An important reason for human aging is -kidney deficiency!

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An important reason for human aging is -kidney deficiency!

2022-05-15 06:12:54 6 ℃

"Age and Time" is by no means our aging. For example, we often see some 50 -year -old people even look young and energetic than 40 years old.

An important reason for human aging is -kidney deficiency!

10 signals of kidney deficiency

1. The body is always afraid of cold

Some people are afraid of cold, everyone feels hot, he still feels cold. In fact, "chilling" is one of the important manifestations of kidney deficiency. This is because "yang qi roots originated from the kidney". If the kidney deficiency, the Yuanyang of the human body is weak, and when the yang is not sufficient, our body will be afraid of cold.

2. There is no shortage of consciousness but yawning

In traditional Chinese medicine, "kidney ownership", this "owe" is yawn. If you don't stay up late but yawn all day, then this is the manifestation of kidney deficiency.

3. Frequent sneezing

In clinical practice, many people say that I have allergic rhinitis, and the manifestation is to sneeze constantly. The weather is slightly cold and sneezed, or sometimes sneezing for no reason. In fact, this is also a manifestation of kidney deficiency. For people with allergic rhinitis, the fundamental problem is the problem of kidney deficiency. If you sneeze, you can find a doctor to supplement the kidney, and rhinitis will immediately improve.

4. The complexion is dark and dull

Especially women, if you don't sleep for a few days, dark circles will appear immediately. So don't stay up late. Staying up late is the most hurting the body and the most likely to lead to aging. Over time, your complexion will become dark.

5. The ears are scorched and dry

In Chinese medicine, ear wheels can reflect a person's kidney qi and kidney failure. People with renal failure generally have dry ears and black colors, and then the performance of scorching. This is a typical expression of kidney deficiency.

6. Always moan without disease

Traditional Chinese medicine summarizes the voice often made by people as "call, laughing, song, crying, and moaning", which corresponds to the five internal organs, namely liver excitement, heart laugh, spleen song, lung crying, and kidney moan. Therefore, if you do not moaning often, you will have kidney deficiency!

7. Always feel salty

Five flavors (sour, bitter, sweet, Xin, salty) are also corresponding to the viscera, and the taste corresponding to the kidney is the salty taste. Therefore, you must pay attention in the future. If you often feel that your mouth is always salty, then you need to pay attention. This is a manifestation of kidney deficiency.

8. There is a rotten smell on the body

The smell of the human body can also reflect kidney deficiency. If you feel a kind of decaying smell recently, this person must be kidney deficiency! Because the smell of rot belongs to the kidney, the rotten in the five sniff (臊, coke, fishy, ​​and rot) is the smell of kidney. If the decaying taste occurs on the body, it shows that this person's kidney disease is very serious.

9. Inexplicable fear

Some patients always fear for no reason, and they always feel scared, which is also related to kidney deficiency. Because on the side of the kidney, it may belong to the kidney. There is no reason to be afraid. It is a manifestation of kidney deficiency and lack of kidney qi.

10. Always trembling for no reason

People with kidney deficiency will be more afraid, people who are afraid will tremble, and people who are afraid of cold will also tremble. So if you are always trembling for no reason, you must pay attention to the expression of kidney deficiency.

Conclusion: The above symptoms of kidney deficiency are compared with your own situation. If you have any kidney deficiency, you must pay attention to conditioning early. This body will be healthier.

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