"Mom, why haven't you come yet?" - This is the last sentence of his life

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"Mom, why haven't you come yet?" - This is the last sentence of his life

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"Who occupied the ambulance?

Who snatched my son's life? "

The moment I announced clinical death, the child's mother shouted exhaustedly.

That kind of grief, the kind of unwillingness, and the helplessness, you can’t forget so far

The happiness of happiness will never be a story, the unfortunate one is

The story takes place in a snowy winter:

The snow was big that day

After the night shift was completed, there was such a patient in the rescue room, with abdominal pain and tearing pain. The patient is a 21 -year -old man. During dinner, he suddenly suffered severe abdominal pain, sweat, and painless pain. Parents took him to emergency treatment

"blood pressure?"

"Both sides are different, 180/120 on the left, 110/70 on the right, 112 times/min in heart rate, 25 times/min in breathing. The previous history of hypertension" Nurses quickly reported the general situation and vital signs of patients.

Bilateral blood pressure does not wait, severe abdominal pain, and pain is "tear -like", like a bomb exploded in my mind, a disease that is more terrible than myocardial infarction appears in front of me -abdominal aorta clay

Do you know a disease that is more terrible than myocardial infarction?

"B -ultrasound next to the bed, urgent, conventional blood type biochemical coagulation, cross -blooded blood, pre -surgery, ureteral surgery, general surgery, vascular surgery consultation, urgent", I have raised this patient to the "highest treatment"

Once the mask is broken and bleeds, the blood is surged, and it cannot be controlled at all, unless surgery before it is not broken

The child’s parents are a little overwhelmed, but when I am verbally informing: when the disease is critical, the two words, they can't even believe

The doctor is here, we look around the B -ultrasound together, we are watching B -ultrasound, other patients are looking at us, they can feel that such a "lineup" shows how dangerous the child's illness is

I don't want to believe that my judgment is correct, but the development of the B -ultrasound is so clear -the abdominal aortic is widening and the abdominal blood is accumulated.

The teacher of the general surgery shook his head, and the doctor of the vascular surgery also stated that he could not complete such surgery in our hospital. He explained to the patient's parents and walked out of the rescue room

Watching the doctor left one by one, the child’s mother really realized the seriousness of the problem

"Doctor, doctor, please, save my child, just 21 years old, I just have such a child, please" mother crying and pulling my white clothes

what can I do? I can't save him anymore, I want to say, but I dare not say it

"Hurry up, call 120, transfer to the hospital, go to Anzhen, and go outside Fu, maybe you can still do it."

The mother's eyes are full of hope, that is the desire for life

The child's father hurriedly took out the phone

I took the phone in the rescue room and started to use blood and receive the hospital on the way

The nurse surrounds the child, soothe him, and the eyes dare not leave the guardian

"Doctor, doctor, 120 without a car, what should I do if there is no car?" The child's father ran in panic

"Wait for it again." I gritted my teeth and looked at the table, time 19:30

I walked to the child, "Don't be afraid, don't force it, don't move, see how anxious your parents, you have to be strong."

The child's mother was lying under his feet, and the tears kept flowing: "Son, it's okay, let's go to Anzhen, where can you cure your illness, don't move, don't move, good son, listen to the doctor's words." Mom wiped tears and pulled the child's hand, "Don't scare your mother, mother can't stand it."

Finally, the child’s mother still did not hold back, the nurse helped her to the bed aside

"Doctor, 120 still has no car." The child’s father almost yelled at me

"120,999 are playing, the child fucks 999, you hit 120, which one has a car, which one can be used quickly." The moment I said this sentence, I suddenly felt that the BB sound of the monitoring heart rate became slower. Over

"Blood pressure, fast, blood pressure measurement, two sides once every 5 minutes, go to the blood, open the third vein channel." I roared the nurse

Because the heart rate has fallen to 80 times/minute, it means that the amount of bleeding is increasing

"Doctor, I'm uncomfortable, I'm thirsty," the child shouted me weakly

There is really no way to meet at that time, so I can only look forward to the ambulance quickly.

Only doctors and nurses can understand the feeling of planting.

120,999 still has no vehicles that can be assigned, all of which are performing first aid tasks. I look at the child’s mother. When she gathers with me, I tried to avoid

"Doctor", didn't wait for her to say something, I lowered my head and answered, "Don't give up"

Children's father is still calling for an emergency call

"There is no blood pressure on the side, 70/40 on one side, the heart rate has fallen," the nurse continued to report

I looked at the pale face of the child, and that breathing that was hard again

"You two come over and come here." I called my parents' parents over. When I was sober at the end of the child, let them look at each other a few more and say two more words.

I stood aside, the nurse stood aside, and other patients were looking at it here.

I looked at the nurse, and one was already wiping tears. I waved her hand and motioned to let them see them.

I blinked and worked hard to make my eyes no longer blur, but my chest was like a big stone. I couldn't breathe.

"Blood is here, blood is here" The nurse really ran in

Dozens of pairs of eyes in the rescue room gathered to the door

"Son, it's okay, it's okay, the blood comes, and the blood comes back. It's okay, hurry up, fast, 120, 120", the child's father speaks himself. At that moment, I felt that he seemed to be a lot older, and it seemed that the person seemed to have no soul "40 times/min, and the bilateral blood pressure was unpredictable." The nurse continued to report.

"Please, please, prepare for intubation", my words are so weak

"Mom ~" Suddenly the child yelled, although the voice was not very clear, but we all heard it all heard

In an instant, the child's parents hurriedly surrounded

"Mom, why haven't the ambulance come yet?"

At that moment, I cried, the nurse cried, but the child's parents did not.

At that moment, I hated myself without the ability, hated myself, could not save him, and even I hated my hospital why couldn't perform such surgery

At that moment, I let tears flow down

Until I called out the word "rescue" again, because the electrocardiogram of the time had become straight, the child's breathing had stopped

We are doing the rescue of no results. No one speaks, and it is silently performing our own operation.

The child’s parents are outside the door, and the children’s relatives have come one after another

They hug each other, cry, and help ~~~

One of the relatives of the child is a surgeon retired doctor in our hospital. He looked at me and looked at me

"What disease?"

"Abdominal aortithic tumor rupture and bleeding", I dare not look up at him

"Hey, fate, our hospital can't perform this surgery. In fact, even if you can go to a specialist hospital, this operation may not be performed.

I think he might tell his family how dangerous this disease, or then comfort them.

"Doctor, why don't you have 120 cars? Why, delayed my child, and returned my child."

"Actually, even if there are really 120, the child may not be able to carry it on the operating table." I tried to explain hard and comforted it ~~~

But I thought in my heart: If there are really 120 transfer in time, it really arrives all the way all the way, and the child is really on the operating table. Maybe, it may, maybe it will be saved. Although there is only one trace, but ~~

Hey ~~~

Afterwards, I encountered the 120 car group on duty on the same day and asked where they would be

The driver's answer was: A villager and neighbor had a mouthful, couldn't afford to fall to the ground, and did not come to the hospital for examination. He did not let the ambulance go. After the police came to settle the compensation, he patted his butt and said: "120 is charged? They (her neighbors) are going, and this heavy snowy day is frozen to me. " Only the first aid task was canceled

Think of the last sentence of the child's life:

"Mom, why haven't the ambulance come yet?"


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