Processing corn "gold" noodles steadily get rich

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Processing corn "gold" noodles steadily get rich

2022-05-15 06:12:10 4 ℃

Rough grain and delicious corn change "treasure" green food profits are rich in profits

Processing corn [Gold] noodles steadily getting rich

At present, with the large number of wealthy diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, people's demand for rough and miscellaneous grains and foods has increased. Therefore, there is a huge vacancy between supply and demand. And seize business opportunities, who can take the lead in occupying the market, the first benefit and the greatest benefit.

Modern people are pursuing scientific diet, rough grain, miscellaneous grain, and thickness of dietary fashion. The new version of "Chinese Resident Dietary Guidelines" especially emphasizes the importance of eating valleys to human health. As a tower base for the dietary pagoda, grains of grains are the best basic food It is also the cheapest source of energy.

With the improvement of people's living standards, a large number of wealthy diseases such as constipation, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by refined foods for a long time occur. Eating coarse grains and miscellaneous grains has become the need for people to be far away from sick and pursuing healthy diet and health. Pure natural green health corn miscellaneous noodles are rich in a large amount of dietary fiber and a variety of nutrients. Adjusting the nutritional balance of the human body, raw materials are available everywhere, the products are facing millions of households, and the sales are not worried. Processing and production of corn miscellaneous grain noodles are a huge market "gold" industry, and its production prospects are very broad. There is a huge market vacancy in operating miscellaneous grain noodles.

The planting area of ​​corn in my country is third, and the distribution of corn production belt alone has 13 provinces (regions). Its total output accounts for one -third of my country's total grain. Corn is rich in various nutrients. Vitamin A. The content of vitamin C, B2, B6, and vitamin E is among the best among various grain crops. The antioxidant ability contained in the glutathyl peptide is 500 times that of vitamin D. Aging and anti -cancer have a certain prevention and treatment effect. At the same time, it contains a large number of protein, minerals, carotene, unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients required by the human body. More than 10 times.

The phosphorus content of corn ranks first in many foods. It is determined that the phosphorus content per 100 grams of corn is as high as 210 mg, which is 1.5 times that of rice, which is equivalent to eggs. Elderly people often eat corn to prevent osteoporosis and make their teeth strong. Regular consumption can not only reduce lipids and lose weight, but also remove garbage in the body and adjust the nutritional balance of the human body. Especially the ideal food of constipation, hypertension, and hypertexylidal cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients.

At the same time, it has obvious treatment and preventive effects on the wealthy diseases such as diabetes, obese diseases, hypertension, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by the long -term dietary and nutritional surplus caused by rice and white noodles as a staple food. At the same time, due to the large amount of pesticides before the wheat mature, and some flour processing manufacturers mixed with a large amount of harmful substances such as whitening agents when processing flour, people have the psychology of fear of wheat noodles.

With the improvement of people's living standards, a large number of wealthy and diseases caused by fine rice and sophisticated faces, and these number one invisible killers are no longer the patent of the elderly, and young and middle -aged patients are increasing year by year. Why did the wealthy disease of these number of invisible killers only be synonymous with foreigners, and they were not good at China, why do some small weight loss equipment or weight loss medicines allow some merchants to fish a few thousand a year. For 10,000 yuan, why are hospitals across the country due to high blood pressure, heart disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and other wealth diseases have become the main economic sources of these hospitals. It has entered hundreds of millions of yuan a year. The sequelae of not timely hemiplegia and silly need to take medication for perennial medication, which has caused a heavy economic burden on families and individuals. These are the calamities caused by refined food.

Therefore, eating coarse grains and miscellaneous grains, coarse and fine grains have become the need for people to pursue healthy diet and health care today. Urban and rural residents have now set off a wave of eating corn and other miscellaneous grains. There are all, products are facing millions of households, and they are not worried about their sales. Processing and production of corn noodles are a huge and unsaturated Chaoyang "gold" industry.

Machining and production of corn noodles, raw materials are available everywhere, products are facing millions of households, their sales are not worried, the market is huge, and its profits are extremely considerable.

The processing and production of corn noodles is calculated according to the 500 kg of Nissan, which requires 2 to 3 people and 1,000 yuan of mobile funds. The direct cost of corn noodles (corn, hydropower consumption) per kilogram of corn noodles is 1.2 ~ 1.3 yuan, and the recommended price of market sales is 3 ~ 4 yuan/kg × 500 kg/day × 22 days. Except for the salary of employment and miscellaneous food, each month, monthly, monthly, monthly, monthly There are more than 20,000 yuan in profits.

Look at the market conditions. According to the feedback of the students, the dry corn noodles in the supermarket 250 grams (half a market) bag are sold to 2.4 yuan. Even in the large farmer's market, each pound of wet noodles (500 grams) per city (500 grams) It is also necessary to sell for about 2.5 yuan. We can earn one yuan meter according to the production and production of a pound of corn noodles in the city. How much does it cost to make 500 kg a day? It can be seen that green and miscellaneous foods such as corn noodles and other corn noodles are currently the latest trendy, most fashionable, and most profitable processing projects. The generous profits are in front of you, and you will get a lot of profits.

The production of corn and other miscellaneous grains and foods are flexible and diverse. You can choose according to the actual situation of the local area. Its products can supply various hotels, restaurants, marketing markets, grain and oil stores, supermarkets, etc., can also be processed, earned Processing costs, generally processing a pound of corn can charge about 4 cents of money, and can be exchanged with wheat or rice. Generally, 2 to 3 catties can be exchanged for 1 pound of corn noodles. If you have the conditions, you can also run a characteristic of a family yourself. The rough grain noodle pavilion or add business projects in existing restaurants. Business suggestions: 1. Contact the noodle supply points in various farmers' markets and in the community, and provide fixed -point supply. Factory operations; 4. Pentagrams of grain noodles that directly produce vacuum packaging are supplied to supermarkets and wholesale markets. 5. Accept the order, and the home delivery family workshop produces noodles, noodles and rice noodles during the day, and uses a bicycle to deliver the order in the morning and evening. The main service targets are hotels, hotels, restaurants, hot pot restaurants, grain and oil shops and supermarkets.

Use corn, sorghum, and wheat to make noodles. Not only do patients such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases like to eat, ordinary people also like it. The grain noodle noodles are catering to the pursuit of health of modern people.