The most powerful herbal medicines are cheap

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The most powerful herbal medicines are cheap

2022-05-15 06:13:17 7 ℃

Uric acid is a normal product produced by purine metabolism in the human body. The reason why it talks about uric acid is because when the metabolism of uric acid is insufficient, the accumulation of uric acid will cause serious consequences -hyperuriceic arthritis, which is often said to be gout. So today I will introduce to you the most intense herbal medicines.

1. Tu Fuling

The first thing to pay attention to is that the Turkish Poria is mentioned here, not Poria. Although there is only one word, it is two completely different Chinese medicines. Poria is a dry fungus core of fungal, and Turkic Poria is a dry root of a lily plant (called 菝葜).

Efficacy: Tu Fuling has the effects of removing dampness, dampness, Tongli joints, and detoxification. Many ancient books also mention Effect, this is the basis for the treatment of arthritis. At the same time, Tu Fuling can enhance the urination and drainage system, which also promotes the emissions of metabolism in the body, so it can also accelerate purine metabolism and avoid the accumulation of uric acid in the body.

Suitable crowd: suitable for people with rheumatism and high uric acid, which is beneficial to wet and uric acid. Of course, it can also be used to treat problems such as unfavorable urination and disagreement of menstrual blood. Because it can also clear the heat and detoxify, it also has good effects on swelling, ringworm, and syphilis. Generally, the problem of blood fever, sore throat, and female problems are combined with some medicinal materials such as Tu Fuling and honeysuckle, Huanglian, Gardenia, and Qu Mai. Essence

2, front car grass

The front of the car can also be called a common plant in front of the car, front, front, and long night car. It is often seen in mountainous areas, especially in water, vegetable garden, and roadside growth. As a part of the Chinese medicinal materials, it is part of the seeds collected in the spring and autumn seasons, and then take out impurities. Depending on the processing methods, there are classifications of pre -car, pre -car, salt car, and wine car.

Efficacy: The car before the car is recorded in the grass, attributed to the liver, spleen, kidney, and bladder meridians, so it is beneficial to water, dampness, detoxification, heat clearing, bright eyes, and dumping.

Suitable for crowd: So the car pre -car has a good effect on the lower scorching and humidity, which is profitable and diuretic. Disates such as arthritis. At the same time, it is also accelerating metabolism, so it also has a certain effect on downtime. In modern times, there is a risk of relieving cough and phlegm, so it has begun to use it to treat chronic bronchitis.

3. Money grass

Money grass is actually a very common kind of small herbal plant. Many people also use it as a family green plant and small potted plants. It also has some aliases such as copper, a bunch of money, jaundice grass, paving lotus, and so on. Money grass is damp and high -temperature, so if it is a family breeding, pay attention to room temperature, and it grows in the wild, especially in the place where the water source is near the water source. It belongs to very common.

Efficacy: The whole grass of money grass is used for medicinal, which has the effects of anti -inflammatory, detoxifying, diuretic, clearing heat, removing wind, stones, insecticidal, analgesic, and bleeding.

Suitable for people: Because money grass has a good effect on clearing heat and diuretic, anti -inflammatory and analgesic, it can be used to treat jaundice, acute chronic hepatitis, stomatitis, urinary infection, and even nephritis, as well as poisonous worm bites, dysentery, etc.

In general, if you treat contact dermatitis or like rheumatoid arthritis and periarthritis, you can directly use money grass to fry water and then smoke and wash it. And it can also pass through and stones, so it can be said to be very helpful for treatment and preventing stones. Like urinary tract stones, liver and gallbladder stones, you can directly use money grass fried soup or tea drink. It is better to match rhubarb and tulips.

4, 萆薢

The is divided into crickets and powder, and the medicinal parts are the rhizomes of the two. Generally, they are more common like Zhejiang and Fujian. As a Chinese medicinal material, cotton is generally made into irregular oblique slices. It is yellow -brown or yellow -brown outer skin. The outer skin is gray -brown or brown -black, and the cut surface is yellow -white or light gray brown.

Efficacy: 于 于 belongs to the stomach and kidney meridians, which is beneficial to the effects of water and dampness, wind, pain, turbidity, and paralysis.

Suitable for people: Because 祛 has the effect of removing dampness and pooling, it often uses it to treat rheumatism pain, which can be used to remove paralysis, and it has a good effect on joint flexion and extension. Especially, it can also be used with Achyranthes knee and aconite. The joint is cold and damp. According to its effects of moisturizing and turbidity, it is the best medicinal materials for treating the turbidity of urination. It is often used with puzzle and stone 菖 菖 to make tea. It also has a certain effect on the crystallization of excessive uric acid. The role of uric acid.

5. Weilingxian

Willingxian, like most Chinese herbal medicine, is used to medicine with rhizomes. It is mainly grew more in clouds, Gui, Sichuan and other regions, as well as Guangxi, Guangdong, Anhui, etc. In particular, the requirements of Wei Lingxian's climate and soil are not strict, but they like to be rich in humus, so shrubs and valley gaps are rich in humidity and relatively humid and cool places.

Efficacy: The effects of Wingxian is beneficial to wet, expelling wind, cold, anti -inflammatory, tunnels, pain relief, and phlegm and qi.

Suitable for people: There are many effects of Wei Lingxian, so it has many applications in the history of the Mongolian, Miao, and Tujias in the Han nationality, Miao, and Tujia. Because of the effects of wetness, expelling wind, and Tongluo analgesic, Weilingxian can treat some diseases such as rheumatism and bone pain, toothache, head wind, joint paralysis, back pain, and other diseases. Jaundice infectious hepatitis also has certain therapeutic effects. Moreover, when Wei Lingxian also has a unique place, it can have a solution to the foreign body of the esophagus, so the fishbone stuck throat can be treated. 6. Wind -proof

The windproof is particularly praised in the Compendium of Materia Medica. It is boasted that it is a fairy medicine to remove the humidity, and it is a cool and dry climate condition. Therefore, it has grown more in East China, Hebei, Heilongjiang, and Inner Mongolia. The part of the medicine is its umbrella -like root. It harvested fresh wind -proof plant herbs in the spring and autumn seasons, then left the rhizome, soaked with water after washing.

Efficacy: From the perspective of many ancient books such as grass, medicine and phenomena, windproof has the effects of removing wind, dampness, relieving, and analgesic.

Suitable for people: Because windproofing has the effect of dispelting wind and dampness, it has a good effect on people with spleen deficiency and dampness, and can also achieve a role in increasing urination and enhancing metabolic uric acid from a certain extent. It can also solve the table, so it has a good effect on treating rubella and itching of the skin, and can also treat joint pain caused by rheumatism. If the windproof is made with Huanglian, licorice, and the kernels, it can be made into a kernel cream, which has a very good effect on eye diseases.

Conclusion: For the most powerful herbs of uric acid, you will introduce these six. In addition, people with high uric acid, especially the diet, should pay special attention. Whether it is Chinese medicine or western medicine, the content of uric acid only has a certain extent. If you are reduced, the drugs are in vain if the disease is not controlled at all. Therefore, you usually eat foods with high purine content such as internal organs and seafood, and you should avoid alcohol, especially beer.

Note: The above is for reference only. Please adjust it under the guidance of the doctor.