5 major points of food safety, have you done right?

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5 major points of food safety, have you done right?

2022-06-23 00:51:20 9 ℃

Food is food to safety first

How can I eat safe and rest assured?

The World Health Organization puts forward 5 major points of food safety

Take a look

—— Five main points of food safety —————————

● Keep cleaning

● Raw cooked separation

● Food should be completely cooked and raised

● Save food at safe temperature

● Use safe water and food ingredients

keep clean


Wash your hands frequently

Before processing and preparing food, during the preparation of the food, the raw meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, and vegetables are prepared. After the toilet, contact pets, handle garbage, and wash hands before and before eating. Use liquid safe water when washing your hands, and then wipe your hands with paper towels or clean towels.


Tableware and kitchenware should be cleaned

When cleaning the tableware and kitchenware, wash, dry it with flowing safe water, and disinfect it often.


The kitchen environment should be cleaned

Keeping the kitchen air circulation, the ground, vegetable washing ponds and refrigerators should be cleaned; after washing and rags, they should be cleaned and completely replaced in time.

Cooked separation


Raw cooked foods to separate

Raw meat, poultry, eggs, seafood, vegetables, etc. should be packed in plastic preservation bags, paper bags or suitable containers and placed in the bottom layer of the refrigerator or freezer; Drinks and fruits should be placed in the upper layer of the refrigerator or freezer in the refrigerator; foods in the refrigerator should be cooked and separated to avoid cross -pollution.


The kitchenware and containers of processed food should be raw and cooked

The case board and tools that handle the food should be used separately, and they should be cleaned separately after use.

Food should be completely cooked


Cooking is cooked and burned

The correct cooking method and appropriate temperature can kill almost all harmful microorganisms. The temperature of cooking food reaches 70 ° C to help ensure safety. Therefore, processing meat, poultry, eggs, seafood and other foods should be cooked and burned, especially barbecue, meat filling, large pieces of meat and whole chicken. If low heat, due to the low temperature, it must be extended, that is, "slowly stew".


To be completely heated to eat again

After the temperature of the cooked food room is placed before eating, it should be heated twice; the raw cold cooked food taken from the refrigerator, especially the leftovers leftovers, can not be eaten directly. Be sure to completely heat, steam, cook, and heat through. Repeat the leftovers and leftovers, it is best not to exceed once.

Save food at safe temperature

Safe temperature refers to the temperature that is not suitable for microorganisms and breeding. Under the condition that below 5 ° C and above 60 ° C, most microorganisms can slow down the growth and reproduction of growth or stop growth. That is, 5 ° C-60 ° C, which is the hazardous temperature for unsafe food.


Unsafe at room temperature

At room temperature, cooked food should not be stored for more than 2 hours; cooked food and easy corruption foods should be stored (below 5 ° C); cooking foods should be kept above 60 ° C before eating. The longer the room temperature is placed, the greater the risk of the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. From the perspective of security, the food should be eaten immediately after the food is out.


Food is cooled and then stored in the refrigerator

If the warm food is placed directly in the refrigerator's refrigerator, it will cause the refrigerator to operate overload, the temperature of the food center cannot drop rapidly, and the pathogenic bacteria may take the opportunity to reproduce a large amount to achieve the number of poisoning. Therefore, wait for the food to cool down to room temperature and then put it in the refrigerator's refrigerator.


Don't freeze melted raw meat repeatedly

Before placing animal, poultry, seafood, etc., it is best to divide into small pieces before putting it in the freezer. Take small packs of food before each processing to avoid repeated freezing and accelerating corruption deterioration, or cause damage and loss of nutrients.


Clean the refrigerator regularly

"The refrigerator is not a safe." Whether it is refrigerated or freezing, don't store food for a long time. Once a long time or damage to the packaging, it is easy to cause cross -pollution, or the food corruption is deteriorated, losing the best edible value. Family homemade food should not be stored in the freezer of the refrigerator for more than one month; even if pre -packaged foods are not more than 3 months even during the shelf life. Eat first first. It is best not to eat food with too long time.


Do not buy or eat foods that exceed the shelf life.

Use safe water and food ingredients


Choose fresh vegetables and fruits, and do not have mildew main grains, beans, and peanuts, etc., and appropriately clean, peel, reduce risks.


The entire process of food production should be used to use safe water, including cleaning fruits and vegetables, processing foods, clean cooking utensils and tableware, and washing hands.


Do not need to process foods, rain, and snow water without treatment, to avoid food -oriented or water -based diarrhea caused by environmental pollution.

In summary, the "five main points of food safety" cover the key links of food processing from human to things, and refine the effective experience of preventing food -oriented diseases. It is suitable for food processing, catering units, especially family kitchens. May everyone start from me, pay attention to hygiene, raise good habits, and "get into the mouth" level!