Why is the more white hair grow?You think it's old, doctor: or lack of these nutrients

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Why is the more white hair grow?You think it's old, doctor: or lack of these nutrients

2022-05-16 00:10:17 27 ℃

"Husband, I came out again, I bought my hair cream, you dyed me!"

"You are young at this age, why do you have so much white hair and you have to be stained every month. I think you still do n’t dye.

"Saying and talking, there must be something lacking in white hair, what does it have to do with hair dyeing?"

"Then you should go to the doctor, what's the use of dry dyeing hair?"

Ms. Wang is only 33 years old this year, but she has a lot of white hair, and has been many years. She can only cover her hair to cover her white hair. Otherwise, it looks ugly and old. Time dyeing hair loss is also very powerful, which makes Ms. Wang very distressed.

In fact, this situation is very common, and it is even more common among middle -aged and elderly people, but now many young people also have white hair, and some even have white hair in their youth. It is undoubtedly a catastrophic existence.

So, what is the matter of white hair and what is caused by? Why do many young people also have white hair? How to improve? Let's talk about it in detail today.

Black hair is nothing new in life. Basically, when people reach a certain age, they will slowly grow white hair, which is one of the most typical features of aging.

Most people think that white hair is completely irreversible, and can only be changed by external means. In fact, we can talk about how white hair produces.

Asian hair is basically black because of the true melanin in the hair. True melanin is a type of melanin. It is generated by the body through a series of chemical processes. Generally speaking, it is related to tyrosine, tyrosinase and melanoma in the body.

Tyrosinic acid is a type of amino acid. It is the basic substance generated by the melanin of the body. It is like making the "raw material" of the finished product. Naturally without this ingredient, it cannot generate melanin. The tyrosine is related to the tyrosine. Pindine is a raw material for melanin. Tyrtinase is a "assistant" that processes the raw materials, which can promote the transformation of tyrosine and generate melanin; while the melanin promotes tyrosine, promotes tyrosine Enzyme synthesis.

In summary, the melanin enzyme is promoting melanin enzymes, tyrosinase catalyzed tyrosine, eventually produced melanin, and then runs into the hair through the body to make the hair black. Generate white hair. The lack of or damage to these three substances is more abundant to external factors.

There are many factors of white hair, and aging is only one of them.

Her white hair appears in the elderly in life, which is a physiological change. With the increase of age, the body's metabolism gradually slows down, the various organs of the human body are slowly declining, the tyrosine in the body will decrease accordingly, the tyrosine activity will also be reduced, and the skin follicles will continue to aging, forming melanin The ability will gradually weaken, and white hair will grow, so white hair has also become an important form of human aging.

It's just that they are not only middle -aged and elderly people. Many young people also have white hair. This is not caused by aging. It has a lot to do with daily bad living habits. For example, staying up late, overwork, and high spiritual tension will cause skin hair follicles to shrink state. , Reduce the capacity of the hair follicles, and eventually appear white hair.

However, there is another very important factor that caused the generation of white hair, which is the lack of nutrition and the improper daily diet. The white hair caused by this factor can be changed by diet, and it must be paid attention to. So which nutrients are missing? Let's tell you now.

The human body itself is a large and complete circular system. The organ operation of the body also has an independent system, as is the generation of hair. The hair follicles maintain the growth and replacement of hair by absorbing the nutrition provided by the skin and deep blood. If the body is lacking and the hair cannot be nourished, the hair yellow, split, and even white hair will occur. This is true of human hair. Which nutrients will cause gray hair?

● The first is the lack of trace elements such as copper, iron, and cobalt. Studies have found that the reason why hair is black is because its pigment particles contain various trace elements, such as copper, iron, cobalt, etc.

Trace elements have a very important role in the human body, especially copper and iron. Iron can participate in the manufacturing of hemoglobin and myoglobin, which can transport oxygen to all parts of the body, including hair. The nutrition absorbed in the hair is provided by blood circulation, and iron contributed in this process.

Copper elements can promote blood regeneration of human body, promote enzyme activity, and can also participate in the synthesis of multiple enzymes, such as tyrosinase, superal oxidase, etc. If there is a lack of copper elements in the body, the production of tyrosinase will suffer from the production of tyrosine. Impact, which makes hair white.

The Shaoguan Trace Element Science Research Association in Guangdong Province used the flame atom absorption method to determine the content of the trace element in 458 people's hair. Then the researchers counted the content of trace elements in normal people and white -haired people's hair. The results showed that the content of trace elements such as copper, iron, cobalt, and zinc in the hair with white hair was lower than that of the health group. The importance of these trace elements on hair pigments.

