Women's abdominal pain in the stool for medical treatment, the doctor said that "okay" died of illness the next day, and anatomy found liver failure

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Women's abdominal pain in the stool for medical treatment, the doctor said that "okay" died of illness the next day, and anatomy found liver failure

2022-05-20 12:38:08 20 ℃

"Today, your hospital must tell me a word. If you can't tell me, don't continue to open it!" This is what the reporter heard in an interview with Xinyang Central Hospital in Henan Province recently. It is understood that Xinyang Central Hospital is the only three -level hospital in the city and one of the largest comprehensive hospitals in the country. The annual outpatient volume is nearly 1 million. Outside the hospital, a man pulled up a banner to shout to the hospital. His wife died of misdiagnosis by the doctor yesterday.

Under the communication of the medical department, the man promised to transfer the matter to the law.

The deceased surnamed Zhang, a resident of a community in Guangzhou, married 32 and 26 years old. He was happy in marriage, but never thought that there would be tomorrow.

After the meal, the abdominal pain was severe, and the hospital was sent to the hospital for "indigestion."

On the evening of April 10, 2022, Ms. Zhang prepared for today's dinner in advance. When her husband went home from get off work, her husband came in about 10 minutes, because she ate it that night, and Ms. Zhang's husband opened red wine. Want to have two glasses with your wife.

After dinner, Ms. Zhang began to organize the tableware, and her husband was going to take a bath. When Ms. Zhang usually went to the bathroom, the sound of pots and pans suddenly came to the kitchen. The seriousness of the kitchen ran to see Ms. Zhang lying on the ground and covered her stomach with her face pain.

Helpless, her husband gave his son only 3 years old to his neighbors, and he took his wife to drive to a nearby private hospital. This hospital was called good medical skills and strong professionalism.

After checking the blood test and abdomen B -ultrasound, the doctor said to Ms. Zhang's husband: "Your wife is not a problem, the indicator is normal. It may be that eating is too anxious to cause gastroenteritis. Just clean up the needle." I usually have a good body. How can I have such a problem? She immediately went to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. The doctor asked after inquiring in detail: it was caused by eating snacks during pregnancy. Husband was relieved, and quickly took his wife to hang a needle.

After hanging the needle, it was at 1:00 at midnight. The doctor prescribed some healthy stomach and eliminating medicine for Ms. Zhang, and then sent them away. At this time, Ms. Zhang's state had improved a lot, and basically she could stand by herself.

After returning home for medicine, Ms. Zhang began to defecate. In just 3 hours, Ms. Zhang had already stood 9 times. Ms. Zhang's husband said, "My wife has been in the third time. He kept telling me blood in the stool. "So they went to the hospital for examination and the doctor diagnosed acute enteritis. After treatment, the patient's symptoms were relieved. But soon after, Miss Zhang had abdominal pain, abdominal distension and other phenomena. He went to see the doctor. After pulling 9 times, the toilet was almost bleeding.

If stomach pain may be acute gastroenteritis, cholecystitis, and appendicitis, of course, it is not just the problem of gastrointestinal digestion. My wife drove to the hospital immediately after rest.

The second examination, doctor: peace of mind at home

Because of the closer distance, Ms. Zhang and her husband went to which private hospital she went to the first time she went to check, but this time she changed a new doctor. When Ms. Zhang said her symptoms, the doctor calmly "um," "For a moment, I even brushed a blood checklist and CT order without raising her head, and then Ms. Zhang's husband said," Look at the doctor, we all want to go, but my wife can no longer go. Can't waste time ... ".

After completing all the examinations, Miss Zhang brought the report back to the doctor's clinic. The doctor casually took the blood test report and CT. After looking at the eyes, he said, "No problem, go home."

Ms. Zhang's husband had some doubts that she heard it wrong. After all, blood in the stool was bleeding. This is a very serious problem. The doctor did not do any examinations or prescribed any medicine. Let them go back directly? What should I do! Is it really going to go to the hospital to see a doctor? If not, can you go home? Ms. Zhang's concerns have some truth, but she still finds a way to see the condition before deciding whether to continue treatment. At least you have to go to the hospital to find out the reason.

Ms. Zhang's husband asked, "Do you really need not be hospitalized? Are you really good?" Miss Zhang replied: "I am a person working outside, and it is not convenient to go home, so I live I went to the hospital for a medical examination. "" Can you go back to work? "The husband asked. "Well," the doctor looked at him in vain. In the case of repeated confirmation of the problem, Ms. Zhang and her husband returned home.

It was more than 5 o'clock in the morning when I got home. Ms. Zhang's husband was really uneasy about his wife's problem, so she took a test sheet and gave it to her sister who was a doctor in the Municipal Sanjia Hospital, but after all, it was more than 5 am. It is impossible for my sister to return to him. Ms. Zhang asked on the phone: "Why do you do this?" "Because I was busy at work, I didn't have time to tell him." "Can you tell him?" "I know. After my husband settled his wife, he poured himself down. Sleep.

At 7 o'clock in the morning, my husband was awakened by the wet feeling, and touched it with his hands. The following sheets were all blood, and then saw his wife pale, died for a long time ...

At this moment his phone bell rang, her husband picked up the phone sadly, and his sister's nervous voice came from the other side of the phone: "Is the report you read to me? Many, why do you say so dangerous yesterday, you are there, why not hospitalize? "At this time, Ms. Zhang's husband said with a cry and said," Sister, this is Xiaoli ... Damn bleeding is the same.... I want to play 120... "

When my sister doesn't believe it, I immediately call my brother to call the police and fight 120 ...

After the forensic anatomy, Ms. Zhang's blood test report showed that the azotraserase and the croaraminase were abnormally increased, which were caused by acute liver failure. Both were normal enzymes of the liver. The content does not increase or may be lower, but once the two increase, they will definitely represent the rupture of hepatocyte membrane, the azosamosamosamin, and the grass transformer.

But strangely, this is one of the most basic medical signs, and why did the attending doctor of this private hospital miss such an important indicator? It turned out that Ms. Zhang worked at a large company. Due to a dispute between work relationship and colleagues, she filed an application for resignation to the company. The company agreed that she continued to engage in related work after resigning and paid some wages. Ms. Zhang's husband was very sad, expressed puzzles and forgiveness about the matter, and insisted on tracing to the end.

The cause of hemorrhage caused by liver failure is very simple

The severity of this matter has attracted many people's attention. Forensic doctors in the remains of Miss Zhang said that patients with liver failure can cause coagulation factor deficiency, platelets can cause reduction, which causes the patient's coagulation function. Or the gastrointestinal artery is broken, and bleeding is as terrible as the landslide of the mountains. Patients can have a blood loss shock in a short time.

Of course, the cause of the death of Miss Zhang is not yet certain that the vein rupture of the door is currently not sure, but it is undoubtedly that the doctor has an unpredictable responsibility for the responsibility of the porcelane aminotransferase, and the grass transposition aminase and other important indicators can actually miss it?

Summary: Summary:.

As a doctor, when I saw such a thing, there was no other thought except for heartache. Miss Zhang was only 32 years old this year, and her children were only three years old. A revocation of a doctor's license, with a life and a dilapidated home that can't live with tens of millions of yuan.