Keep has become the new net red in the snack industry. It turns out that there is a protein stick that is delicious and not fat!

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Keep has become the new net red in the snack industry. It turns out that there is a protein stick that is delicious and not fat!

2022-05-15 06:13:19 7 ℃

As the saying goes: "How cool when you eat, how panic is when you are fat!

When people reach middle age, the level of calorie consumption in the body is far less than before. The work is too busy and lacks exercise, which causes fat to deposit on the intestinal wall, affecting the normal metabolism of the body.

If you want to lose weight, you must first control the calorie intake in your diet. Many people choose low -calorie food replacement foods as food during weight loss.

However, foods that are usually used for meals are either difficult to eat or swallowed, or nutrients are single.

After trying countless food replacement foods, compared with the ingredients, nutritional ingredients, and taste, I finally found a low -calorie, high -protein, 0 sucrose, and good taste of Keep daily protein stick.

This protein rod uses physical puffing technology to turn the protein into "popcorn". The taste is as sweet as a Shili frame. Bite a bite with popcorn crispy taste, non -sticky tooth, meals and snacks!

Everyone knows that Keep teaches everyone to exercise and fitness, and is particularly concerned about the calories of food. The protein stick it develops has guaranteed low calories while also receiving international delicious medals. Essence

KEEP daily protein rod uses pure cocoa butter for shell coating, 0 sucrose, protein "inner cores made of popcorn and frozen -dried fruits", which is used to replace meals or snacks.

1 protein content is ≈ 1 egg, and the calories are 500 calories less than one afternoon tea. Use it to replace meals. The calories saved by 1 protein rod is equivalent to 60 minutes of jogging and walking 12,000 steps!

Low cards are full, delicious and nutritious, 0 trans fatty acids, many fitness experts have been recommended in a book after eating.

The protein sticks brought to you this time have four flavors: dirty black flavor, yogurt cheese flavor, Qinliangnian flavor, sea salt cheese flavor.

Each is packaged independently. There are 7 boxes in 1 box. Usually, even if the price is promoting, it will cost 89 yuan/box. The benefits you win today: 79 yuan/box, 99 yuan/2 boxes, 189 yuan/4 boxes Essence

Recommended reason:

3, 4 heavy protein, protect muscles, supplement the body's daily protein

4. It is as delicious as snacks, 4 flavors to choose from

01 / high protein+high dietary fiber

The reason why most people get fat is because nutritional intake is unreasonable.

Some scientific research shows that fat loss should eat more protein than when adding muscle to increase muscle.

When the protein is insufficient or hungry, the body will prioritize our own muscles and collagen, thereby reducing the level of basic metabolism.

This is why the reasons why long -term dietary weight loss cannot be reduced -muscle loss is too large, the foundation metabolism has decreased, and the calories have become smaller.

The Keep protein rod has a quadrinomin: soybean protein, WPI separation milk protein, casein, collagen, can protect muscle and maintain the level of basic metabolism without decrease.

WPI separation milk protein is developed by the Chinese.

It has obtained small molecular proteins from milk filtering, ultrafiltration, nathe filtration, and reverse osmosis membrane.

Milky protein vs concentrated whey protein vs separate milk protein

In addition, KEEP also strictly controls fat and calories while providing protein.

The protein content of a keep protein rod is as high as 6g≈1 eggs, the fat content is only 10%≈ one chocolate, the carbohydrate contains only 4%, and the dietary fiber 2g≈100g western blue flower.

It can be created in a meal. The heat gap of five or six hundred calories is difficult to get thin!

In addition to protein, dietary fiber is also a major nutrient in this protein rod.

Keep protein rods add rich dietary fiber such as Chia seeds and puffed quinoa balls, which can not only provide a wonderful taste, but also stimulate gastrointestinal motility, which is conducive to digestion and absorption of nutrients.

These high -quality protein+dietary fiber intake can stimulate the brain to send a "full" signal to the body.

If you eat a protein rod, you can feel full, eat less, the protein is added, and the body becomes thinner with exercise.

02 /pure cocoa fat +0 sucrose

0 trans fatty acids, more healthy eating

The KEEP daily protein rod has a layer of sucrose -free chocolate coating. It is a natural pure and fat from the cocoa beans.

Compared to those snacks that are harmful to the human body, you will not eat these unhealthy additives below in Keep.

If you bite it, you can also eat four fruits of frozen -drying technology, which not only enriches the taste, but also retains vitamins to a large extent.

Look at the ingredients directly, there is no sucrose and no trans fatty acid, which is very healthy for the human body.

Due to a large amount of sugar in ingestion, collagen and elastic protein are slowly glycated, starting with qualitative changes and losing elasticity.

Keep protein rod replaces sucrose with low polyetric maltose (gap).

This sugar is not the same as eating sugar when it is eaten flat. It will not be decomposed and absorbed by the human body, so it will not be converted into fat.

In addition, we usually have a sleepy situation after meals, which is caused by the sharp rise in blood sugar after meals.

And this Keep protein stick added by sucrose, low -calorie is full, will not fluctuate significantly to blood sugar after eating.

03 / The taste comparable to snacks

Four flavors, the sense of no negative guilt is also solved

In the impression, the meal replacement, hard -chewing, and taste of taste are simply a stumbling block on the road of weight loss, which makes it difficult for people to persist for a few days. The KEEP daily protein rod is a clear stream of meals. There are four flavors to choose from: dirty black flavor, yogurt cheese flavor, refreshing lime flavor, sea salt cheese flavor.

Each keep protein rod is packaged independently, with 7 boxes.

The 3 -layer aluminum foil nitrogen is used to keep the protein rod fresh for 9 months!

A small one, which is very convenient to carry, put one in the office, and can be taken out anytime, anywhere to supplement energy or relief.

More importantly, you can eat various occasions.

After exercise and fitness, eating a protein rod can help the body to replenish protein quickly.

For those who reducing fat, they can eat directly for meals, reduce calorie intake, and maintain a balanced diet.

For those who increase the muscle, a protein stick is done with a fitness meal, and it will not add additional burden to the body.

For office workers, use it as a nutritious breakfast, healthy and full, and start a full day.

Low -calorie -free sucrose high protein. Friends who have eaten say that delicious foods are like snacks and can also be used for meals.

If you buy it now, there is still a value -for -money activity price, what are you waiting for?

Keep daily protein stick

Concession price: 79 yuan/box

99 yuan/2 boxes

189/4 box

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