What are the changes that persist in eating garlic every day?

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What are the changes that persist in eating garlic every day?

2022-05-16 06:08:29 19 ℃


Garlic is a common ingredient in kitchen. It is often eaten as seasoning. Garlic has the reputation of natural antibiotics. This is mainly due to the garlic in the garlic. Harryin can have the effect of anti -inflammatory and sterilization, and can reduce cholesterol synthesis, reduce blood lipids, Concentration and greasy.

What are the changes in people who insist on eating garlic every day? Let me take a look at it.

What do you get in the end? I may understand after reading it

Garlic can not only have the effect of clearing the fragrance, but also the nutritional elements can also directly activate the human body's immune molecular function, bringing benefits to the body:

1. Sterilization and detoxification

The ingredients contained in garlic account for 21.5%of the total ratio of the total, which is similar to the function of pharmacological anti -inflammatory drugs and antibiotic drugs. They can activate the human body's immune molecules and play a role in antibacterial and anti -inflammatory.

Eating a petal of garlic every day can not only care for oral health, but also prevent the symptoms of gastritis, white throat, malaria, and typhoid fever. It can also have the effect of anti -inflammatory sterilization and detoxification.

The body's immune resistance ability is weakened, and it is easy to lead to external bacteria and viruses entering the body. We can reduce the chance of being infected by eating garlic.

2. Detoxic intestines

Garlic can kill Helicobacter pylori in the stomach. Usually eating garlic properly can effectively prevent the emergence of stomach diseases, accelerate digestion, promote appetite, excrete the toxins and garbage in the stomach, and make the body healthier.

3. Prevent malignant tumors

The occurrence of many diseases in the human body seems to be sudden. In fact, it is very related to not preventing prevention. In addition to optimistic attitude, some nutrients contained in foods can also help the human body to resist disease.

The occurrence of cancer is due to weak human immune system, and garlic has the effect of improving the immune system, which can not only enhance the human body's antioxidant capacity, but also enhance the immune metabolic function. Very helpful.

4. Prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Affected by the diverse factors of diet today, people with chronic metabolic diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in my country are also rising. Such diseases are no longer just patents for middle -aged and elderly people, and they are becoming more and more young.

Garlic contains alkaline ingredients, which can promote its own blood vessel dilation, and can stabilize the effect of lowering blood pressure and lipid -lowering. Personal blood circulation speed dilutes the concentration of blood, reducing lipoprotein and fat ingredients.

5. Protect the liver and regulate blood sugar

Garlic can also play the effect of protecting the liver and regulating blood sugar. Garlicin can promote the synthesis of liver glycogen in the liver, and the level of insulin levels in human plasma achieves the effect of protecting the liver and hypoglycemic. Eating garlic appropriately can effectively protect the liver and stabilize blood sugar.

Recommended snack prescription -garlic vinegar

Garlic vinegar is relatively refreshing, and it can also play a role in digestion, gagging, detoxifying and eliminating redness. People with yin deficiency and fire cannot eat garlic.

Garlic fever is easy to make the liver fire too strong, but the vinegar soaked vinegar can reduce the taste of garlic itself. People with strong shade can eat garlic appropriately, help to remove harmful substances in the stomach, effectively stimulate gastric mucosa, and achieve digestion and digestion and digestion and digestion and Improve gastrointestinal conditions.

How to save the peeled garlic?

1. Refrigerator storage

First of all, we need to put the peeled garlic in a sealed plastic bag, and then store it directly in the refrigerator of the refrigerator. This is the most effective and most efficient preservation method.

This storage method can prevent water loss and inhibit the germination of garlic, ensure that the garlic does not depreciate, and the preservation time is about 7 days, and the refrigerator temperature is about 0 to 10 degrees.

2. Storage of the oven

First of all, we can disinfect the peeled garlic with a microwave oven, put the garlic in the microwave oven, work for 2 to 3 minutes, and then remove the garlic and put it in a clean plastic bag. The saving time will be longer.