● Secondly, more and more white hair is because of the lack of vitamin B. Vitamin B is a must -have in the body's metabolism, including vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, vitamin B12, etc. These vitamin B complement each other, interacting, and key metabolic reactions with the human body. Can't be divided. These vitamin B can participate in the decomposition metabolism of protein, fat, and sugar in the body, promote cell metabolism, stimulate the growth of melanin, and play an important role in formation of melanin in hair. If one or more vitamin B family is lacking in the body, it will have a different impact on the body.

Such as: Vitamin B2 is an important part of participating in protein and amino acid coenzymes. It can promote fine, hair, and skin development. When vitamin B2 is deficient, it will cause symptoms such as cornealitis, tastitis, molting, white hair, and many people can see many people. The appearance of white hair has a lot to do with the lack of vitamin B2.

● In addition, protein deficiency can also lead to white. Protein is an important component of human cells and tissues. All organs in the human body contain protein and are one of the important nutrition necessary for the human body. Protein has an important role in the metabolic regulation of the body. It can also help the blood transportation of blood on oxygen, participate in antigen, antibody response, and coagulation mechanism.

Many reactions in the body are based on protein as biocuile enzymes. Most of the enzymes required for the body are protein, and tyrosinases like melanin formation are proteins. And the main component of our hair is also protein. After the hair is burned, there will be a burnt smell, which is the reason. Therefore, when the lack of protein in the human body can cause dry hair, rough, white, or even hair loss.

In general, in addition to aging, nutritional deficiency is also a very important factor, and the white hair caused by such factors can be restored. Daily life must pay attention to nutrition supplement. Darkness is related to their nutrition.

"It looks like Wuyun Development Committee, with a pointed bamboo shoots with a pointed bamboo", "The incense muscles flutter the Yaotai Moon, and the Cuisi cage pine the Chu Yunyun". The role. Many people in life feel "obstructive" and will unplug it unconsciously. Is it useful to pull off the white hair? Does it still grow?

There have always been rumors in life: "Pulling a white hair will grow ten white hair", this statement has no scientific basis, but it is not good to reflect the white hair to a certain extent.

As we all know, with the increase of age, white hair will become more and more. Many people will appear after pulling off their white hair. Over time, there is still an increase in white hair. The illusion of "pulling one long". But in fact, the increase in white hair has nothing to do with hair pulling hair, but it does not mean that it can be pulled out.

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that the production of white hair is fundamentally related to tyrosine, tyrosine, and melanoma. It is caused by problems in the internal mechanism. This hair follicle is still white again when it grows, so it can only be temporarily invisible, and it does not make much sense.

And often pulling white hair can also cause hair follicles damage, cause folliculitis, and severe cases can also cause permanent disappearance of the hair follicles, and the number of human hair follicles is certain. When harsure is damaged or disappeared, the hair follicles will cause hair follicles to cause hair follicles. If the number is reduced, the hair will become less. In short, the hair can make you bald. Therefore, there is no need to pull out white hair.

So how to prevent your hair white? What should I do if there is white hair?

Speaking of now, we already know that there are many factors that cause white hair, and aging is force majeure, but white hair caused by non -natural factors can still prevent and avoid.

补 Be sure to pay attention to nutritional supplements

In the article, we said that nutritional lack is an important reason for white hair. To prevent and supplement nutrition is essential. You can take more foods rich in protein and vitamins in life, such as eggs, milk, beans and other foods are rich in protein; most fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins.

律 To maintain the rules of schedule and relax.

As the saying goes, "Laughing for ten years and less, sadness and sorrow", showing how important emotions are for physical changes. Moreover, staying up late, excessive mental stress, etc. will cause endocrine disorders, causing metabolic problems, which will cause white to occur. Therefore, the regular health schedule is also very important.

晒 Daily washing and sun protection are also indispensable.

Pay attention not to high water temperature in daily shampooing, so as not to damage the hair scales and scalp of the hair. The hair temperature should not be too high. It is best to be 15-20 cm from the hair. In addition, ultraviolet rays can also cause damage to hair and scalp, pay attention to sun protection.

Finally, white hair caused by staying up late, excessive stress, and lack of nutrition, adjustment through work and rest habits, nutritional supplements, or traditional Chinese medicine conditioning can effectively improve white hair.


In short, no one wants to have white hair. The white hair caused by aging is a natural physiological change. We have no power to do it and don't need to care too much. However, the white hair caused by other non -natural factors can still be avoided or even improved. Therefore, we must pay attention to developing good living habits and eating habits in life, and also a healthy body.

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