Reading Trailer | CACA Guide Reading Tour (Station 26) -Eye Tumor

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Reading Trailer | CACA Guide Reading Tour (Station 26) -Eye Tumor

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Eye malignant tumors are malignant tumors that occur in the eyelids, conjunctiva, eye, tearr and orbital. The incidence is low, and most of them are primary. A small number of successors may be in other parts or metastatic tumors. Eye malignant tumors mainly include basal cell carcinoma and sebaceous adenocarcinoma. Conjacosous malignant tumors are squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. The malignant tumors in the eyes are mainly retina's motherocytoma and urea melanoma. Tearr's malignant tumors are mostly lacrimal gland -like cystic cancer or lymphoma. In order to improve the clinical diagnosis and treatment level of eye tumors as soon as possible, benefit the majority of patients, and guide the concept of medical treatment, formulate and promote the guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of eye tumors, and promote the prevention of eye tumor prevention to the new step.

"China Tumor Integration and Treatment Guide (CACA)"

The China Anti -Cancer Association is the longest, largest, and most level national -level association in the oncology industry in my country. The Association organizes 2266 authoritative experts. It lasted more than 1 year and collectively compiled the completion of my country's first "China Cancer Integrated Diagnosis and Treatment Guide (CACA)". Essence The guide includes 53 kinds of tumors, up to 2370 pages, a total of 3.7 million words.

The CACA Guide has a high degree and grounding. Based on the international guidelines such as the United States NCCN and European ESMO, especially focusing on the epidemiological characteristics, genetic background, original research results, and diagnosis and control characteristics of the Chinese population. Features, taking into account medical treatment, reflecting integration thinking, is a tumor guideline specification system that has both Chinese characteristics and international vision.

In order to better promote the national promotion of the CACA guide, the association launched the "opening lecture" and organized the CACA guide to participate in experts to carry out the "CACA Guide Reading Series Tour" activity. "The core points of the main point are given to the authoritative lecture. Each scene is also invited to make wonderful comments on the spot on the spot to dedicate a" academic feast "for the majority of oncology medical workers.

"CACA Guide Reading Series Tour-Eye Tumor Special" "

The first tour of the "CACA Reading Series" will be launched at the Xijing Hospital of the Air Force Military Medical University from 15: 00-17: 00 on February 17, 2022. The first game will be the theme of "MDT To HIM) on the theme of" MDT To HIM). Professor Wang Guiyu, Gu Yanhong, Zhu Yan, Li Jun and other professors will gather in Xi'an in the ancient city to surround the incidence and mortality in my country. "Rectal cancer surgery, life-saving or anal protection?" The hot issues in the whole process of disease, focusing on the core academic viewpoint of "Guide (" standardized ") Carry out systems and wonderful special lectures. The intensive reading site will be broadcast in real time through more than 10 medical media including the association website and experts .com.

The "CACA Guide Reading Series Tour-Eye Tumor Special" activity will be held on June 25 (Saturday) 15: 00-17: 10. Organized by the Institute of Medical Development Strategic Research Institute and Chongqing University Affiliated Cancer Hospital, co -organized by Chongqing Anti -Cancer Association and Chongqing Medical and Biotechnology Association. Academician Fan Daiming, chairman of the Anti -Cancer Association, hosted, invited Academician Xie Lixin, Academician Zhang Xuemin, Academician Han Demin, Academician Yang Zhenglin, Academician Jiang Jianxin, Academician Xiu Xiuwu, and professor Fan Xianqun, Wei Wenbin, Jia Renbing, Sun Fengyuan, Ye Juan, etc. One of the most concerned tumors that the medical community and the public-the hot issues in the management of eye tumors, focus on the core academic view of "Guide (" standardized ") Carry out systems and wonderful special lectures. Reading and tour lectures will be broadcast live through the client APP of the China Anti -Cancer Association and dozens of authoritative media.

In order to increase the participation and interaction of CACA professional members and national oncology workers in the country, we will be widely solicited on the main venue QR code line on each event ("good point of view") on the main venue. Widely disseminate exchanges, and give gifts to interactive experts to reward guidelines and other rewards. For all outstanding experts and scholars who actively participate in and actively contribute in the compilation, interpretation, and promotion of the guide. Candidates, members of the Standing Committee and even deputy chairman.

China Anti -Cancer Association

June 21, 2022

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