A famous prescription for the treatment of coronary heart disease is suitable for all types of coronary heart disease

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A famous prescription for the treatment of coronary heart disease is suitable for all types of coronary heart disease

2022-05-15 12:10:21 22 ℃

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Why is Guixi Ginseng Mai Maiwei Formula for the treatment of coronary heart disease?

Li Jiren, a master of Chinese medicine, professor and chief physician of Anhui Wannan Medical College and Yiji Yishan Hospital, is one of the leaders of domestic rheumatology and Xin'an Medical Discipline.

Li Jiren is good at treating various types of coronary heart disease with "Guixuangqi Maiwei Decoction", so it is considered a famous prescription for the treatment of coronary heart disease.

The component of Guixiong Shenqi Maiwei Fang:

Angelica, 参 Codonopsis, Zidantan, Chuanxiong, Schisandra, Astragalus, Ophiopogon. Function is to nourish qi and nourish yin and promote blood circulation. Suitable for various types of coronary heart disease.

It is explained as:

Fangzhong Angelica is good at replenishing blood, and can also act with blood. In nourishing blood, it is true to the ability to promote blood circulation. It is compatible with Chuanxiong to increase the skills of revitalizing blood and removing blood stasis, nourishing blood and blood, so it is pushed as the main medicine; In fact, the application of the source of the root cause, the supplementary main medicine is correct; the salvia is longer than the treatment of blood stasis and treats the blood, the Ophiopogon nourishes the kidney and nourishes the kidneys, and the lungs are clear. Improve blood circulation.

This side increases and subtracted: Guixuangqi Maiwei Decoction is a Tongzhi prescription used by Li Jiren to treat coronary heart disease.

The specific division is as follows:

(1) Qi deficiency and yang deficiency type:

Heart palpitations and palpitations, moved in your heart, murderous asthma, weak body, weak body, chilling chest tightness, shortness of breath, self -sweating, pale or stasis, thin white moss, weak pulse or weakness.

Govern the temperature of the temperature, open the pioneer. The basic party increases the amount of astragalus, and the party ginseng is changed to red ginseng. Those with obvious symptoms of yang deficiency, then cinnamon and aconite.

(2) Qi stagnation type:

Chest pain or tingling, the chest is full of stuffy, shortness of breath, each with emotional fluctuations, increased or decreased, eat less food, too good at good, dull tongue, thin pulse.

Taking the chest on the chest as the treatment of Dafa. Basic recipes plus golden bells, wide tulips, and turtle.

(3) Phlegm turbid blocking type:

The heart and spleen are deficient, and the phlegm is blocked. The chest is stuffy, the heart palpitations are short, the cough is frequent, the sputum is pink foam, the breathing is rapid, the tongue must not be lying, the tongue is thick and greasy, and the pulse is slippery.

It is appropriate to Xixuan Tongyang, promoting blood circulation and reducing phlegm. Pharmaceutical basic Fang Hegua Bai Decoction is tone.

(4) Blood deficiency and yin deficiency type:

Dizziness, palpitations and annoyances, disturbing, insomnia, burning in the heart like hunger, limb numbness, dry mouth red, tongue quality, less moss, pulse or generation. Those with yin deficiency and yang are often increased by blood pressure.

Treatment to nourish yin and nourish the liver, nourish the kidney and soothe the nerves. Use the basic prescription to divide the Baizi Yangxin Pill in the morning and evening. People with hypertension add He Shouwu, Baiyan and Dan Di Yellow Treatment.

(5) Blood stasis type:

Chest pain is like acupuncture, the pain has a fixed or traction shoulder back, refusing to press, the night pain, the shortness of palpitations, the shortness of the heart, the purple tongue, the veins are astringent.

When the blood circulation is promoted and stasis, the pain relieve pain, and the basic party adds laughter and red flowers, sweet pine and other regulation. In summary, Guixuangqi Maiwei Decoction can be widely used to treat various types of coronary heart disease, so it is a famous prescription for the treatment of coronary heart disease.