A Chinese patent medicine can turn off stubborn blood stasis

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A Chinese patent medicine can turn off stubborn blood stasis

2022-05-15 18:12:18 28 ℃

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Today, let's talk about the problem of blood stasis, and introduce a messenger of a dose of blood stasis, called Rhubarb.

Rhubarb is the recipe of Zhang Zhongjing, from "Golden Essentials".

Rhubarb: Rhubarb, Scutellaria baicalensis, licorice, peach kernels, almonds, white peony, ground yellow, dry paint, tapeworms, leech, tadpole, soil tapeworm

Simply interpret this recipe.

Pyrano, tapeworms, ravioli, and earthworms are all insecticides, and the power of blood stasis is great. The general blood stasis uses peach kernels, and peach kernels are peaches. Everyone sees that plants grow on the surface, while worms are swimming in water, flying in the sky, and climbing on the ground. Better is better. Therefore, when you encounter stubborn, Chen Jiu's blood stasis, plant medicines cannot be effective, you need to use worm medicines.

Zhang Zhongjing also has a recipe called soup, which is composed of leeches, tapeworms, rhubarb, and peach kernels. The effect of turning blood stasis is also very powerful. However, many people see it. After going down, it will be much better after the rhubarb is made into a honey pill.

Dry paint is the resin of plants, and it also has the effect of breaking blood and stasis.

Almonds can open up lung qi, the qi travels is blood, the gas machine is smooth, and the blood will run. Tao Ren and almonds can still moisturize the intestines together, that is, let the blood stasis go down and discharge through the stool. The seeds of plants contain a lot of oil, which is very moisturizing.

The use of rhubarb is used here to make a new way. These old in the body are not pushed out, and fresh qi and blood cannot be born.

Huangpi is clearing heat, and blood stasis is easy to turn heat after a long time.

Finally, with some ground yellow and white peony, nourishing blood and nourishing yin, attacking while attacking, activating blood without hurting blood.

Let's talk about which diseases can be regulated by Rhubarb.

Zhang Zhongjing said in "Golden's Summary": "There are dry blood inside, the skin is wrong, the eyes are dark, the eyes are slow, and the rhubarb is the master."

What is dry blood?

It ’s just that blood is dry in the body. This happens, not caused by two days and two days, but it is exhausted all year round and slowly piled up.

What does Zhang Zhongjing say? The five -time work is very thin, and the belly is full of food.

Five labor can refer to the heart, liver work, spleen work, lung labor, kidney labor, or long -lasting, long -lasting, sedentary, long -standing, long -lasting, long -lasting wounds, long -lasting wounds, sedentary hurting meat for a long time, sitting and hurting meat for a long time hurt , Standing for a long time, hurting the muscles for a long time.

Qi, blood tendon, bone, flesh and blood, heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney, all of which are inadequate, they are in a weak state. Slowly, the blood gas is getting more and more insufficient, and then the stagnation starts. The river bed is mud everywhere, and it will also crack into pieces. This blood stasis Chinese medicine is called "dry blood". Conversely, blood gas cannot be circulated well, and people will feel that they are getting more and more false and form a false labor, so it is also called dry blood.

When the body is in such a state, many systems will automatically close, but not completely closed, but semi -off. After the phone is insufficient, it will automatically switch to the power -saving mode to reduce consumption by reducing the operation function. Therefore Not good, can't eat too much.

Understand this, let's look down again.

Zhang Zhongjing concluded that there are two main points of dialectic discrimination in Rhubarb, one is the wrong skin, and the other is dark.

Skin nails: Blood can moisturize the skin, just like water can irrigate the land. This may not be its main role, but it will definitely be partially nutritious to the skin. There is blood stasis in a human body, and new blood cannot be produced. When fresh qi and blood cannot be lost to the skin, the skin will be particularly dry. To what extent? The peeling one by one looks like a fish scales. Sleeping at night, undressing, dandruff fell down.

Both eyes are dark: the two eyes are black, or the eyes are white, secret, or the eyes are getting darker and darker. There is no light, no god, Zhang Zhongjing believes that there is also blood stasis.

Skin nails are wrong. Through the main point of syndrome differentiation, we know that the rhubarb pills can first adjust some skin diseases, such as psoriasis and hard skin disease.

Secondly, some blocks of the abdomen, such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, pelvic tumors, etc. can be called symptoms.

Then there is amenorrhea, the blood is dry in the blood, and the blood on the body cannot come down. First of all, the menstrual flow becomes less and slowly develops into amenorrhea.

There is also liver disease, such as cirrhosis. Mr. Yue Meizhong has a very classic medical case. It is said that there is such a man in his forties and admitted to the hospital for sudden high fever. Pain, loss of appetite, fatigue weight loss and other symptoms.

After treatment, the symptoms were relieved, but it was repeated and never eradicated.

Later, this man found Mr. Yue Meizhong. Yue Lao saw that he was "black, red with red tongue, ecchymosis, yellow eyes", and at the same time threatened pain. Stagnant.

He asked him to take the rhubarb, and slowly began to recover, and the pain was reduced, and he basically healed later.

Of course, the above is just a brick to attract jade. In addition, there are many pharmaceutical medicines in the Yellow Terra Pills, just understand it.

Reminder: This number is intended to spread Chinese medicine culture, and the Chinese medicine recipes mentioned in the article are for learning and exchanges.