Is it feasible to take aspirin prevention of blood vessels?The doctor informed: not necessary

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Is it feasible to take aspirin prevention of blood vessels?The doctor informed: not necessary

2022-05-15 18:12:40 23 ℃

The sewer at home is blocked. After dredging with a cleaner such as baking soda, the blocking garbage inside can be cleaned up. The blood vessel blockage can be solved so easily! When referring to the "cleaner" of blood vessels, many people think of aspirin. So, taking aspirin to prevent blood vessels prevent blood vessels. Is it feasible?

The blood vessels of middle -aged and elderly people are easily blocked, can it be dredged through aspirin?

Can Aspirin dredge blood vessels?

To some extent, this sentence is not wrong. Let's introduce the role of aspirin first, and you know the reason. Aspirin is a common drug for treating cardiovascular diseases. When people are older, the "dirt" in the blood vessels will gradually increase, and the rate of blood flow will decrease relatively. These dirty things will be deposited in the blood vessels, attached to the wall of the arterial blood vessels, forming a spot yuan. These plaques can block the channels of blood flow, causing the vascular wall to harden. But this is not the most terrible part of them. If these plaques fall off, it will cause platelets to gather in the body, thereby forming thrombosis. Thromes can be said to be a timing bomb hidden in the body of middle -aged and elderly people.

Aspirin can prevent platelets from condensing and prevent the formation of thrombosis, so Aspirin can indeed play a role in dredging the blood vessels.

Why doctors think that eating aspirin is useless?

This issue has recently been thinking about that Mr. Li often needs to go out for entertainment, which makes him very worried about his blood vessel health. So he started taking aspirin a year ago, trying to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In a recent medical examination, he asked the doctor about this knowledge. The doctor told him: this behavior is unnecessary and even has certain risks.

This is because the anatelin is a drug that has occurred in the blood vessels when the arterial plaques have appeared in the blood vessels. Its essence is to suppress the aggregation of coagulation, and there are no arterial plaques in healthy adults, and how can there be a role in the blood vessels. How can it work?

In addition, taking aspirin randomly, after the blood vessel rupture, the rupture of the rupture cannot be blocked in time, resulting in bleeding from the body. This situation is very dangerous.

Aspirin can only be taken when the doctor found that the arteries plaques appear in his blood vessels under the guidance of a doctor. Taking in advance will not only work, but will increase hidden dangers to the body.

Although cardiovascular disease does not look serious, many people are afraid of it. Especially many elderly people over the age of 60, after hearing that they have thrombosis, even scared and dare not move. This is because this is a disease that may be fatal at any time. The free thrombus blocks are like timely bombs. Once you swim to a narrow part of the blood vessels, it will block it and cause the blood to not circulate. At this time, people will fall into a shock state due to hypoxia. If no one is rescued in time, it is likely that it will be given away.

Therefore, many elderly people who suffer from such diseases will take various methods to eliminate thrombosis. Aspirin is just one of them. In these commonly used methods, what other behaviors are wrong?

After the body has thrombosis, the two treatment measures are not desirable

Eliminate thrombosis by running

The appearance of thrombosis is mostly due to the high cholesterol content in the blood. The excess cholesterol in the body can be consumed by exercise, which can indeed play a role in eliminating thrombosis to a certain extent. However, this approach is not desirable. This is because these plaques generally do not easily fall off to form thrombosis, but if they exercise, these plaques will crack and fall off due to severe shaking. This will lead to increased probability of diseases such as cerebral infarction and blood vessels. Therefore, after the body checks the thrombosis, do not degrade the thrombosis by exercise.

After the thrombosis occurs, the massage must be done less

With the development of the economy, many elderly people have the energy and money to chase better life. Various health massage shops have also risen. In some economically developed cities, massage has become the new entertainment method of the elderly. But after the body finds thrombosis, don't go to the massage shop anymore. When people massage, people will constantly squeeze all parts of the body, which will cause plaques in the blood vessels to fall off and cause thrombosis.

These two behaviors are common entertainment methods for the elderly, and they are healthy methods in the impression of many people. However, the saying goes, "Genius is wrong, it is garbage." This sentence is also applicable to health. Any habit or behavior must be used in the right place, otherwise it may cause bad consequences.

In addition to the behavior that cannot be done, patients with thrombosis have a universal worry, whether the meat can still be eaten? The fat content of the meat is very high, which will cause cholesterol in the blood vessels to increase. Can't eat meat in the future. In response to this question, let's get to know what the difference is different.

Can't you eat meat after suffering from thrombosis?

Poultry often eaten in China mainly includes pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, etc. The fat content of pork and mutton in these meats is relatively high. The protein content of beef and chicken is higher. So it is not that you can't eat meat after suffering from thrombosis. Just say that you need to learn the type of meat correctly. You can eat more beef, chicken, fish, etc., and eat less fat -content -high pork and mutton.

Fat and protein are also one of the essential nutritional elements of the body. If you don't eat the body at all, you can't hold it. But a kind of food in the kitchen can really not eat anymore, eating more! Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, can not eat lard

The taste of lard is much better than vegetable oil. As long as any dish is added with a spoonful of lard, it can enhance a lot of flavors. So not only a restaurant, many families will also boil a can of lard in the kitchen. However, this is also the urging symbol that aggravate cardiovascular disease. The saturated fatty acids and cholesterol content in lard are far beyond other vegetable oil. Eat a spoonful of lard every day will increase the degree of blockage of the body's blood vessels. Therefore, after the age of forty years old, you must reduce the amount of lard, which can prevent the disease. If the body has been found, the lard cannot be touched by a drop.

If the blood vessels are like the sewer, they can dredge it twice a little, and maybe a lot of sudden dying thrombosis patients each year. However, the cruel reality made us realize that we want to prevent terrible thrombosis. In addition to paying attention to diet and strengthening exercise, we have no shortcuts to go.

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