person's back, be careful. Those who are careful, lifemen also, men hide essence, women's cells, often borrow the merit of the stomach soil, but the stomach weakness cannot cheer up. For the sperm, the grains of the grains, all unhappy, thoughtful, the palms, tinnitus, and the dizziness of the fire are all each other. The method of governing, rubbing one pocket, change your hands on the left and right, ninety -nine are full, and the real essence is also full. Within a day, Chen Yan was ugly, and the net chamber was sitting after eating, and the nose was closed. The left hand tightened the pocket of the outer kidney upper, and the right hand was on the umbilicus. Thirty times, anxious, spit out the words, and regulate the interest, so nine times. Then change your right hand pocket, rub your left hand, nine times. For a long time, the spleen and stomach are strong, with strong energy, and diet.


Ken people say that they are full of dirty Qi without circulation. Because of their illnesses, middle -aged people are based on diet. It is also cloudy to supplement qi, not hungry, and it is too full to digest with drugs, especially injuries and qi. Just close your mouth and turn the air under the umbilicus. He took another breath, named the lane of the mountain road, using a big test. Dongpo Yun: The stomach is wet and wet, and the water should be less.

6. Dafa Dafa

When I was in the second time, I went to bed, and the pillow was four fingers high, the limbs should be immortal. However, he was lying on the right rib, two feet, hooking your legs, covering the umbilicus with one hand to cover the kidney. Ancient people: Sanjiao must be lying. Youyun: Sleep like a cat, not escaping; sleeping like a dog, not away. It is also for the method of raising Yuan.


The old age is frequent at night, and it is also sick. Sanlin is frequent,-Taoist taught to wipe the kidney. Sitting on the bed at each lying, unclear clothes, palate on the tongue pillar, eyesight to the top, ticked valley, rubbing the two Shenshu points with your hands, three! Six, less interest, to forty -nine to eight to 1st On the day of the sentence, the fruit is wonderful.

8. Wipe Yongquan Point to make the waist and feet light quickly

Sit daily, two feet are each other, close the sweetness, shrink the valley, pull the toes with one hand, and rub your feet with your hands, so much, less interest, and then, the five or six degrees can make the steps easily. In his old age, Owen Zhong suffered from foot sores, and he couldn't bear it. Cover this point in the heart. Wetness has never entered.

9. Sleeping tactics

When lying, you must sleep on your feet and sideways, so as to condense its shape, if you lie on your back, you must be stunned.

10. Finger finger tactics

Different, your heart is not born. If you do exercises, you must pinch your thumb between the four fingers and hold it.

11. Fang Tue

The teeth are not solid, and the meridians are not connected. If you do exercises, you must be closed tightly, your teeth are really determined, and you do not let it go.

12. Tongue tactics

When you do exercises, the tongue is necessary to reach the palate, and the acupuncture point is opened under the tongue. This acupoint is open, and true qi can be circulated in the 100th festival, if it is closed.