Academician Sun Baoguo: Chinese liquor is nutritious and drinking properly is good for health. How much is an appropriate amount?

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Academician Sun Baoguo: Chinese liquor is nutritious and drinking properly is good for health. How much is an appropriate amount?

2022-05-16 00:10:27 25 ℃

In 2019, the academician and Sun Baoguo of the Chinese Academy of Engineering said at an awards ceremony: Chinese liquor is different from other liquor, containing a variety of nutrients and mineral elements, and drinking in moderation is good for our bodies. Once this paragraph was released, it caused a stir on the Internet at the time, and the opponents and supporters held their own words. Regarding whether drinking liquor is healthy, I think there should be a conclusion today.

For many years, the debate about liquor has never stopped. People who oppose it believe that liquor is the culprit of Chinese liver cancer, and countless liver has been under the destruction of alcohol for a long time. And liquor is also the fuse of many family contradictions. The noise after being drunk is also the beginning of many husbands and wives. People who support drinking liquor have different views: "Wine is fine food, the more you drink the younger the more you drink," white wine is made from grain. There are two kinds of people in a belly. In the future, it will have certain benefits to the body. As long as the amount of drinking can be controlled, it can avoid damage to the body. These arguments seem to make sense, so that the facts are more correct.

Drink a small glass of wine every day.

How much to drink is a "appropriate" drink?

Just as some people think that drinking in moderation, it will not cause damage. Do you know what is the real amount? Let the World Health Organization tell you the answer.

According to the standards released by the World Health Organization: Normal adults should not drink alcohol content a day should not exceed 30 grams. The domestic standards in my country are more stringent. According to the "Recommended Guidelines for Chinese Residents", Chinese men's daily drinking volume should not exceed 25 grams. This refers to the content of intake of pure alcohol. If it is calculated to white wine, it is about one or two liquor. If you change it to beer, do not exceed 700 milliliters. Do you dare to put on the wine table with one or two white wine? If you really carry a white wine to accompany the guests, I think it is better to drink tea. I believe that when you see this, you should know the appropriate amount you usually think, in fact, it is far more than normal alcohol intake.

The so -called appropriate amount of alcohol is actually just a saying that many people deceive themselves. Basically, as long as you drink, it will cause damage to the liver. At the same time, there is also such a saying on the market. The wine brewed in pure food is made from the essence of food. After drinking, it is good for the body. Many wine farms have also launched a lot of pure grains. What is the difference between these pure grains and ordinary liquor?

"Wine is fine food"? What is the difference between pure grain wine and ordinary liquor, one article tells you

Whether pure grain is in fact has a lot to do with wine brewing methods. Any kind of liquor contains grain ingredients, only different brewing methods. Among them, the proportion of grain is different.

Solid -state winemaking

This brewing method is to use pure grains for solid fermentation, and other additives or organic matter are not added during the production process. Put the cleaned grain in the ground tank, and finally produce pure grains after a series of processes.

Liquor winemaking and solid fluid binding method

This refers to adding starch and sugar to the raw materials when the grain grain is the main ingredient. This replaces part of the food and adds more flavor to the taste of wine. This is also a common non -pure grain and wine on the market.

If you want to distinguish between the two, we need to compare the composition of the two wines. Regardless of the wine, most of the composition of the substance is alcohol, which is often referred to as ethanol. It's just that non -pure grains may contain some sugar substances, and the taste is softer. But there is no healthy saying in pure grains. Therefore, "wine is fine food" is wrong. Even pure grain and wine promoted in advertisements will cause damage to the body.

Speaking of liquor, many families are deeply disgusted with this, especially many female readers. I don't know how many women have to endure their husbands drunk all year round. But do men who drink alcohol think they have nothing to do with themselves? Many readers think that after seeing related articles, they will think that they have not seen something for so many years, and they will even list the people they know. sex. Today we use a data to see how far you are from liver cancer.

A small glass of wine every day, drink 400,000 liver cancer patients in China

According to data released by the World Health Organization International Cancer Research Agency, the incidence of liver cancer in China has risen to fifth in 2020, and the mortality rate has reached the second place. In just one year, more than 400,000 new liver cancer patients in China, nearly 390,000 people died under the muzzle of liver cancer in the same year.

We heard the truth of water droplets when we were young, and liver cancer was not suddenly waking up. It must be a long -term accumulation. Maybe you still feel that your liver is ironed today, but tomorrow you may find that you have suffered from liver cancer. The reason why you try to persuade everyone to control drinking is not only because of the high prevalence of liver cancer, but also a reason is that the mortality rate of liver cancer is extremely high.

The reason why drinking is terrible, the death rate of liver cancer is also one of the reasons

The disease follows the principle of "early discovery and early treatment". The more terrible diseases, the earlier the discovery can bring more opportunities for treatment. The same is true of terrible cancer. If everyone can find a disease in the early stages of cancer, the cancer is also very probably cured. But liver cancer is a special case in cancer. After the liver occurs, it will not cause strong pain. After many people suffer from liver cancer, they just feel uncomfortable with the liver. Often, when you feel pain, liver cancer may have developed to advanced. At this time, Da Luo Jinxian could not save your life. So don't think that you are not sick now, it means your liver is healthy. Every drop of wine you drink will not lie. These alcohol will continue to destroy your liver tissue for a moment, knowing that the liver's health is completely broken. Do you dare to drink now?

In modern society, wine is not only a drink, it also represents social symbols. Whether you make friends, talk about business, and company gatherings, you can't do without drinking. Many people want to quit alcohol, and it is often difficult to do. But we can drink two less glasses than usual every time we drink, and when we encounter unimportant wine bureaus, we can also try to push them away. Now the introduction of the drunk driving method has also provided a new idea for many people to block wine, driving to the banquet, who dares to persuade him to talk about his life. These are never the obstacles to your drinking. If you can really recognize the dangers of drinking and are willing to take action, I believe everyone can do it.

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