Tomorrow Xiaoman, you have money and no money, remember "Eat more and 3 not to eat", conform to the season, not suffering in summer

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Tomorrow Xiaoman, you have money and no money, remember "Eat more and 3 not to eat", conform to the season, not suffering in summer

2022-05-20 18:20:48 16 ℃

Introduction: Xiaoman is the eighth solarian in the twenty -four solar terms, and it is also the second solar term in summer. At the time of Xiaoman, because the heavy rainfall was particularly frequent, at this time, "the rivers are getting full", so Xiaoman also reflects the season when the rain is abundant. In the north, the wheat is also full, but it is not completely full, so Xiaoman also reflects farmers. Whether a mature solar term. In Xiaoman, because of the active warm and humid air, the precipitation was abundant, and the temperature was still high, so in the small Manchu season, we also need to eat more seasonal foods to improve the body's immunity. And every year, I suggest everyone: Whether there is money or money, remember "3 more, 3, don't eat", and to eat in accordance with the season, we will not suffer in summer.

【3 Eat more】

The first: bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is the most suitable vegetable to be eaten at the time of Xiaoman, because the bitter gourd contains a variety of mineral elements, vitamins and other substances. These substances are combined to have the effects of "clearing heat and heat, nourishing blood, nourishing qi, and appetizing the spleen." Especially obese people, eat more bitter gourd appropriately, can also slowly lose weight.

【Cold Bitter Gourd】

[Preparation of raw materials]: one bitter gourd, 50 grams of onion shreds, 30 grams of cooked peanut rice, 4 grams of black fungus, 10 grams of garlic, 5 grams of pepper powder, 10 grams of pepper segment, 3ml of raw soy sauce, 3 grams of white sugar, 3ml of vinegar vinegar, 3ml of vinegar vinegar, 3ml of vinegar vinegar, 3ml of vinegar vinegar , A moderate amount of salt, edible oil.

[Method of Cold Mixed Bitter Gourd]:

Step 1: First wash the bitter gourd and remove the seeds, then cut the bitter gourd into a thin piece of 3 cm, then put the appropriate amount of water in the pot, boil the water on high heat, put the bitter gourd, edible oil, and salt into In the pot, remove the bitter gourd in the water for 40 seconds and remove it, and finally use cold water for later use.

Step 2: Put the black fungus in cold water for 10 minutes, then put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, boil the water on the high heat, put the black fungus in the pot, and simmer the water for 10 seconds to remove the spare spare spoices for 10 seconds. Essence

Step 3: Put the pepper powder, chili segment, minced garlic into the bowl, and then add a little oil in the pot. When the oil temperature is burned to 70 % hot, pour the oil into the bowl, then put the white sugar and vinegar vinegar and vinegar. Put all the soy sauce in the bowl and stir well.

Step 4: Put all bitter gourd, onion, peanut rice, and black fungus in the plate, then drizzle with the sauce, and then stir well to eat.

Second: mung beans

In the small full season, sometimes the maximum temperature will reach more than 30 degrees Celsius, and the high temperature and high humidity environment will make people feel uncomfortable, so I suggest that you drink more mung bean soup every day, because mung bean soup has "clearing heat and relieving heat, reducing heat and replenishing the heat" and so on. Function, whenever we are in a bad mood, drinking a bowl of room temperature mung bean soup can make our mood more pleasant. When it is small, do not drink ice in mung bean soup. Eat more cold food, which will also exacerbate moisture gathering.

【Green bean soup】

[Preparation of raw materials]: 100 grams of mung bean, sugar, and water.

[Method of mung bean soup]: First clean the mung beans, then put all the mung beans and water into the casserole, cook the mung beans for 30 minutes, then put the rock sugar in the pot, and continue to cook for 10 minutes to eat.

Third: catfish

Intlin is the fish that I most recommend everyone to eat during the small Manchu period, because catfish is rich in "protein, iron, calcium, multiple vitamins" and other substances. Eat more catfish, can nourish blood and nourish qi, enhance immunity, and enhance immunity. So that we do not suffer in summer!

【Powder steamed catfish】

[Preparation of raw materials]: 500 grams of catfish, 3ml of raw soy sauce, 5 grams of chopped pepper sauce, 50 grams of rice noodles, 5 grams of minced garlic, 30ml vinegar, 2 grams of chicken essence, 2 grams of white sugar, 2 grams of black pepper powder, 5 grams of black pepper 3 grams of grams, 3 grams of dried pepper, salt and edible oil.

[Practice of steaming catfish]:

Step 1: First, clean the catfish, and then cut the catfish into a 5 cm long section for later use.

Step 2: Put raw soy sauce, chopped pepper sauce, minced garlic, salt, pepper, chicken essence, white sugar, and a little edible oil in the catfish and stir well, then marinate the catfish for 5 minutes, and then pickle it. Put the made of catfish pieces in the rice noodles and roll it in a circle, so that the catfish is made of a little rice noodles on each side.

Step 3: Put the catfish pieces wrapped in rice flour into the bowl, then put the bowl in the steamer, and steam the catfish for 20 minutes on the high heat.

Step 4: Drizzle the vinegar into catfish, then sprinkle with pepper, dried peppers, and then drizzle with hot oil. It is best to sprinkle with coriander to eat.

【3 Do not eat】

The first type: Do not eat foods with heavy moisture

When Xiaoman, due to the large precipitation and high temperature, the humidity in the air was relatively large, so when it was Manchu, we should not eat foods with heavy moisture, because the body and in vitro are heavy, which can easily lead to weak spleen and stomach, and while the spleen and stomach are weak, and the spleen and stomach are weak, and the spleen and stomach are weak. Long -term spleen and stomach weakness will reduce immunity, so in small Manchu, do not eat foods with heavy moisture, such as ice cream, cold drinks, fried food.

Second type: Do not eat pickled food

In Xiaoman season, I do n’t recommend everyone to eat “pickled food” because pickled food is a kind of high -salt food, and eating more high -salt food will not only increase the burden on the liver of the human body, but also prone to ulcers and inflammation of inflammation and inflammation. , So for the health of the family, it is best not to buy pickled food.

Third: Do not eat greasy food

Fat, fried foods, etc., such as high oil content, I suggest that you do not eat in small full -time season, because too greasy foods will affect the transportation of the spleen, so that the water in the body will be wet. Symptoms such as loss of appetite and reduced immunity.