Irregular menstruation, deficiency of qi and blood, uncomfortable liver qi, phlegm and blood stasis, in the final analysis, there is a problem with physical fitness

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Irregular menstruation, deficiency of qi and blood, uncomfortable liver qi, phlegm and blood stasis, in the final analysis, there is a problem with physical fitness

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The so -called irregular menstruation is a very complicated concept, including advanced menstruation and pushing menstruation. This is a problem of inaccurate cycle; there is a large amount of menstruation, such as a large amount or few; and the time of menstruation, some are very very time, and some are very very menstrual. Short, short -notch is amenorrhea, some are long, delayed for a long time, or even endless; there are more special, such as blood, that is, functional disorders, uterine bleeding, etc., all of which are irregular menstruation.

Therefore, in general, it is very complicated to talk about disagreed menstruation. This is the coordinates of several dimensions. One by one is a large project. If it is cured, you can understand these. It is a master, so there was an old saying in the past, called "Ten men in Ningzhi, who died of a woman", and said its complexity.

Because female friends constantly ask me about irregular menstruation, today I will talk about this problem from another perspective, that is, what problems have it come from our body.

In other words, all kinds of complex changes in menstruation are also our own physical disorders. In the final analysis, the problems of qi and blood deficiency, yin and yang disorders, uncomfortable liver qi, and blood stasis of phlegm and blood stasis. As a result. Therefore, we must persist from the root, so that everyone will understand a lot.

So, what are the imbalances in our bodies? Let's talk one by one.

1. Qi deficiency: Modern people are more tired of diet, so there are many people with qi deficiency. Just see if there are tooth marks on the tongue of their tongue. If there are tooth marks, they basically belong to the qi deficiency. At the same time, people with qi deficiency are white, fatigue, shortness of qi, self -sweating, dizziness and tinnitus, swollen abdomen, poor appetite, loose stool, weak pulse, weak pulse.

Women with qi deficiency will become disorderly menstrual cycles: some people will arrive in advance. This is why Qi Deficiency is weak and solid. It is not time for time, but some people can come later. It is because of qi and blood and insufficient blood; even some people have no time.

From the perspective of menstruation, the menstrual period of qi deficiency is prolonged, with a large amount of menstruation, light menstruation, and thin quality. The reason why the menstrual flow is large is also because Qi deficiency is weak and solid, so the loss is very large.

People with qi deficiency can use the method of traditional Chinese medicine to replenish qi, such as asking Chinese medicine to prescribe recipes. As for dietary therapy, if there are ginseng products, it is most suitable. And Chinese medicine, I recommend taking Guipi Pills or Ginseng Guipi Pills. The current Chinese medicines, Guipi Pills use Codonopsis, relatively peaceful, Tongrentang's ginseng Guosiwan, use ginseng, is more powerful. I have been talking about Guipi Pills before. In fact, Tongrentang's ginseng returned to the spleen pill, which is more suitable here. Guipi Wan was scratched into the recipe of blood in traditional Chinese medicine. I think it is a two -tonic of qi and blood, which is especially suitable for women with qi deficiency.

2. Blood deficiency: There are many women with blood deficiency now. The main symptoms are insomnia and forgetfulness. After fatigue, dizzy eyes, palpitations, yellowing, claw armor, cold hands and feet in winter, small belly falling. The most important thing is that the tongue is pale and white. The pulse is weak.

Women with blood deficiency generally delay the menstrual cycle, low menstrual flow, light color, thin quality, and even some women have been amenorrhea very early. Therefore, there are often women who ask menstruation to delay and have a small amount of quantity. I think I can analyze it by myself. This is different from the situation of qi deficiency, and qi deficiency will be delayed cyclical, but the large amount is a feeling that cannot be controlled, and the blood deficiency is delayed, but the amount is small, and it will soon disappear.

Regarding the conditioning method of blood deficiency, I have been introducing Fang Ziying cream of dietary therapy. You can refer to my previous article. I think the use of this recipe can basically solve the problem.

3, yin deficiency: people with yin deficiency, two tide red, hot hands and feet, dry throat, bone steaming and heat, insomnia and dreaming, upset and irritability, urinate Huang Shao, dry stool. The biggest feature of those with yin deficiency is red tongue, while the tongue coating is thin or moss, and the pulse counts.

People with yin deficiency have more advanced menstrual cycles. This is called hot blood. Because there is heat in the body, blood heat is delusional, but there are also no regular ones. The menstrual period is prolonged, the menstrual color is bright red, the amount of more or less, and the number of people is because of heat forced blood, and the yin deficiency is long, the blood burn blood, and the blood volume will gradually decrease. Therefore Essence

Yin deficiency and qi deficiency will cause the menstrual cycle to advance in advance, but qi deficiency cannot be supported. The menstruation will be light and thin, and the yin deficiency is hot blood, and the menstrual color will be bright red.

The other two can be clearly distinguished through the tongue image.

For the conditioning of yin deficiency, Chinese patent medicine can take Guisan Huang Wan, or Liuwei Dihuang Wan. As for the prescription, you can use Erzhi Pills to combine the two soups of the two places. This two -to -pill is the pills of the female Jeongzi and the Lotus Cao, and the soup of the two places is more famous. I will have the opportunity to introduce you in the future.

4. Yang deficiency: There are also many people with yang deficiency now, because everyone is addicted to cold, women wear less, wearing single shoes in winter, and exposing ankles, minus 20 degrees, can it be not cold? Such a woman is pale, with cold limbs, chills, drowsiness, easy to diarrhea, clear urine, dull tongue color, white tongue coating, and late veins.

