This table is recommended to memorize it!

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This table is recommended to memorize it!

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Health Table


Twelve hours a day,

A meridian flow through a meridian,

The first and tails are connected, like the ring no reason,

Master your body,

I have mastered the secret of longevity and health!

Zi Time: 23: 00-1: 00


Bile Sutra: Sleeping! Gold requires metabolism, and people can sleep when they fall asleep when they are children. At this time, the heart function is the weakest.

Ugly time: 1: 00 —— 3: 00


Liver Meridian: Deep Sleep! This period is the best time for the repair of the liver. The abandoned blood needs to be eliminated, the fresh blood needs to be produced, and it is completed in ugliness. At this time, we must enter a deep sleep state to make the liver sufficient energy. If you do not sleep, the liver is still output energy to support people's thinking and actions, and you cannot complete metabolism and are susceptible to liver disease.

Yin Shi: 3: 00 —— 5: 00


Corresponding meridian: lung meridians. The Yin and Yang of the Great Di was transformed from the moment, and from the yin to yang. At this time, the human body also entered the yin and yin. During this time, the lungs are the most prosperous, and the liver provides blood to the lungs and send it to the whole body through the lungs. The human body needs a lot of breathing oxygen. Patients with lung disease and asthma are better than regular administration during the day.

Time: 5: 00-7: 00


Large intestine: defecation! It is best to drink a glass of warm water before. During this time, the large intestine was strong. The process was to absorb water and nutrition in food, and excreted residue.

Time: 7: 00-9: 00


Stomach meridian: Don't forget to eat breakfast! At this time, the body is constantly secreting gastric acid. If you are hungry for a long time, the body will have gastric ulcers, gastritis, duodenitis, and cholecystitis!

Shi time: 9: 00-11: 00


Spleen meridian: drink water! (Drink plenty of water at this time) The spleen is the general scheduling of digestion, absorption, and excretion. The spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow. Spleening: Gelish red bean yam porridge (food supplement).

Noon: 11: 00-13: 00


Heart Sutra: Take a while. The heart promotes blood operation, nourish, nourish qi, and nourish tendons. Being a nap for a while, it is good for nourishing the heart, which can make it energetic in the afternoon and even at night. But it is best not to take a nap for more than 30 minutes.

Weishi: 13: 00-15: 00


Small intestine meridian: Small intestine meridian will adjust the nutrition of people a day when it is not. If the small intestine is hot, the human body will hit the exhaust. Therefore, lunch should be eaten before 1:00 pm, and nutrients must be absorbed into the human body.

Shen Shi: 15: 00-17: 00


Bladder meridian: urination! The bladder drain the water out of the body. If the bladder has heat, it can cause the bladder to cough, that is, cough and urine. At this time, the bladder is the most active, suitable for drinking plenty of water. Do not urinate at this time, and it is easy to "urinate".

00: 17: 00-19: 00


Kidney meridian: The kidney is the essence of reproduction and the essence of the five internal organs. Kidney is the root of innate. "The person who passed the time of Shen Shi was detoxifying, and the kidney entered the time of storage at the time of storage. This is the moment of a man. For those who have problems with kidney function and massage the kidney meridian at this time, the effect is the most obvious.

Time: 19: 00-121: 00


Cardius Sutra: Keep your mood comfortable! During this time, it is best to create the conditions for sleeping in peace to maintain a peaceful mentality.

Hai Time: 21: 00-23: 00


Sanjiao Jing: Sleeping! At this time, the largest three coke on the human body operates, and you need to host the Qi and clear the waterway. Hai Shi Sanjiao has a hundred pulses, which can rest.


We have to follow our own physical condition

Choose a suitable health time.

Everyone's health treasures, diverse diets are adjusted by you.

Cabbage diuretic detoxification, cucumber to lose weight is effective.

Radish eliminates the spleen and stomach, and mushrooms suppress cancer cells.

Clear heat and detoxify horse tooth grass, salt and vinegar anti -drug and anti -inflammatory.

The chives are appetizing in the warmth, and can nourish the kidneys and warm the knees.

Eat the vein of loofah in summer, and celery can lower blood pressure.

Gangua good medicine reduces blood sugar, onion ginger hot soup cure a cold.

Peanuts can lower cholesterol and have good phlegm after raw pear.

The fungus anti -cancer, the lotus root except for the sake of alcohol.

Hawthorn weight loss hernia, yam benefit kidney reduction diabetes.

Eat intestine eats pig blood, and the qi is short and weak.

Nutrients are rich in carrots, and they are not old often.

Spicy garlic to kill bacteria to inhibit cancer kiwi.

Kelp prevent leukemia, and the blood pressure is also very good.

Red beans detoxify medical scabies, mung bean to relieve heat and cool down.

Elderly use aloe vera, women's beauty is not easy to grow old.

Bai Jiming's eyes were flat, and Huang Juya made tea.

High -pressure and low -pressure amaranth, the bottom of the eye bleeding amaranth.

Golden needle flower buds cure yellow acne, fresh fire elm money is good.

Radish reducing sputum and flatulence, gourd beans swelling and diuretic.

Red dates nourish qi and nourish their hearts, and have good skin with porridge and jujube.

Shengjin An Shen belongs to black, moisturizing lung Wufa to eat walnuts.

Banana stool to dispel fire, and the onion garlic detoxification mosquito does not bite.

Prevent stroke of seaweed seaweed, and the cerebral blood vessels are good.

Eczema itching with peppercorns, often eat onions to remove lesions.

Spinach contains iron blood supplement to prevent anti -aging of anemia.

The whole body of wolfberry is treasure, and the longevity cannot be left without life.

The elderly do not forget to eat sweet potatoes, and the laxative to prevent cancer has strange effects.

Clear heat and detoxify to eat toon, good spleen and qi.

Persist in eating tomatoes often, and black spots naturally disappear.

Figs without figs, high medicinal value of fruit and leaves.

Swelling and pain in the throat, and the hemorrhoids were washed and washed.Tomit cough, expectorant and winter melon, edema nephritis is also treated.

Pumpkin to eliminate inflammation and nourish qi, health and disease are very wonderful.

Always eat bean dregs, and prevent cancer.