5 kinds of fish, try to eat as little as possible

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5 kinds of fish, try to eat as little as possible

2022-05-16 12:13:54 22 ℃

"Fish" is an indispensable food on our table.

Whether it is a family gathering or the New Year's Eve, the existence of fish is inseparable from the dining table.

And the protein content damaged in fish meat is relatively abundant, the fat content is relatively low, and contains unsaturated fatty acids.

China Dietary Guide Suggestions: Adults should consume 280 ~ 500 grams of aquatic products every week.

Eat more fish, which not only supplements the protein in the fish, but also reduces fat intake, and limits the accumulation of total heat.

Although eating more fish is good for your body, there are also these kinds of fish. It is recommended to eat less.

Nutritional value of fish meat

1. Fish: Fish is rich in nutritional value, as well as vitamin D, vitamin AB, ethnic vitamin with iron, phosphorus and potassium iodine, etc., as well as nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids and high -quality protein.

2. Fish scales: Fish scales contain choline ingredients, protein components, and unsaturated fatty acid sulfur and other minerals have the auxiliary effect of reducing hypertension and hyperlipidemia heart disease.

3. Fish bone: Fish bone is also the fishbone that we often call, which contains trace elements such as calcium elements. After softening, the nutritional ingredients are more likely to be absorbed by the human body.

4. Fishe liver: The liver of fish is a place where a variety of nutrients stored in the body, such as vitamin A vitamin D, vitamin E iron and other trace elements, but the purine component is also relatively high, which is not suitable for gout patients.

5. Fish brain: The fish brain contains unsaturated fatty acids to help children's brain development and help prevent dementia.

6. Fish intestines: The fat content of fish intestines is very low. The content of protein is no less than that of fish.

7, fish eyes: fish eyes are rich in vitamin B1, and unsaturated fatty acids such as 20 carbon 5 ole acid. These nutrients can enhance people's memory and logical thinking ability.

What are the benefits of eating more fish?

1. Eating more fish will make people smarter. The fish is rich in DNA. It is mainly stored in the human brain, retinal nerves, and maintaining the activity of the brain and the normal function of the retina.

2. Eating more fish helps the human body's growth and development. The protein contained in the fish is equivalent to 600 grams of eggs or 850 grams of pork per 500 grams. It is the carrier of human life.

3. Eat more fish can reduce its own cholesterol, triglycerides, and most of the fat in fish meat are unsaturated fatty acids, and it is easy to be digested and used by the human body.

4. There are many benefits of eating more fish in pregnant women. According to research, if pregnant women eat fish every week, the probability of eczema in infants will decrease by 47%in the future.

What kind of fish is recommended to eat less?

NO1: Girl sashimi

As people's diet concepts are becoming more and more open, many people have begun to try food that they have not tried, such as sashimi. The sashimi is derived from Japan, and the Japanese often treat sashimi as a staple food.

And our country also has a higher and higher pursuit of food. Many people are curious and fresh about sashimi of sashimi. They believe that this way of eating raw eating can save nutrients in the meat.

However, it is worth noting that if you eat a lot of sashimi, it is easy to induce parasitic infection (tapeworms, labiawes, etc.) to affect the health of the intestine.

It will not only increase the burden and pressure of the body organs, but also eat sashimi for a long time, which will also cause cells to develop lesions of disease genes, which is not conducive to physical health. Therefore, it is better to eat less fish like sashimi.

NO2: pickled fish

Salted fish and marinated fish are all special foods in various places. Through the method of pickling, they will be taken after the ban on the quality of the ban on the quality. The taste is very good, and the fish is rich in chewy. Essence

However, the pickled fish is like pickled pickles. It is usually applied to some edible salt during the marinating process. During the placement, it will produce a certain amount of nitrite, which is a substance that is harmful to the human body.

If you eat pickled fish for a long time, nitrite will combine with the protein in the human body after entering the human body to form nitrosamine, causing nutritional loss.

Frequent fish marinated fish not only cannot obtain sufficient nutrition, but also induce gastrointestinal discomfort and cause gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, marinated salted fish, it is recommended not to eat more.

NO3: votular fish

Bringing fish is the most commonly eaten fish in our daily life, especially the New Year's Eve. Every family will buy some fish, fried fish pieces, and be deeply loved by everyone. It is also an indispensable dish on the table.

After cooking, there will be a unique flavor and smell, enhancing people's appetite, and roughly good treatment. The meat is tender and delicious. The more you eat, the more you want to eat.

However, it is worth noting that in order to reduce their own costs, many merchants will be soaked with formaldehyde to soak fish. The treatment of selling treatment will look more fresh and huge.

Eating such a fish often makes more formaldehyde accumulate in the body, endangering your physical health. Once the formaldehyde in the body exceeds the standard, it will induce the arrival of leukemia.

NO4: Defensive Fish

Do not eat malformed fish. It may be caused by chemical poisoning. Dead turtles and catfish cannot be eaten. They have produced a lot of harmful substances, and the fish gall should not be eaten.

Some people think that several types of fish cannot be eaten, so they can eat the internal organs and eyes of fish. In fact, this is also incorrect. The body shape has caused harm and pollution during the growth process.The internal organs, organs and eyeballs in the body have all suffered a certain source of pollution. Therefore, not only the appearance cannot be eaten, but it is not recommended to eat internal organs.

NO5: burning caravan fish

After the fish is burnt, it will release a strong carcinogen. This burnt rain cloth is recommended to use, because the fish is amino acid that constitutes protein, and the amino armor derivatives will form after being burnt.

This substance is more intense and carcinogenic than chloride acrylamide, so eating such fish often will undoubtedly bring serious burdens and pressure on the body.

If in daily life, the fish is accidentally burnt, it is recommended: It is best not to eat it to avoid adverse effects on the human body.