Women with yang deficiency have delayed menstrual cycle, small amount, dark color, blood clot, and often accompanied by symptoms of cold abdomen and pain. Wit warm the abdomen with a hot water bottle, and the pain will be reduced. Such women are now very many. The same period is delayed, qi deficiency is large, blood deficiency is small, and yang deficiency is dark, blood clots, and often accompanied by cold abdomen pain.

The conditioning of yang deficiency can be used by moxibustion, which is very effective. You can also use the wormwood leaf to soak your feet. If you want to take Chinese medicine, you can use Ai Fu Nuangong Wan. This is a very good gynecological medicine, which is specifically targeted at women in Gonghan.

5. Liver qi is uncomfortable: This is a major problem of modern women. Now women, many people are under great pressure and poor mood. Such a population is bitter, easy to dizziness, poor digestive system, upset and angry, or easy to depressed. Bad stuffy, palpitations, pains in the ribs, are prone to sagging, vomiting, anti -acid water, often sighing, red tongue, tongue -shaped tip, pulse strings.

Women with uncomfortable liver qi, disorders of menstrual cycle, or early, or delayed, or have no certainty. In the early stages, there are liver fire and heat for blood; and delaying is caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis. At the same time, the menstrual volume is more or less, the menstrual period is not smooth, the menstrual color is purple and red, and the blood clot is the most important thing. The most important thing is that such women often have chest, breasts, and abdominal tenderness, and they are particularly obvious before menstruation. Therefore, this liver qi is the most difficult to analyze, because it causes menstrual disorders and is almost regular. At this time, we must observe the tongue image according to our emotional experience, and then judge the symptoms.

As for the conditioning method of reluctance of liver qi, first of all, you need to adjust your emotions by yourself, such as more exercise, traveling more, listening to the Tao Te Ching, etc. At the same time, you can use Jiawei Xiaoyao Pills to condition the physical problems caused by poor emotions. Essence

Women with uncomfortable liver qi can often use roses, bergamot, rose flowers, Chenpi and other tea to replace tea, which can have an effect of qi.

6. Blood stasis: People with blood stasis will be different in the tongue image. The veins of the lower tongue will become thicker, the tongue of the tongue will have ecchymia stasis, the color of the tongue is blue and so on. At the same time, memory is not good, insomnia, dry throat, dry skin, and a lot of red blood or blue blood on the surface of the skin.

Women with blood stasis are generally delayed. In most cases, the amount is small and the cycle is short. This is because there are stasis and meridians. However, there are also a large amount and a long period of cycle. It is often the blood departure caused by stasis, then it is more difficult to cure. Doctors need to take care of the proportion of the hemostasis and the blood circulation. In the end Except for blood, blood can return to the classics. People with blood stasis have purple and black, blood clots, small abdominal pain refusing to press, and the pain is reduced after the blood clot is discharged.

In the method of conditioning blood stasis, I recommend using the peach red Siwu soup to soak their feet and take three seven powder at the same time.

7. The dampness of phlegm: This woman is fat in the tongue, with tooth marks on the side of the tongue, and has a manifestation of qi deficiency, but the most important thing is that the tongue coating is full of cloth, thick greasy, and more saliva on it. Such people are also prone to sleepiness, stools are easy to form, their body shape is easy to obese, and their belly is large.

Women with heavy phlegm, the menstrual cycle is delayed, the amount is small, the color is red, the color is sticky like sputum, the amount is large, the color is white, and the quality is sticky. This delay is more like blood deficiency, but people with heavy phlegm, menstruation is as delicate as sputum, and is accompanied by a large amount of lower amount, white, and sticky. During the analysis, everyone can also judge whether it is dampness of phlegm through the thickness of the tongue coating.

The conditioning of phlegm dampness constitution, it is recommended that everyone use Cangfu sputum pills to add and subtract their feet.

Fangzi: 6 grams of Panxia, ​​6 grams of Chenpi, 20 grams of Poria, 9 grams of osteosstram, 18 grams of Atractylodes, 6 grams of gallinist south, 12 grams of fragrance, 6 grams of coriander shell, 6 grams of Chuanxiong, and 6 grams of divine songs.

Boil the water and soak your feet, one daily, soak twice a day, twenty minutes at a time. This recipe has the effect of eliminating dampness and phlegm, which is more suitable for women with heavy phlegm.

7, damp heat: There are more situations now, often there are damp heat in the body first, and then, plus external infections, such as personal hygiene, do not pay attention to, cause some infections and cause damp heat.

Such women, the menstrual cycle is more advanced, this is also because of heat forced blood, but there are no regular ones. The menstrual cycle is often extended, the menstrual color is dark red, the amount is more or less, and it is sticky. The most important thing is likely to be accompanied by smelly. Usually there will be yellow and white secretions in the vulva. Usually bring a lot of amount, yellow and white, even blood silk, small abdominal pain, short urine yellow, short stool, red tongue, yellow greasy moss, and pulse number.

For this situation, according to the severity of the symptoms, the nearby traditional Chinese medicine prescription can be requested. If the patent medicine is selected, the gynecological thousand gold tablets, the golden chicken capsule, the red tablet, etc., or with the Chinese pills, can be used as a choice.

I have said so much. I guess a friend will see it. God, what kind of belong to? I don't think you are in a hurry, you can write your symptoms, and then compare with the inside, and you will find the reason soon.

If you simply analyze the characteristics of menstruation, it is difficult to find the root cause. However, if you combine your physical characteristics, you will add a lot of evidence of diagnosis. In fact, anyone who studys Chinese medicine will analyze themselves.

What I teach you now is the method of solving the fundamental problem. We have adjusted your physique, and menstruation is naturally normal because it is just a manifestation of physical disorders.

When several reasons overlap, for female friends, the main point of conditioning is to support the right first, the righteousness is slightly sufficient, and then cooperate with the evil to eliminate the evil, and then the two can be used, or the two alternate. By the way, your body will gradually recover!

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