Knead a acupuncture point on the back of your hand, you can treat 20+ diseases and collect it!

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Knead a acupuncture point on the back of your hand, you can treat 20+ diseases and collect it!

2022-05-15 18:12:29 25 ℃

The magical acupuncture point, magical effect, today shared the acupuncture point on the back of the hand, the middle acupoint, like the mainstay of his hand, often massage and moxibustion this acupoint, prevent and condition more than 20 diseases. Come and learn about it

Acupuncture position


Shuangye, belongs to the three -burnt meridian, is symmetrical left and right. It is located in the back of the fourth and fifth hand. So first stretch out the back of the hand, and in the depression of the fourth and fifth palms behind the back of the hand, the liquid door is directly at 1 inch. It is best not to pinch with your fingernails, hold your fingers, along the 4 or 5 bones; keep sliding down to see where the most sore point is, that is, the Zhongxun acupoint.

渚 渚

Zhongxu acupoint: The meaning of the middle is the mainstay.

1. Zhongxuan acupoint belongs to the Sanjiao Jing, and the Sanjiao Jing itself is the official of the derivation.

For example, some elderly people, leg edema, one pits, is the "elephant" legs that everyone says, can be scraped moxibustion, or applied to Qihuang No. 1, which can directly moxibustion. The water and wetness, eliminate the in vitro through the increase of urine.

There is Qihuang No. 1 at home to apply this point often

There are also friends who lose weight, that is, the kind of person who drinks water and gain weight. Generally, it is invalid to lose weight.

2. In the middle of the cricket, the “is also" blocked ", which means blocked, but the body of the body refers to the blood veins. Then the Zhongxuan here can also be metaphorized by hematoma and thrombosis. Therefore, often rubbing the middle acupoint, it can ventilate blood, bloody blood, dimer thrombosis, and blood mass.

Zhongxun acupoint is also an important point for gallstones, with gallbladder acupoints; sun and moon points; often scraping moxibustion, dredging, stones are good and fast.

Some women with pelvic effusion, in addition to the corresponding area of ​​moxibustion pelvic cavity, can also moxibustion the Zhongxu acupoint, and apply Qihuang No. 1 on the corresponding front and rear positions of the pelvic cavity, and the effect is good.

Some elderly people, older and bloody, most of them have symptoms of cerebral infarction. They can insist on moxibustion after applying Qihuang No. 1 in Zhongxu acupoint. This is an important channel for chemical thrombosis.

3. In the middle of the middle, not only the blood of the blood is eliminated, but also the needle of the sea god, it can also stop the blood of the collapse. It is like a sandbag in flood rescue to prevent floods.

4. Zhongxun acupoint also has the effect of anti -inflammatory fire and fire. Once pain, swelling, sour, and acute conjunctivitis, acute tonsillitis, sore throat, ear pain, otitis media, sudden deafness, ears bombardment, ear bombardment Symptoms such as tinnitus, you can find Zhongxu acupoints for you because it is a fire and pain. You can usually scrape here, and it is easy to get out, because the fire of the Sanjiao Jing is blocked here.


Some elderly people or weak people,

When you suddenly got up from the ground or on the bed, or suddenly turned back, dizziness and dizziness appeared. In fact, it was more dangerous at this time, except for squatting immediately. You can also hold your nails and hold down the Zhongxun acupoint (or clamp the palm of the palm of the palm with your index finger and thumb), remember to use the maximum force.

Magic acupoint

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